Lose Weight in One Month

Lose Weight in One Month

Can you lose weight in one month? Some people can lose weight in one month, but some people cannot lose weight in one month. Of course, it also depends on how much weight you want to lose. What separates those who do not have a problem losing weight in one month from those who need more time to lose weight? One word: Knowledge! That is right, some people simply do not know what it takes to lose weight in one month or any amount of time for that matter, and they often have unreasonable weight-loss expectations to boot.

For example, some people seem to think that it is possible to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks by simply eating five small meals a day and going to the gym three times a week, but it takes more than just eating controlled portions and exercising regularly to lose weight. To lose weight in one month you need to have a plan of action, and you need to know what works for weight loss and what does not work.

How to lose weight in one month Here is what a personal trainer and nutritionist Jay Cardiello says you need to do to lose weight in one month. What is the first thing you need to do to increase your chances of losing weight in one month or less? You need to relax. Cardiello says excess stress triggers the body to release cortisol, a hormone signaling the liver to release excess sugar, causing the body to feel hungrier. An easy way to de-stress? Regulate your sleep! “Sleeping less than six hours or more than eight hours each night can increase a woman’s weight,” says Cardiello.

Eat fewer calories “When it comes down to it, losing fat, no matter where it is on your body, requires you to consume fewer calories than your body needs,” says Cardiello. Fill up on low-cal, nutrient-packed foods (think fruits, vegetable and lean proteins). Of course, reducing caloric intake should be done only to burn excess fat – be sure not to overdo it.

Work out in spurts to burn more calories You can lose weight in one month without spending too much time at the gym. There is no need to schedule your day around a lengthy workout – just fit it in when you can. “You can lose 30 percent more fat by working out in 10-minute increments throughout the day rather than exercising in one 30-minute session,” says Cardiello. He suggests skipping, dancing and one of my favorite exercises – speed-walking to and from your car.

Do not consume processed and refined carbs You cannot expect to lose weight in one month if your sugar consumption is not under control. Do not get me wrong, an occasional splurge is not likely to sabotage your diet. But Cardiello advises eliminating all refined or processed carbs (like white bread and junk foods).

Do not focus only on ab exercises Ab exercises cannot help you lose weight in one month. Why? Because they only target small muscle groups. “Abdominal exercises do not target the fat around your midsection,” says Cardiello, who adds that it is aerobic cardio activity and weight training that rid pesky pounds and help define muscles.

Do not be obsessed with drinking water Sure, water can make you feel fuller, which could help you reduce the amount of total calories you consume daily. But it is not true that drinking eight to 10 glasses of water each day boosts metabolism. You only need to drink water if you are thirsty. [via]

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