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Kelly Osbourne‘s diet plan is great. In fact, Kelly Osbourne’s diet plan is outstanding. Yes, I feel queasy after saying that. I mean, how can Kelly Osbourne’s diet plan be anything more than just another pathetic celebrity diet based on some diet fad? The thing is, Kelly Osbourne’s diet plan is not like other celebrity diets, and while I have never made an effort to hide my biases toward celebrity diets, if I see a good celebrity diet (it does not happen often) I am not going to put it down just because it is a celebrity diet.

So what is so special about Kelly Osbourne’s diet? It incorporates many components of what can described as a perfect weight-loss diet. The core of her diet is a combination of sugar detox and the no-sugar-no-flour-diet principles. Kelly does not count calories. If she happens to go over her daily calorie limit, she does not panic and does not run to the gym. She does not eat bread, pasta or sugar, but she does consume healthy carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables. She claims she lost 5 pounds in one week simply by eliminating soda and simple carbohydrates from her diet.

Is it reasonable to expect to lose weight in one month on Kelly Osbourne’s diet plan? I think so. The trick is, however, you have to find a way to make her diet work for you. For example, Kelly does not have a strict eating schedule. She eats when she is hungry. And because she does not really count calories, she does not pay much attention to the portion control. This setup clearly works for her, but does it work for you? If it does not, you need to change her plan to reflect your needs.

Kelly Osbourne’s diet plan deconstructed What does Kelly eat and how much of it? She says her focus is simply on eating good food. She claims that as long as you eat healthy, you can eat as much as you want. Here is a sample of her typical menu:

Breakfast Turkey bacon with egg-white omelet.

Lunch A mixed veggies salad with some cheese and salami.

Dinner Steamed vegetables or a salad with turkey burger patties.

Snack Sugar-free Jell-O.

When she craves sugar, she eats apples, but if she wants some chocolate, she does not deprive herself. She does not eat half a bar, however, just a few bites. [source: Us Weekly]


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