Jordin Sparks: Weight, Height, and Plus-Size Tips

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Jordin Sparks’ Facts Current Weight: unknown. Current Size: 12 (used to be 13). Height: nearly six feet tall, was 5’10”in junior high school.

“I stood out everywhere,” she says, though she tried desperately not to: hunching over, wearing oversize clothing and searching in vain for her size at teen mall stores.

The controversy over Jordin Sparks’ weight is getting steamier. The obesity expert, MeMe Roth, who has essentially said that Jordin Sparks is fat and very unhealthy, has received death threats, according to CNN.

If that is not enough, Jordin’s supporters have labeled Roth anorexic and “an inspiration for anorexic girls” all over the world.

Jordin says that she has tried to lose some weight, but it could not do it because he likes food. In 2006 Sparks entered and won Torrid’s Next Plus Size Model contest for the size-12-and-up, appearing in an ad in Seventeen magazine.

“Jordin started to feel okay about [her size],” says Spark’ mom. “It was almost like it happened all at once – her confidence just built up.”

Sparks says she dropped a dress size during Idol (she’s a 12 now) – not on purpose. “We’re so busy all the time that you have a few seconds to eat a few bites.” She is not on a diet – “I love steak. I love pasta. I love ice cream!” she says.

However, she is looking forward to getting back to her exercise routine of hiking in the mountains, spin classes and occasional weight training. She recently ran into boxer-turned-Dancing with the Stars-finalist Laila Ali: “Oh my gosh! She looked amazing! She’s beautiful. I’d love to have muscles like that,” says Sparks.

Now that she’s an American Idol, Sparks knows all eyes are on her, including young female fans who look up to her as a role model. Sparks says she has learned to “like my curves” and wishes others would like theirs, too.

“It makes me so sad. I wish they would put more real people out there because not everybody is [a size 2]. Hollywood needs to get over the stick figure.”

Jordin Sparks’ 5 Style Tips For Plus-Size Girls:

Baggier is not better! “Baggy clothes can make you look bigger. You want something that hugs you in all the right places – just not too much, where it’s too tight and you’re hanging out all over!”

Accentuate the positive. “I have a tiny waist in proportion to the rest of my body, so I like to wear corsety things that hug my waist.”

Choose dark jeans. “Darker types slim your legs down. A lighter wash jean makes everything look bigger.”

Watch your necklines. “V-necks give you an elongated neck. A crew neck can look like it’s choking you!”

Keep jewelry small. “Dainty necklaces are nice. Chunky ones cut [your figure] up – no chokers.” [via]


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