Eat Pizza and Lose Weight

Eat Pizza and Lose Weight

Can you eat pizza and lose weight? Most people probably think that it is impossible to eat pizza and lose weight. The combination of fat and simple carbohydrates wrapped in a calorie-heavy package can hardly be compared to, say, healthy salads. In short, pizza is the ultimate diet disaster, right? Wrong! You can eat pizza and lose weight, just like you can eat other diet unfriendly foods and lose weight. How? The trick here is to keep portion size in mind, and find a way to substitute certain toppings for healthier options. If all fails, there is always sugar detox and fat burning cardio workouts to help you burn off those pesky pizza calories.

There is no reason to deprive yourself or be afraid of eating a few slices of pizza, you just need to know how to make smart pizza choices. Nutritionist and NutriFit founder Jackie Keller explains how to eat pizza, lose weight or maintain the lost weight the smart way.

Ditch extra sodium Watch out for what is hiding in the Papa John’s Pan Crust The Meats Pizza. In addition to the thick crust’s calories, the processed toppings on one slice – think pepperoni, sausage, bacon and beef – can add up to1,040 mg of sodium.

Add filling veggies Fiber-rich foods such as vegetables and fruit are really good for you and can help you lose weight. Pizza does not have to be overly salty or topping-free. The fresh onions, olives and green peppers on the Garden Fresh Pizza from Papa John’s contain fiber, which helps the body stave off hunger cravings later.

Ditch fatty add-ons Just like fiber-rich foods, fat-burning foods are awesome and could help you lose weight, but Domino’s MeatZZa Feast Pizza sounds almost lethal. Keller says meaty toppings add up to 200 to 300 calories per serving. Two slices with five kinds of meat and extra cheese derive 300 calories from fat – almost half their total calorie count.

Add fresh flavors Opt for a slice of Domino’s that’s loaded with good-for-you toppings instead of processed meats and fatty toppings. Healthy add-ons like mushrooms and vitamin C-packed tomato sauce amp up the flavor level – eliminating the need for extra cheese.

Ditch the “two meals” slice California Pizza Kitchen’s Tostada Pizza with grilled steak does not skimp on the calories. It is piled high with beans, tortilla strips and two types of cheese, and it is drizzled with ranch dressing – making even half of this personal pie (three small slices) very diet unfriendly.

Bring back a thin slice A healthier alternative is California Pizza Kitchen’s Thin Crust Traditional Cheese Pizza, which has half the amount of saturated fat as the Tostada Pizza. Looking to save a few more calories? Keller says to skip eating the crust. [via]

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