Healthy Eating and Diet Tips: Part 2

Healthy Eating and Diet Tips: Part 2Healthy Eating and Diet Tips: Part 1, here is Healthy Eating and Diet Tips: Part 2.

5. Get busy. Along with quick calorie burn, regular exercise develops muscle and fires up your metabolism for the long term.

“A healthy diet and exercise are married,” says Brandeis. “Weight loss and weight maintenance require both.”

For sedentary people, the leap from inactive to active can be enormous. If that’s you, establish a manageable exercise routine first (daily or every other day) before worrying about workout length.

When the habit is in place, shoot for a 60-minute workout five days a week,

6. Get the lowdown on low fat. Low-fat foods are good, but not all low-fat foods are created equal. Low-fat treats like cookies or cakes are rarely as satisfying as the high-fat real thing. And just because something is low tat doesn’t mean it’s calorie free.

However, says Schwartz, high quality low fat foods like cheese, yogurt or milk can be an excellent way to boost the nutritional content of a meal.

Low-fat cheese on delicious whole-grain bread with honey mustard or mango chutney, for instance, is a tasty but healthier alternative to full-fat cheese and mayo on a croissant.

7. Enjoy your food. Quality counts. Rather than filling up on mediocre bread or eating half a low-fat cake, have one slice of the best bread or cake you can find and satisfy the craving.

“Take one bite, think of yourself as a judge in a food contest and rate it on a scale of one to 10,” Schwartz suggests. “If it’s a 10, you’ll know it, and you’ll never regret the 10s.”

But be a tough judge. You never know when a 10 will come along, so don’t waste your time on a seven. And remember, three threes don’t make a 10.

8. Keep it quite. Don’t tell people you are trying to watch your food intake. You’ll open yourself to comments and criticism from well-meaning friends. In this case, Schwartz gives you permission to lie.

“Say everything was delicious and you’re full, but you’ll take a forkful just so you don’t miss out.” If it’s a 10, well, you can always change your mind and have a piece. Only then there won’t be anyone pointing a finger and saying, “I thought you were watching yourself.”

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