The Truth About Six-Pack Abs

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The truth about six-pack abs is brutal. Can you handle it? I am sure you can, so here it goes: It is hard to get six-pack abs!

But do you know what is even harder than getting those elusive six-pack abs? Dealing with all the B.S. (pardon my French) that surrounds them.

Here are five common myths about developing and training abs that just would not go away.

It is all in your genes. If you have been blessed with good genes you do not need to worry about what you eat.

That is true to some extend. Eventually though – and often sooner than you think – your six-pack abs will fade away if you are careless about your diet. Even if you exercise regularly, you cannot just eat what you want and expect your abs to stay in top shape.

Doing a lot of ab work is more important than good form. High volume builds abs, baby!

No judgment but the back injury fetish is so retarded. Times have changed; staying at a hospital is not as much fun as it used to be. Seriously, though, you know what high volume builds? Nothing! Do not waste your time.

I know it is a myth but the guys at the gym keep saying “Spot reducing works!”

Is this by any chance a group of so-called “hardgainers” with 15-inch arms who usually do endless reps of one-arm concentration curls in the squat rack? I am just asking…

Crunches alone – or any other abdominal exercise – will not be able to reduce your abdominal fat layer. To make your six-pack visible, you need a balanced diet and exercise program.

Some diet pills are designed to reduce fat on arms, thighs, and stomach. Therefore, they can help make my six-pack abs visible.

Even the best custom-made steroids cannot do that. Okay, truth be told, some steroids actually can do that, kinda, but they are illegal and you can go to jail if you get caught buying and or using them. Did I mention potentially deadly side effects? Bad, bad idea all around!

Are there any other options? Not that I would recommend it, but if dieting and exercise are totally out of the question for you, perhaps Laser Liposuction (a.k.a. SmartLipo) – which is legal and approved by the FDA – is something to consider.

When it comes to training abs, there is no such thing as too many reps. You have to train your abs every day if you want to have six-pack abs.

Yawn. Let me repeat that: Yawn! I am still secretly hoping to meet the “genius” who came up with this idea. So that we can have a friendly one-on-one talk, preferably in a dark alley somewhere.

Okay, I am kidding! But seriously, this has to be one of the dumbest fitness myths ever. The abdominal muscles are not different from any other muscle group. If you over train them, they will not grow. As with any other exercise, focus on quality, not quantity.


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