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Move over detox diets and supplements – oxygen water is here. It promises to cleanse your body of toxins, increase athletic performance, improve your immune system and, if all goes well, perhaps cure cancer.

Unlike other brands, OGO oxygen water does not actually make these bold claims. It only alludes to them, stating that it has an oxygen concentration 35 times higher than regular water. Now, what are we going to do about that?

The idea of shoving extra oxygen in water is not new, it goes back to the first part of the twentieth century. Back then, it was used [unsuccessfully] to treat diabetes and gonorrhea.

These days, oxygen water is coming back in a big way – if you are really hooked on oxygen water, you can even get oxygen water cooler for your kitchen.

OGO claims that the oxygen levels in the air we breathe are rapidly decreasing. Our cells need oxygen. The more oxygen we can get the healthier we will be. I suppose this would explain why the company dubbed its product [OGO oxygen water] “The breathing Water”.

Oxy-Water, which is one of the better-known brands, claims that to achieve said health benefits, oxygen water has to be made from steam-distilled water.

While some studies seem to indicate that drinking “oxygenated” water could increase percent oxygen saturation during intense exercise and possibly prolong time to fatigue, most of the experts remain very skeptical about such claims.

One of the concerns is absorption. Another is the ability to force a significant amount of oxygen into water. Although I have not had a chance to try OGO oxygen water, I have tried other brands – – let’s just say my barbell did not seem any lighter.

Health and athletic performance claims aside, one thing is certain – as far as bottle design goes, OGO is clearly a winner. [via Shinyshiny]


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