Britney Spears: Adipex and Lasix to Lose Weight?

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Oh, no she didn’t! I hope she isn’t doing diet drugs to lose weight, but according to some sources, Britney Spears is using Adipex and Lasix in an effort to accelerate her weight loss.

If true, this is bad. Britney is supposedly taking the appetite suppressant Adipex, say those close to her. If you don’t know what Adipex is, it’s like a type of “speed” that can have rather unpleasant side effects if not used properly.

To make matters worse, sources claim that Spears has also taken heavy doses of Lasix, a powerful diuretic normally used to treat fluid retention in patients with congestive heart failure or liver disease.

An insider says that she has used it to slim down by lowering her body’s water content – a dangerous practice. “Britney is taking the diet drug Adipex three times a day to curb her appetite,” says a source. “And she’s also taking Lasix.”

Disclosed the source: “Britney has already lost 15 pounds, but still thinks she has a lot to lose. She watched a video of her recent performance at the House of Blues and cried and screamed afterward.

She thought she looked stiff and fat – and ran out of the room. Now she is on a mission to become skinnier and more muscular than ever.” Oh, brother! More muscular? She can take a “pill” for that too. It doesn’t have any side effects and has been working nicely for me for years.

In fact, I take this “pill” every day. Oh, and you don’t need a doctor to prescribe it for you – and it’s rather cheap, too. Actually, I take two “pills” to get more muscular. One “pill” is called The Red Meat – you know, the steak. And another is called The Barbell. I’m just saying.

According to Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of the Public Citizen Health Research Group, who has not treated Britney Spears, “If these reports of diet pill abuse are true, Britney might have to increase the dose to keep losing weight and, when she stops, the weight will come back. It’s a vicious cycle.”

“Using a powerful diuretic and a speed-like drug is abuse, and no good physician would recommend that. Adipex is an amphetamine. It increases the heart rate and blood pressure and can cause strokes.

You can develop tolerance to it, which means you have to use more and more to keep losing weight at the same rate. Users can have hallucinations, mood swings, become anxious and paranoid.”

Adipex – also known by its generic name, phentermine – should not be taken without medical supervision. It could trigger uneven heartbeat, increased blood pressure and heart valve damage, say medical sources.

Lasix is also very powerful and can cause severe dehydration, which can be fatal. In short, stay away from these diet drugs. [via]

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