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Have you heard about the new Evian Detox campaign? No? If you live in a major city, they are coming to a neighborhood near you, Evian Detox Spas that is.

A few have already opened in select cities (Los Angeles and NYC), with more underway.

I like pampering and all, but personally, I rather hangout at Pink’s Hot Dogs. They are honest and never pretend to be something they are not. Evian detox? Give me a break…

Having said that, here are Evian’s “detox” tips. They are actually useful, minus detox claims, of course. Where it says to use Evian water, any clean water will do just fine.

Drink Lots

No, not that sort of drinking. The good kind. The 1.5 liters of water a day kind. If you drink that recommended amount of a mineral water, such as Evian, everyday you’ll feel brighter and fresher.

Eat Healthy

Obvious, yes. Important, absolutely. Concentrate on simple, natural foods and try to steer clear fried stuff. Make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg – 5 servings a day is recommended.


You may have been burning the candle at both ends, so make sure you get a good night’s sleep for once. Give your body the chance to repair itself by getting enough. Most people need between 6 – 8 hours a night. Remember to keep a bottle of Evian by your bedside.


On a dark cold morning, try spraying a little ice cold Evian onto your face. This will wake you up by stimulating the blood supply to the skin on your face.


It’s time to get up off the sofa. Get out into the fresh air and get some exercise. Forget the bus and car – make a point of walking whenever possible. Take the stairs instead of the lift.

All this will help burn off those Christmas calories and improve your circulation. Don’t forget to keep a bottle of Evian with you to avoid dehydration…


We know it sounds obvious but breathing exercises have been shown to reduce stress. So, in a quiet moment, try this to get over the back to work blues:

– Take a sip of Evian.

– Sit comfortably, with your lower back supported.

– Rest your hands in you lap and close your eyes.

– Breathe in through your nose, count to four, then exhale through your mouth, counting to eight.

– As you do this, picture yourself in a relaxing place i.e. by a small stream, you’ll soon feel relaxed and revitalized.

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