No Sugar No Flour Diet

No Sugar No Flour Diet

The No Sugar No Flour Diet is awesome. What is so special abut the No Sugar No Flour Diet? The No Sugar No Flour Diet takes sugar detox to a new level. You already probably know that in order to maximize your chances of losing weight successfully, you need to either completely eliminate of significantly reduce your daily consumption of simple carbohydrates, a.k.a. sugar.

What some people do not seem to realize is that white flour consists of simple carbohydrates, and that is where the No Sugar No Flour Diet comes in. The No Sugar No Flour Diet is designed to help you weed out not only sugar, but also flour which is found in many foods we consume daily. Does the No Sugar No Flour Diet actually work? Yes, it does. The critics of this diet say that this diet does not work, because it diverts our attention from other things that often make people gain weight, which is true.

You can follow the No Sugar No Flour Diet to the letter, but if you consume too many calories from fat and protein, you will still gain weight. Of course, the problem with this argument has to do with the fact that while it is certainly important to keep your daily calorie consumption in check, focusing on calories alone does not tell the whole story. Fat and protein do not raise your blood sugar, simple carbohydrates do.

When your blood sugar levels crash, guess what happens? You become hungry. If you eat something high in carbs again, your blood sugar will rise and crash again. Guess what happens, then? You become hungry again. In short, over-consumptions of simple carbohydrates makes you hungry, which, in turn, makes you eat more calories than you need, which, in turn, makes you gain weight.

In stark contrast, consuming protein, complex carbohydrates and fat makes you full. In essence, one could argue that the said combination can actually help you consume fewer overall calories compared to simple carbohydrates because your appetite will be subdued. Having said that, the No Sugar No Flour Diet is not for everyone and it is not perfect. Some people simply do not do well without sugar and flour.

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