Jenna Jameson: Weight Loss and Plastic Surgery

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The worlds’ most famous porn star, Jenna Jameson, has finally revealed the truth behind her weight lossplastic surgery, and her cancer scare.

Jenna Jameson has been under scrutiny since she arrived at an L.A. fashion shows in March looking frighteningly skinny.

“People looked at me like, You’re anorexic, you’re on drugs,” says the 5-foot-6 Jameson, who claims she weighted about 95 pounds at the time, down from 138 pounds two years earlier.

On her MySpace blog, she blamed the weight loss on stress caused by her bitter divorce from Jay Grdina (stage name: Justin Sterling), her husband of three years.

But there is a lot more to her weight loss: a 2004 skin-cancer diagnosis, followed by a miscarriage.

“I’m going to set the record straight,” says Jameson and that is what she did in her recent interview with Us Weekly.

When did your health problems begin?

In November 2004, I went to a dermatologist to have some light therapy on veins on my back, and she said I had a mole that was misshapen that needed to be checked.

The mole was biopsied – and it came back as malignant melanoma. My mother died of skin cancer that grew from a mole and spread to her lymph nodes, so my whole world just imploded. She was 32 when she died, and I was 31 when I was diagnosed.

Staying out of the sun is something I always minded, but when you’re younger, you think you’re invincible. As I got older, I started realizing it was very important. Now I was like, I’m going to die.

[Mom Judith succumbed to skin cancer in 1976, when Jameson was 22 months old; the treatment expenses bankrupted the family, forcing them to move to a trailer park. Jenna’s melanoma was removed and she’s now cancer-free!]

You also blogged about losing weight.

I thought it was important to address the anorexia rumors. A lot of girls look up to me, and I don’t want them to think that I have reverted to drug use, not eating or any kind of abusive situation.

[Thirteen years ago, at the beginning of her porn career, Jameson was addicted to crystal meth and dropped down to 76 pounds.]

So why did you lose weight?

Ever since my diagnosis, I’ve really concentrated on becoming healthy and eating the right things, because that all affects cancer. I used to eat at Taco Bell twice a day. Now I don’t eat anything fried, I don’t eat fast food.

I’ve been working out with my boyfriend, Tito Ortiz, who exercises eight hours a day. But over the past couple of months, I’ve obviously lost a little bit too much weight.

I saw myself in a photo, and I was like, Oh, wow, I’m too skinny. But there’s a huge amount of stress that comes with divorce, and that affects weight.

Are you gaining the weight back?

I’ve gained 5 pounds back since March, and I want to gain another 5 pounds; 105 pounds is right around where I feel most comfortable.

What about the rumors that you had botched plastic surgery on your vagina?

That is completely false. But to tell you the truth, I think vaginoplasties [a procedure that reconstructs damaged vaginal tissue] are awesome. Maybe I’ll have one in a couple years, after I have a baby or something.

I believe in every kind of plastic surgery. If it’s something that feels right, then do it.

[Jenna Jameson has also revealed that she has had three breast surgeries and wants one more: “I’m down to a small D, and I want to be a small C,” she says.

Her other plastic surgery procedures? Chin implants (“me and my dad had weak chins”) and Juvaderm on her lips “every three or four months.”]


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