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Maria Lorenz
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How are you doing with the five healthy diet tips we posted earlier? Are you ready for some more? Here are six more diet and exercise tips to add to your arsenal.

As recommended previously, do not try to implement them all at one time. Pace yourself, try one tip at a time, see if it works for you, then try another one.

Should you bother with protein shakes?

Protein shakes can help curb hunger and serve as a delicious, guilt-free indulgence.

Log your meals

Many successful dieters following any program have one thing in common: They track their food intake. You have to know what you are eating if you want to be successful.

But You do not have to obsess about it with detailed, color-coded reports.

A post-it note will do fine. Just track your meals. You will receive a life-changing education as you look up foods and learn what it takes to keep your food intake at a level that lets you lose and then maintain your weight.

Drink Water

How many times have your heard that drinking water is good for you, and that it might even be good for weight loss? Well, it is true. In case you missed it, read Drink Water to Lose Weight.

A more hydrated body can be more efficient metabolically, cut cravings and make you lose pounds faster. When you feel thirsty, do not slam down a diet soda; instead, drink a glass of water.

Become a “scientist”

Do not be afraid to experiment with your food intake. What happens if you decrease this and increase that, move this here and replace this with that?

Some find that they can accelerate their weight loss pace by manipulating variables – as long as they have enough working knowledge to do so.

It is not good to blindly follow a diet, learn what works for you, and you will increase your chances of maintaining your weight loss.


You need an energy balance to maintain your current weight. The body uses a certain amount of calories per day, and you eat a certain amount.

If you burn an extra 500 calories, you might not even have to cut down your food intake. Of course, eating a little less in addition to exercising will help you lose weight faster.

The strength and lean muscle mass that comes from a good exercise program will allow for a better metabolism and a healthier body for the long haul, while you burn calories to reach your goal faster.

Find something you like to do and stick to it. [source: Best Body]


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