Holiday Weight Loss

Holiday Weight LossContinued from Holiday Weight Loss Tips. Every year around this time, the suggestions start pouring in about holiday weight loss and how to get through the holiday feast without racking up the calories.

The ideas with regard to holiday weight loss are endless, and mostly, of a particularly sinister nature: fat-free stuffing, egg-white-only pumpkin pie, low-fat gravy, sugar substitutes.

The obesity problem, it seems, can be traced to this once-a-year meal, and if we can just cut the fat and sugar out of Turkey Day, we’ll all he fine. Oh, if it were only that simple!

While we do tend to eat too much on Thanksgiving – and this particular meal is far too concerned with butter and starch – skimping on egg yolks and using fat-free butter and fake sugar is not the answer.

After all, this is one of the few times of the year when most of America actually prepares a home-cooked meal and sits down together. That alone makes it something special! Who wants to think about holiday weight loss during this time? But we do not want to gain weight during this time of the year either, right?

So, what is the solution? Instead of using processed diet foods to improve the health of your Thanksgiving feast, use these healthy diet tips – more tips will be posted soon – as a base of your holiday eating strategy. [source: BA Parent]

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