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Palmers Slim Fit 20 Caffeine Tights Burn Fat“I will do to you things that are illegal in 16 states including Wyoming,” said a friend of mine when he noticed his girlfriend was browsing a pantyhose section of an online store.

Although tempting, I am not going to explore his secret pantyhose fetish, let’s leave that to his psychiatrist.

Her perfectly manicured finger was “melting” the left mouse button, as she was franticly clicking through different items on that website.

Her excitement was only matched by the intensity of my syndicated column – “Richard Simmons, the most feared underdog in hard-core bodybuilding.”

All joking aside, Palmers, an Austrian lingerie manufacturer, has found a way to create the biggest excitement in a product since the miracle bra – Slim Fit 20 (caffeine-laced tights).

After several months of research and development, Palmers came up with a way to integrate caffeine microcapsules in pantyhose. Your body heat activates the fabric and causes caffeine microcapsules to release caffeine into your skin.

I am not sure if because of Slim Fit 20 tights, the phase “you smell like pizza” will be replaced with “you smell like Starbucks” – but this process can reduce the circumference of thighs, burn fat, boost metabolism, and improve the appearance of cellulite – the company claims.

It would be interesting to see how this product performs in a scientific study, but I could not find any references to any such plans.

Tightsplease has nine Slim Fit 20 consumer reviews, and they all seem to be positive.

Reportedly, over 50,000 units of this product have sold already, but if I were to believe my sources, a good number of those were actually purchased, wait for it, by men (No, I am not kidding!).

I do not know of any men who would even vaguely fess up to a purchase of pantyhose. But if you are a women, and care to share your experience with Slim Fit 20 tights, I think many people, including myself, would be very interested.


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