How to Effectively Improve Your Hearing Ability and Health

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Hearing loss is one of the common conditions, which catches individuals off guard. As a matter of fact, more than 28 million individuals, falling between 20 and 70 years, struggle with a high-frequency or sensorineural hearing loss.

This kind of hearing loss is common, occurring slowly as people age. It can be a result of damage because of the aging process and loud noise exposure.

In order to find out more about how you can improve your hearing ability and prevent further problems, the following are ways to look at:

1.     Consider Hearing Gears

Some individuals find that the best way to manage their hearing problems is to use a device. Luckily, the days of noticeable devices and gigantic trumpets are long gone.

Based on the kind of hearing aid your doctor recommends, you may choose from various styles and models. This means you will hear better and look great at the same time.

2.     Pay Attention to Your Diet

What you serve on your plate has a great and direct impact on your well-being or health. Nutrients like minerals and vitamins are needed to keep your body functioning properly and healthy.

With that said, one way to protect your ears is healthy foods, which can improve hearing. Although nothing is a miracle cure, taking the right foods can keep your ears healthy.

3.     Solve Puzzles

The brain is an amazing part of the body, which plays a vital role when it comes to processing sounds the ears receive. Similar to your muscles, which require regular exercise to remain strong, your brain also does.

Solving a puzzle is a great and fun way to keep the brain in tip-top shape while preventing brain degeneration. Good examples of puzzles you can solve are:

  • Sudoku
  • Word searches
  • Crosswords

4.     Filter Loud Noise Out

If possible, avoid sounds that are above 84 decibels. This may include an alarm, a baby’s cry, power tools, helicopters, lawnmowers, and motorcycles.

The more the decibel, the higher the risks of damaging your hearing capabilities. Exposure to loud noise is the main cause of high-frequency hearing loss, whether in an impulse or consistently over time.

A boombox, television, and laptop are perfect tools, to begin with. Remember also to practice a similar level of noise when you speak and focus on refining the skill.

5.     Quit Smoking

If you have been looking for a perfect reason to quit smoking, here you go. Smoking is connected to hearing loss. According to recent research, smokers are more likely to have hearing loss when compared to non-smokers.

The risks of hearing loss increase with the number of cigarette packs people smoke. Plus, medical experts believe that carbon monoxide and nicotine can tighten blood vessels, starving your ears of oxygen it requires to maintain the health of hair cells in the cochlea.

The Takeaway!

Your hearing impacts almost all aspects of life, and taking good control of it might elevate both your physical and mental health.

Taking the rights steps to treat your hearing defect and improving your hearing might be empowering in different ways.


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