Jordin Sparks: Workout and Weight Loss

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Jordin Sparks: Weight, Height, and Plus-Size Tips

Jordin Sparks’ Facts Current Weight: unknown. Current Size: 12 (used to be 13). Height: nearly six feet tall, was 5’10”in junior high school. “I stood out everywhere,” she...
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Continued from Jordin Sparks’ Facts and Plus-Size Tips. While Jordin has claimed that she likes her curves and has come to accept her figure, according to StarJordin Sparks did make an effort to get in better shape for the America Idol finals.

Her personal trainer, Kris Siegrest, says that Jordin was training three to four days a week and her typical one-hour workouts would burn around 600 calories in an hour.

According to Kris, Jordin has lost about 20 pounds in the past five months and about 10 pounds while she was working with her.

Siegrest adds: “I see Jordin continuing to lose weight, but I don’t ever see her getting to a waif kind of a figure. And I hope she doesn’t. I think where she’s at now is a pretty healthy weight for her […]”

Want to lose weight and tone up your body like Jordin? We’re all different, of course, and what worked for her may not work for you, but here’s the exercise program that trainer Kris Siegrest used to help Sparks shape up for her American Idol triumph.

Warm Up (3-5 minutes): Walk up and down stairs carrying 10-pound dumbbells.

Lunges (10 minutes): Start with lunges in an open space or down a 100-foot hallway. Finish with wall-sits or frog-squats.

Legs (10 minutes): Start with repeat sets using an exercise step: Plant one foot on the step and push up and down 25 times on each leg while carrying 10-pound dumbbells. Between sets, do 100 jumps with a jump rope.

Upper-Body (15-20 minutes): Do three sets each of shoulder laterals and raises using 71/2-pound dumbbells or resistance bands, then jump rope 100 times.

Back (10 minutes): Move on to three sets each of lateral pull-downs and one-armed dumbbell rows.

Chest and Triceps (5-10 minutes): Do push-ups to “failure” (as many as you can do), 50 mountain climbers and triceps work – push-downs, dumbbell kickbacks or using resistance bands.

Abdominals (5-10 minutes): Finish with ab work – one minute each pulse crunches, reverse curls and sit-ups. [via]


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