How to Increase Bench Press Strength

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How to increase bench press strength is an interesting subject. How to increase bench press strength is also a controversial subject. How to increase bench press strength is one of those topics that gets people who bench press going in no time. Why? Because how to increase bench press strength is surrounded by many theories, opinions and myths. Some people say that once you have reached your genetic limit for a bench press, there is nothing you can do to increase your bench press strength.

Another camp says that to increase your bench press strength you need to increase your weight. And yet another group would say that to increase your bench press strength you need to do fewer reps with heavier weights. And finally, some folks advocate using exotic diets and expensive supplements that allegedly help increase your bench press strength. What do I personally think? There is no question that it is not easy to surpass your genetic potential without steroids, but it is doable. How? The short answer is by increasing your lean muscle mass. I am not talking about gaining more weight. I am talking about gaining lean muscle mass.

What else can you do? Switching from high reps to lower reps is a well known technique that increases strength. The five-by-five set-up works very well. If you have been doing three sets of ten repetitions, or something similar to that, switch to five sets of only five repetitions. Doing only five reps enables you to lift heavier weights, which builds strength. All of these methods are useful, but what else can you do?

You can use something called the Sling Shot. What is it? First of all, I will tell you what it is not. It is not yet another fitness gimmick. I know, it seems like one, but it is not. In a way, the Sling Shot is kind of similar to a typical bench shirt. In my opinion, for an average person who just wants to increase his or her bench press strength, the Sling Shot is more useful and easier to use than a bench shirt. Its elastic material help you push the bar off your chest, which should unable you to bench more weight than you usually can, but it does more than just that, it forces you to engage you back muscles (your lats).

How much more weight can you bench with the Sling Shot? On average, about 10 percent, or more, it really depends on a person. Even if it is only 10 percent, it is a pretty impressive number. For example, if you can bench press 200 pounds, with this thing, you might be able to bench press 220 pounds. Not bad at all. The only concern I have is regarding safety. Do not assume that you can bench press more weight than you usually can.

Add only a small amount of weight to the bar, maybe just a few pounds more, try it, if you can do it, add a little more, but do not – I repeat – do not add too much weight to the bar, and always, always, have a spotter to help you get the barbell off your chest. In addition, do not forget to warm up properly before attempting to bench press more weight than you usually work with.

Oh, and there is one more thing – the guy who invented the Sling Shot, his name is Mark Bell, by the way – bench presses 800 pounds. I am just saying.


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