How to Lose Fat

How to lose fat

How to lose fat: you need to diet and exercise, of course, right? Keep reading, the devil is always in the details, and the details of how to lose fat are not always what they seem to be.

It appears that the best combination for losing fat and building some muscle has not changed. According to University of Connecticut researchers, people who followed a weight-lifting program as well as a low-carb diet managed to lose 17 pounds of fat. Oh, and in the process they gained 2 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks.

If you are thinking what I think you are thinking, “Arggh! Not low-carb diets, again!” here me out for a second. Eating a low-carb diet does not mean you have to go on Atkins and it does not mean you have to eat very little carbs.

How to lose fat, if you don not know anything about losing fat Knowledge is power and being knowledgeable about nutrition and healthy dieting is very helpful, especially if you want to figure out how to lose fat on your own.

That said, it takes time and dedication to learn about nutrition and exercise. If you have the time and desire to learn about this stuff, you should definitely go for it, but do you do if you do not have the time or desire to get into this subject?

You do not necessarily need to learn all this stuff, if you do not want to. There are a few quality programs out there that pretty much take the guess work out of how to lose fat. I am talking about Fat Loss for Busy People and How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle. Both of these programs are great, but do not get me wrong, you still need to do the work and follow what they tell you to do.

How to lose fat without Atkins There is a huge difference between restricting carbs in general vs. restricting bad carbs. Sure, many studies show that if you cut your total carbohydrate consumption to about 10 grams a day, you will lose fat. But you will also lose your mind. So, here is how to lose fat without losing your sanity.

Eat protein The sky is the limit here, you can eat any fish, the oilier the better, by the way. Eat meat. Nutritionally speaking, the grass fed meat is the best. You can also eat eggs, egg whites, chicken, turkey, and any seafood you like.

Quality protein powder is something to keep in mind as well. It is not hard to prepare a protein pudding or a nutritious protein shake, which is a good substitute for those times when you just need to grab something to eat in a hurry.

Eat carbohydrates! That’s right, eat carbs and do not be afraid of them – just do not eat 800 grams of simple carbs – which is very easy to do if you eat fast food, sweets, and popular packaged snacks. In other words, eat any fruits you want (in moderation), eat vegetables, and eat fiber-rich whole grains and you will still lose fat.

How to lose fat, without a low-fat diet I have never been a fan of low-fat diets, because when it comes to losing fat, a low-fat plan is, well, low on performance in a fat-losing department. According to the same study I have already mentioned above, the low-carb dieters demolished those who followed a low-fat plan by losing twice as much fat.

Restricting bad carbs and lifting weights is a bona fide fat destroyer. When you restrict bad carbs, you will lose fat simply because your body is forced to burn fat instead of sugar, while weight-lifting spurs muscle growth.

How to lose fat by eating fat You did not see this one coming, did you? The fact is, eating fat may help you lose fat. Have you heard the notion that fasting before cardio helps you lose more fat? I have never believed this to be true and according to a new study, when overweight people ate a high-fat meal before their cardio workout, they lost more body fat than people who fasted.

So, what have we learned about how to lose fat? One of the best ways to lose fat is to eat a low-carb diet, which means cutting down on bad carbs and not being afraid of good carbs. Eat a balanced diet which consists of protein, fiber-rich whole grains, good fats, fruits, and vegetables.

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