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Soy protein bars, really? Stay away from soy protein bars, in fact, stay far away from soy protein bars. Why? Because soy protein bars suck, big time! There, I said it.

Why do soy protein bars are not good for you? There are many reasons, which would take a long time to explain, so I am not going to do it. I am not writing this to go into every detail about the evils of soy protein bars; rather, my goal is to give you a short summary on this subject with a huge surprise at the end.

Why soy protein bars are atrocious Soy protein bars do not taste good, sorry, they just do not. I have tried a lot of them – every brand I could find at my local health store – and all of them taste like expired cough medicine.

Okay, maybe the issue here is my taste, I do not have a problem with that and will be first to admit that I do not have the perfect taste. So maybe there is nothing wrong with soy protein bars after all? Not so fast.

My main beef with soy protein bars is not their taste; it is how they are made that bothers me, a lot. Companies that make soy protein bars must be spending a lot of time designing an attractive, eye-catching wrappings for their bars, because they all look awesome – but I think they should be spending more time – a lot more time – on putting quality ingredients into their bars.

An overwhelming majority of soy protein bars are made with low quality ingredients. They are loaded with sugar, do not provide any fiber and worst of all, their main ingredient – the protein – is made using an antiquated technology that produces cheap, throw-away quality soy protein.

Not all soy protein bars are created equal While soy protein bars look good, they are not healthy and should be avoided. There is, however, one exception.

Meet SOYJOY! Yes, I know, strictly speaking, SOYJOY bars are not soy protein bars – they do not contain a lot of protein. But let’s take a closer look.

The whole point of eating a high-protein bar is what? Well, frankly, there is more than just one point, but most people know that among other things, protein stabilizes blood sugar. Stable blood sugar does what? It makes you less hungry. Why? Because when your blood sugar is stable, it does not spike your insulin levels, and insulin, of course, regulates hunger and fat storage.

To make a long story short, here is why SOYJOY beats typical soy protein bars While the bars do not contain a lot of protein, according to SOYJOY, their bars have a low Glycemic Index, which means that they should keep your blood sugar levels stable. In addition, in my opinion, they taste good and provide a decent amount of fiber.

And here is something else I have never seen a giveaway of soy protein bars. Why? I do not know, maybe because, well, they suck.

In contrast, you can get a free sample of SOYJOY bars and a discount coupon, which is a good sign. Usually, companies do not give their products away if they do not think they produce a quality product.


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