List of Fat Burning Foods

List of Fat Burning Foods

List of fat burning foods – do you need it to lose weight? Does it make sense to combine the list of fat burning foods with fat burning cardio? First of all, if you have high expectations about the list of fat burning foods, you need to lower them a bit. Why? Because the list of fat burning foods is not perfect, far from it. It is not a coherent diet that you can easily follow – it is just a collection of certain foods.

Second, the list of fat burning foods is not going to help you burn, well, fat. Huh? Yes, if you think that some list will make you lose weight, you are in for a huge disappointment. Even the best workout to lose weight cannot help you lose weight, if you do not know what it takes to lose weight – just like the best nitric oxide supplement in the world is not going to help you increase your muscle mass, if you do not follow a great exercise program.

Third, similar to the high fiber foods list, the list of fat burning foods is overrated. The main reason for this is in its name. Your body, specifically your body’s metabolism burns fat. It also converts what you eat into energy. The notion that certain foods burn fat better than others, or at all for that matter, is bogus, but unfortunately it has not stopped the spread of fad diets such as the celery diet, for example.

Having said that, if you use the following list properly, it will make your diet better. The better your diet, the greater the chance that you will successfully lose weight, and will be able to keep the lost weight off. If you are thinking about creating your own diet, this list is perfect for building a brand new diet from scratch.

So here is the list of the so-called fat burning foods:

Berries Sure, they are full of healthy antioxidants, but strawberries, blackberries and blueberries are special. Why? Because they are high in fiber, which is not only essential for your overall health, it can indirectly help you lose weight by keeping you full longer. However, the claim that fiber helps move fat through the body, which helps your body absorb less fat is based on wishful thinking. Did you know that even a strict sugar detox permits the consumption of berries?

Broccoli Some say that this little green vegetable is like a weight-loss superfood, but it is not. It is, however, very nutritious because it is high in calcium, vitamin C and fiber. In addition, broccoli is low in calories, so add it to salads or saute it in an omelet.

Soup Similar to drinking a glass of water before each meal, filling up on broth-based soups could help curb hunger without overloading on calories. A cup of miso, vegetable or bean soup can be the perfect appetite suppressant. The important thing here is to stay away from creamy and carb-filled soups.

Citrus fruits If you have a vitamin C deficiency, fruits that contain vitamin C such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes, could help your body burn calories better. Why? Because vitamin C plays an important role in fat metabolism. But citrus fruits are high in sugar, so be careful.

Reduced fat dairy products I know that many diet gurus recommend consuming three 1-cup servings of low-fat milk, but I do not think it is a good idea. Just like acai and goji berries, there is more hype around milk than substance. Sure, it contains calcium, which is important for fat metabolism and your overall health, but it is low in protein and high in sugar. The much better alternative is a reduced-fat-no-added-sugar yogurt or cheese.

High-fiber cereal Breakfast cereals are notorious for containing too much sugar, which makes them one of the worst breakfast options out there. But high-fiber cereal without added sugar is good for you. Starting the day with a cup of high-fiber cereal is a low calorie way to keep insulin levels in check, which could help prevent fat storage. Plus, fiber helps curb appetite.

Green tea Forget what you may have heard. Green tea does not really burn fat, and it is unlikely to help you lose weight. That said, green tea is good for you, especially if use it instead of drinking colas loaded with empty calories from sugar. Drink at least a few cups of high-quality green tea a day.

Lean protein According to a number of prominent but misinformed nutritionists, protein is the king of fat burning foods. They claim that protein requires a lot of energy to digest and therefore burns lots of calories and body fat. In addition, they claim that if you consume fish that contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, you will accelerate your weight loss because omega-3s up the body’s fat-burning enzymes. It sounds good, but none of it is true, unfortunately.

It is true, however, that protein is an important component of any diet. Your body needs protein to function properly. You need protein to maintain your muscle mass and bone density. In addition, animal-based proteins contain numerous nutrients that are good for us. In short, while protein by itself does not burn body fat and cannot help you lose weight faster, it plays an essential role in your body’s ability to create a caloric deficit, which leads to weight loss.

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