How to Increase Bench Press

How to Increase Bench PressHow to increase your bench press Many people go to an extraordinary length to increase their bench press numbers.

Some use convoluted and rather unnecessary bench-pressing routines that promise to increase the bench-pressing performance, others take steroids in hope of gaining more strength.

But what if you could increase your bench press by doing none of those things? Apparently, all you need to do to increase your bench press is to perform your routine in front of people. What is that? Impossible?

Arizona State University researchers found that both men and women bench press more under the gaze of spectators than they do alone – men by an average of 41 pounds and women by 15. It’s called hamming it up (the weight, that is) by a plate or two.

So hit the gym at 6 P.M., but careful. Don’t just pile on the plates to impress your friends and some bystanders, if you aren’t careful this can result in a nasty injury. [source: You24]

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