How to Become Anorexic Using Your Diet

how to become anorexic katharine mcpheeHow to become anorexic? – is one of those questions that are not easy to answer. Some people use weight loss pills, while others simply ask other people, “How to become anorexic?

In my inbox, I have at least nine emails with this exact question. Actually, there are slight variations. Some people ask “How to be anorexic?“, and some ask, “How to become anorexic?

The problem is that I do not want to answer either question, nor do I have a desire to lecture others on this subject.

Without further ado, allow me to turn your attention to Katharine McPhee. She is not only popular and talented, but this American Idol runner-up went through this experience.

McPhee knows exactly what she is talking about when it comes to “how to become anorexic“, or “how to be anorexic” questions.

It all started innocently enough, Katharine McPhee was a little uncomfortable with her body image. She wanted to lose weight. When she started to compare herself with other 14- and 15-year-olds, her desire to lose weight grew into an obsession.

She started dieting, but the more she dieted, the quicker she became obsessed with food. In her interview, she says, “Food was like a drug to meIt was such a miserable life.”

According to her other interview, she starved herself and exercised compulsively. Did she lose weight? She does not say, but I bet she did. Who would not lose weight throwing up seven times a day?

She developed bulimia and according to the same interview, “self-induced vomiting could have taken away her ability to sing.”

Eventually she had to get help. At the Eating Disorder Center, she lost 30 pounds and learned “that there’s no such thing as a bad food.”

Update: I have been receiving many emails asking to recommend a healthy diet program that is easy to follow. I don’t endorse any particular diet program – but if you don’t know what diet to follow – check out this program or Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle.

These programs are not some useless fad diets, but complete plans that are easy to understand. They do not force you into a specific diet – rather, they are designed to give you nutrition and exercise knowledge, which you can use at your own pace to lose fat and/or build muscle.

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131 Responses to “How to Become Anorexic Using Your Diet”

  1. Andy Says:

    wow that was amsing , i have never know that , mcfee had bulimia!

  2. nadine Says:

    i would love 2 be really thin im 8 stone now and i think im fat i would like to be 3 stone maybe

  3. vicki Says:

    im currently around 8st 5lb, im desperate to lose about 2 stone, but i eat all the wrong foods just cant control myself…

  4. Lizz Says:

    You’re trying to become anorexic? That’s horrible. You should never wish to endure such stress on your body & emotions.

    It’s not some fashion trend, it’s serious. So a hollywood star looses 7 kg’s in 2 weeks, doesn’t mean they’re anorexic, they may just have a strict diet and exercise plan.

    Anorexia isn’t just when someone looses weight fast, it’s their mental health too, anorexics don’t usually boast about it okaaaay.

  5. kayzie Says:

    i am the worlds fattist girl and i’m just started to turn anorexic but not full yet, i see things from people who are 8 stone and under and they want to lose weight,i’m angry cos they are thin alwerdy . i weight just under 11 stone and need to lose weight a.s.a.p. please can you help me and give me some tips plsssss….

  6. sophie Says:

    i want to be skinny thats all

  7. sophie Says:

    what are stones

  8. Susie Says:

    Hello all you ladies out there ! HEY why on earth do you think you are “FAT” ?
    I am very concerned with your body image … why are you wanting to “become anorexic ” ?
    This sounds serious to me , I am 33 happily married with a son . I was 17 once and I can tell you that I was on the verge of anorexia and thankfully my dad and peers helped me to see that been too thin wasnt healthy ! Now im older and heavier lol I accept myself :) .
    It worries me when young ladies / women consume there lives with what the scales say its just crap ! Yes its good to be healthy and not fat BUT I think if you think you have a weight problem go to the DR , they can weigh you and tell you if you are at a healthy weight . See one huge issue that is so WRONG is a misconception that been as skinny as a garden rake is somehow attractive ? HELL NO !!!
    Do you know what health risks you are putting yourself at if you become seriously underweight ?
    Also I truely believe and know that eating disorders , obsessive exercise disorders are linked to mental illness ! So before you go off on a tangent PLEASE seek professional help and get sound advice regarding your weight not some wishy washy tips off a friend or off the television or off the internet where you are sucked into schemes to lose weight etc !
    I write this with passion as im fed up seeing people punish themselves to obtain “THE PERFECT BODY ” well hello that doesnt exist !
    As for wanting to lose weight well , diet and i dont mean starvation ! cut out junk food etc and exercise ie walking …
    Also women tend to have thyroid problems and the best way to find out if you have one go and see your DR and if you are trying to lose weight ( this is for those who have extra weight ) then he may request you get a bloodtest . Also some medications ie anti depressants can cause weight gain .
    So dont beat yourself up if you arent superskinny :)tis better to have a bit of weight than look like you are a skeleton !

    May all who read this see sense and God Bless :)

  9. Trix Says:

    Guess what.. I am ACTUALLY fat.. not fake fat. I’m currently 17 stone. Think I don’t get any men? Well think again. However I am trying to lose weight, and long to be about 10stone. Do any of you girls realise how ugly it can be to be that skinny?
    When a guy is with a girl, he does NOT want to feel her ribs when being intimate, and he certainly doesnt want to be worried about breaking you! and having hips where the bone sticks out.. it looks weird.. [like something from startrek]. So for god sake grow up, realise you have a problem and do something about it. Do you honestly think that anorexic models are happy?

  10. kayleigh Says:

    i hate ny body, really want to lose weight, people say ime thin bt all i see is fat! i try n nt eat bt i lose control n eat rubbish?? anyone help me?

  11. Dayna..x Says:

    i am really fat i weight 6 stone and im 13 all my friends think im really skinny and my bones stick out but i don’t understand hw they see that cause when i look in the mirror all i see is fat and maybe that’s why i dont have a boyfriend… i dont think im ugly and my friends say im pretty but boys dooo like me its just i hate myself 4 being sooooo fat :@ :(:(

  12. hanny Says:

    i am quite young and i am 11 stone i hate it there are loads of other people at my school and they are really skinny i want 2 lose about 3 stone but i carnt cause i dont know how and i love my food i just dont want to be fat im really depressed with my size i have to wear bigger sizes than i am really. please help me get out of this misery. please help me!!!

  13. hanny Says:

    i am 13 and 11 stone is too much for my body to hold please help i hate myself.

  14. Laura Says:

    I want to loose weight at the only way that gets rid of it quick anough is throwing up, but when i get to the right weight i will stop so its ok?

  15. Elora Says:

    i just want to say i have battled with being borderline anorexic but being 3 stone etc is just ridiculous that is putting way too much strain on your body… i have managed to overcome most of my problems… but still this is not the way you dont need to be fat just dont be a ridiculous weight, unless it’s natural for you… every one is naturally a different weight, if everyone was the same wouldn’t the world be a boring place?… be individual and be safe… you’re just killing yourselves off slowly plus you wont be able to have any children when you’re older…
    hope everything goes the way it’s meant to for you girls.

  16. Jade Says:

    im currently 10st10 and have been on diets so many time but nothing ahppens only if i dont eat but wen i dont eat i get ajitated, and moody. Please how do these models do it ?

  17. ???? Says:

    Im 8 stone sum dais other dais 8 stone5 I HATE IT
    Really anybodie got any ideas cuz im to young to buy slimmin drugs
    And i dnt want to ask by fwends other wise they will think im dumb =S
    Please bein a teenagers is the hardest
    Everyone is judging you and yoo HAVE to fit in
    Pleasee anyone wit tips post them up PLEASEEEEEEE ='(

  18. leslie-l Says:

    i understand that being a teen is so hard! im 26 now and im just growing to love myself and being comfortable with who i am. hormones have so much to do with it. it controls your thinking and how you see yourself. i remember always comparing myself to the other girls and thinking…’i wish i had her waist’ or ‘i wish i had her face’ etc. the thing is… you are who you are and you have to learn to love yourself. and hear is something that might make you think twice about being anorexic, the less you eat..your body will shut down..and the moment you start eating again, you will gain much more wait and later in life there is a huge chance you will be overweight.
    for those who are overweight and want to gain control of their food… eliminating high carb foods and fried foods is your best choice. when i was young, i always seemed to crave food all the time, even when i was full. eliminating pasta, breads and other high carb foods helped me gain that control in my life. carbohydrates produce sugars in your body and consuming too much with make you feel hungry when your not really hungry and also cause you to crave food. also, don’t drink your calories example; pops and juices. which have way too much sugars anyway including ‘diet’ drinks…your body still sees the subsatute as sugars so it still works in the body the same way. eating lots of fresh uncooks Veggies, fruit and unprocessed meats/tofu and keeping your salt intake low will will better then being anorexic anyday! one last tip is don’t eat least 3 hours before gng to bed and to drink plenty of water…water cleanses the toxins out of your body.

  19. laura Says:

    i hate being fat. fat is so depressing.
    i think i want to be 1 stone. i am THE fattest boy ever. i hate being a girl

  20. Lily Says:

    I’ve lost more than 20 pounds in less than a month thanks to ED’s. Everyone says like wow you’re so thin! but even I try, I can’t believe it, I see myself so fat. I only live from fruits and salads, diet coke, diet pills and sometimes 1 or 2 high fiber crackers. Exercize is sporadic, I only do it when I have energy, which is 3 or 4 times a week. Yeah, anorexia and bulimia make you lose weight, but the price you gotta pay is to feel sick and weak for the rest of your life. And of course, feeling guilty on every gr. of food you consume. It sucks. I hate Eating disorders, they’re a demon that literally devours your insides. If you wanna lose weight, go to a nutricionist and exercize, don’t starve and don’t purge. Sometimes I wish I was normal.

  21. hvrjcn Says:

    I really want to be skinny
    I am going on holiday with my friends
    and they are all really skinny
    they love going swimming and wearing bikinis
    I am currently 8 stone 5
    at 5,8 high
    I need tips cos of my holiday in 3 weeks
    I would like to lose about a stone ish
    help me please

  22. tessa-x Says:

    as i am reading through all this i feel sad none of you are enjoying your life this is your one time on this earth its not a trial run for something beter the truth is none of us are happy with are body and never will be weight is not the issue but you all seem to think it is you have got to try and fight it anorexia is a illness not a cure talk to friends family or even strangers but fight for your lives dont try to take it away your missing out on so much because the only life you have is a obsession with food let some one help you they just want you to smile and laugh again when was the last time you done that one day at a time

  23. elle Says:

    hvrjcn: i totally feel ur pain – i went 2 barbados last week and i felt exactly the same last november – so i decided 2 do something about it. i started making myself sick. i started off just with soup etc, and then i moved onto full meals. it is now feburary and when i started in november, i was 9st5. i am now 8st3. i still dont think i am skinny enough, so i will continue until i am happy with my body. i would only suggest four things about being bulemic:
    1. take a break from throwing up for one week every 3 months or so, otherwise the stomach acid will wear away and your dentist will notice, therefore blowing your cover.
    2. dont start being bulemic until you have started your period. this way, if your periods stop, you know there is a problem and should stop straight away. if your periods stop, you know you are way too thin.
    3. if people start telling you youre too thin, stop being bulemic. this means that people might become suspicious. this is also another way of telling if you are thion enough or not.
    4. stop being bulemic when you feel you are thin enough. never continue if you feel you are too thin, because you probably are. only continue being bulemic until you reach your target weight.

    i hope my advice is useful to you

  24. Sarah Says:

    Hello All.

    I just wanted to say a few words to those of you wishing to be so slim that you want to risk your life.

    5 months ago I weighed a healthy 10 stone 2Lbs, never struggled with my weight and at 5 foot 7 I had plenty to work with, ate like a pig, never been on a diet, nothing.

    Then one day my world changed, I was assaulted, nothing else, I ended up with some very traumatic injuries and still as I write this am hospitalised, have spent yet another 2 days in ITU and I am looking at 2 years before I will well again, if ever, but the hardest part of all is I now just weight 3 stone 7pounds, I have not made myself ill, I certainly won’t make myself sick, but I am in the most enviable situation that some of you wish for?

    Why for God sake? Why? I am constantly at deaths door, I can not digest food, I have a peg feed system fitted to try to get the nutrients in to my failing body, I already have lost one kidney, I now have epilepsy and diabetes, and you young ladies want to be that thin? You want to watch the people you love breaking their hearts waiting for yours to give out, because mine is?

    Well right now I would love to be back as I was before, because it is no fun to be known as an anorexic, I hate the stigma involved in the very name, I would kill to have my body back but instead my body wants to kill me, so ladies think again, take it from a woman who is just 39, I had a great enviable job, I travelled the world, I was hurt and now I am like this, don’t ever wish your life this way, its not so wonderful on the other side of the fence, believe me.

    Sarah x

  25. jodie Says:

    heyah-x0 i really want to be skinny im 9 and a half stone now i have lost nearly a stone by not eatin as much n throwin my food up sometimes but i always have the urge to eat all the time i try not to but it dosent work sometimes i can go for ages without eating and oter times i cant go an hour lol
    can you please give ma any advice on how to not be hungry please.

  26. louise Says:

    please can u tell me how 2 become skinny . cheers

  27. rosie bruton Says:

    hey,iam about 7 or 7 stone and half and iam still losing loads of weight but i cant help it,there is no celeb`s that i want to look like because i just want to feel lighter and to be noticed at mom worried i dont no what to do anymore, i realy need help,hopefuly iam getting help from school because there is a place u can go and talk about any probelms but iam still wanting to lose tons of weight.please someone help me before i die because iam scared of dieing :(
    thanks from rosie bruton

  28. samantha Says:

    hey, i know that this may sound rediculously stupid, but i am battling anorexia. it is not fun. i am in the middle of my illness. i have relapsed hundreds of times. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, girls, listen to me…learn from the worlds’ mistakes! learn from mine! if i could take it back i would! i have wated so many years of my life. i go to sleep hungry and i wake up tons of times at night shivering…longing…starving for food. i cant sleep. i abuse laxatives and i binge and purge. what life is that?
    i lost a wonderful boyfriend, and many great friends. No, they didnt give up on me…i pushed them away. when you spend your whole day worrying about food, and how many calories to eat, who has time for family, love and freinds?
    it started when i was 13 years old. five years later and i am still struggling. i have four sisters, 19, 14, 12, and 7. i have three brothers, 24, 5, 3. i have no time for them because i am trapped in a world that has no communications. that has nothing.
    please girls! dont do it! just dont! if you need any advice plz, contact me on my msn at or my yahoo messenger and

  29. confused Says:

    I had anorexia and bulimia for such a long time and I have to admit, the results it achieved were outstanding for me personally- the best I have ever looked. I was desired, in absolute control of everything in my life etc etc- blah blah blah, but beneath it all a complete mess.

    The thing is, I knew what I was doing. My timing was perfected for throwing up, I knew exactly what I had to have inside me to keep my concentration levels up, derived satisfaction from what I was doing; great. It was a choice I made, and it was private and all for my own gain.

    From what I have read here, everyone writing seems to have the opinion that anorexia/bulimia is a competition- Jesus! It isn’t a game! Do it if you want, leave tips for people who are of the same opinion as you, but for crying out loud- you guys who state your (unattractively low) weights here cant be too depressed or ashamed of it if you are willing to express it on a forum! “oh im six stone- fuck im fat.” Anorexia is a craving to be thin, and distorts your perception on reality, but fuck me, even I was never that stupid to think that six stone is in any way FAT. If you are calculated enough to have a real eating disorder, you have to have the intelligence to know that medically it’s a slow burning suicide.

    Pretty much everyone I know has “had a really bad eating problem”- that’s what pisses me off. Pretty much none of them has. Most girls use anything to exaggerate in competitive mode just how thin they are/can be. “God, I was going through a really bad eating patch.” – no, you obviously weren’t if you are deciding to brag about it, dick.

    In sum, if you want to vom/starve, vom/starve. If you’re reading sites like this you know the risks. Take them on if need be. As aforementioned, the results can be good aesthetically, but then again, you’re either an attractive person or you’re not- being thin or fat doesn’t make a scrap of difference to that- it’s acknowledging that first bit of attention that’s the breakthrough. You can be a sodding rake and ugly as fuck/stunning, but if you aint got appeal, that’s not going to change until you change your attitude. I recently saw a certain gingerhaired british model in M and S not long ago and her matted dry hair teamed with shocking skin and horendous dress sense was rank. You would go as far as to say she was outstandingly unattractive. I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but she was not the “model” the media would have you think.

    In sum, being thin does not in any shape or form equate to attractiveness, and I can’t deal with people who think that this is the case. No you’re not ugly because you don’t weigh the same as those schoolmates of yours who get all the attention- they either have more personality that you, are secure in themselves, or lets face it, have better genes than you. Or they are more sexually loose than you. Aside from genetics, (and obviously, becoming a loose moralled individual isn’t exactly a winner)- you are the only person who can change how you end up. Stop whinging and grow up if you cant see that.

  30. Harley Says:

    I’ve started to develop an eating disorder. I’m 7 stone & i only wanted to lose a few pounds.. It’s out of controll now.

  31. J Says:

    hey people out there i just wanted to say that i agree with that confused chick…she may be blunt but its the total truth and if talking that way will get through to those anorexic wannabe’s(im not saying that in a mean way just so you know)then good for her.You guys im not speaking as an experienced or wannabe anoreic/bulemic but just as a person who also struggles with the expectations of todays society,and they are all totally wrong.Havent you people started to notice that curvy full figured woman are in…im not saying follow trends but all im trying to get at is that say once you reach that goal weight by going about it the wrong way,you get the attention and a guy..what then?You will have to keep up the act from then on since you only got all those things by doing whatever you did,just imagin not eating again or having to always stay skinny just to keep the attention…it will be a total and utter nightmare.

    All you ‘overweight’ people reading this,eat healthy,start exercising and maintain that healthy look cause eventually you will get skinny or at least healthy and will keep that way for a longer period than you would going the anorexic route.If you go that way you will lose weight faster but it will be for a short period cause you cant starve forever and there again you can only do it for a short time because you would be dead or dying by then.

    You guys take it from all those experienced girls who have struggled with this problem its not like you think it will be…you probably think you will be the exception to the rule and be able to give up the habit of anorexia/bulemia once you reach your goal,its so far from that its not even funny!Dont think you will be able to fight it cause the desire to keep up the look will consume you and next thing you know you will be living on machines.What kind of life is that…heres your answer,it isn’t

    Some of you girls are 9-14 or less,i dont know who you are but you are kids why are you worrying about your weight now…have you not heard of puppy fat?It will fall away in time just give your body time to grow up.

    Im nearly done but just think of this please…there are billions are kids without food and water in this world instead of posting pictures of celebrities or models on your walls rather stick a picture of a african child on your walls and mirrors or better yet above your toilet and think of them dying from hunger…one piece of cheese would be like the greatest treasure to them so please do me a favour,when you are vomitting out your food can you rather do it in a bag and send it to africa where people will gladly eat it to survive!!!

    Lastly all those people willing to help girls die by giving tips BRAVO you really have done your civil duties by incresing the death rates.This is my first time looking at a sight like this and it makes me sick(not literally even though some of you hope i am)anyway all its made me want to do is…EAT EAT EAT EAT!!!!A pizza and then a burger and then fries and much more(by the way im not thin or fat just in between and dam proud of it)!

    All i can say is good luck to everyone and i hope you make a wise decision regarding your body because after all you are the one who has to live with it no one else!

  32. x_electric Says:

    I completley agree with you…
    I’m only 15 I would love to lose a couple pounds. But why not exersise cumon guys its much more displine N it really helps you I bet if you go out there and kick a soccerball you’ll burn carbs and gain muscle but membber this athletes must eat healthy join somthing active like a sport. I bet if you ask your coach hell give you an eating plan:] just try it its much safer N I garantee you it won’t kill you…

  33. Olivia Says:

    Im 13 ive had a stuffed up life and am just started having an eating disorder. dont call me stupid or anything but i do it to deal with all the pain people have done to me in my chidhood. Choosing not to eat was my choice i dont do it to look like everyone else i do it because i have had no control in my life so not eating gives me some control. I no its not the best way to deal with all this but its the only way other then cutting myself to deal with this shit!. Yes i do crave food and i lay in bed at night asking myself if this was the best idea but then i think. if i hadnt started starving myself i probbly would of done something serious.

  34. Ana Says:

    Only I want to be is anorexic.I think that’s a good feeling pls tell me how to become anorexic!

  35. J Says:

    Olivia i have no idea what your life is like and i cant even put myself into your shoes because firstly i dont know you and secondly i hate it when ppl say stuff like ‘i know how you feel’ or ‘iv been ther i can relate’ blah blah blah!!Its impossible to know how someone feels even if you have been in that situation everyone feels things differently so its just irritating when ppl try to pretend to know what you are going thru.Im definetly not going to try and imagin how you are suffering because i feel it would be disrepectful for me to pretend i can help you cause i truly cant,all i can do is talk to you(and if you not interested thats cool too).

    You are not stupid at all its how you are dealing but it really is not the best decision,can you really not find it in you to talk to the ppl who are affecting you like this?Whenever i read about anorexic ppl they always say they want something to be in control of and i just dont understand that,maybe its cause i cant relate but dont you think that everything is out of our control well at least eventually we all lose control?

    Just think about this…you stop eating and you are in control again,but eventually your mind gives out to a new person,one who loses control of their whole life and only controls her weight.It wont even be you anymore Olivia it will be a sick young girl whose only thing in life she every controlled was her body…which is now slowly withering away and dying.Hows that for control!

    I dont want to sound like im lecturing you but please reconsider your life!you are so so young and id hate you to miss out on the world…you know if you could survive this phase in your life you must be a strong person and once you realize that beyond your problems lie a world so full of life you could start fresh and finally look back on this and say “Thank goodness i made it thru”.

    What you said about doing something serious to yourself is eating at me and im not even have such pain which would drive you to that must be horrible to live with but thats the thing it wont be any better if if you hurt yourself because that escape only lasts a short while and hurting yourself the way you are wont heal the pain.

    I dont want to sound like a cliche but talk to someone and if you are but its not going anywhere i think you should try to confront this situation and if you want id like to know what is wrong so i can give you useful messages and not be babbling on about something off topic…if its too painful dont worry to share and i feel so useless right now because i could give you all the advice in the world but it is all up yo you.

    I hope you read this whole message and didnt stop because i was gettin irritating but please if you read this just let me know something…anything!You could say that im a loser or i should keep out of you life or maybe i give bad messages(i dont like to think of it as advice cause i have not experienced this in order for it to be legitimate advice)anyway i hope to hear from you…

  36. kai Says:

    anorexia is not something you should wish for
    believe me, i wished for it and i entered the world of it and it started to take over my life, im recovering now but it added my other stresses in my life and i now have to deal with anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia and severe depression. i know feeling fat is a horrible feeling but please please please try to lose weight with healthy exercise and healthy eating. love your body! thats what my aim is! be happy with your curves. guys love them too! so please do not wish to be anorexic. its not worth it.

  37. laura Says:

    Since i can remember i’ve always had a steady weight of 8 and a half stone but in the past 6 months i have gone up to bordering on 10 stone, i have a massive ‘belly’ and feel fat all the time and none of my clothes fit anymore. I just want to get back down to 8 n a half..

  38. rosie bruton Says:

    listen iam anorexic nd iam trying 2 sort my life out and i get help at school and from the good T.I.P not to be anorexic is to keep a diary of what ypu eat everyday-thats what i do and you ca realy see what you are eating each day then.Its not easy at school,i get bullied,i hide myself away thinking its just going to go away and get all better but it realy doesn`t so iam trying say don`t wish or want or get anorexic because you can easily die if you lose to much weight.But for me there is no models or anyone i want to look like its just the way i feel and what other do and say to me.If u are being bullied for it then tell someone-anyone-they can help you just like they are to me.I was to scared to tell anyone but my mom had figured out what ws going on as she saw nuffin in my lunch box.It realy itsn`t a easly life its a tough one,i still struggle everyday.But if your parents are reading this then its not the people with anorexic ‘fault’ realy its no one`s fault but its just the way they feel and how other see and treat them.I always go to bed starving but i cry my self to sleep so it doesn`t feel that bad.!TELL AND GET HELP BEFORE ITS TO LATE!

  39. I'll Tell You Says:

    Ritee I Wana B Anorexic Too Buh Like I Read Allah Things Which Tell You All The Bad Stuff. That Doesnt Bother Me. I Just Really Need Something Which I Feel Good About As I Am In Heavy Depression And It Does Help Me To ‘ Starve Myself ‘ . I Really Do SomeTimes Feel Like Killing Myself But Then I Dont Eat . Heavaily Exercise And It Makes Me Feel A Whole Lot Happier. Ino People Say It Makes You UnHappy . But It Makes Me Feel Like Am Actually Doing Something With My Life Which I Am Happy About . I Can Understand Why People Get This Way . People Judge Them Without Evan Thinking What They Have Been Through ! . My Sister When I Was Just Young Was Anorexic So Ive Learnt Allah Things From Her.

  40. ashley Says:

    alright, so this is the most ridiculous page i have ever seen in my life. i’m a recovering anorexic and this page absolutely disgusts me. first off, for those of who think developing any kind of eating disorder is going to make you happy because your skinny, YOURE WRONG. being skinny will not make you happy. I thought the same thing. i thought “well if i just get this right everything will be fine and boys will like me” It won’t solve all your problems. It just won’t, TRUST ME. i’ve been there and done that. It made so many more problems for me, that it was absolutely worthless. My muscles deteriorated, my heart slowed down, i had no energy, parts of my body were constantly falling asleep, and i was constantly in pain and stressed. If you think you need to lose weight, first you need to see what your perception is and make decisions based on health, not appearance.
    Diets yield better results and don’t harm you, if you do it right and healthy.
    and if you’re still sitting there thinking you want to do this, take it from me someone who ahs been there, trying to keep you from messing up your entire life. and sure you probably hear it all the time that “it’s so bad” or “you’ll ruin your life”. well guess what? theyre right. i can guarantee there is no happy anorexic out there. Wanna know why? becuase your hormones stop being secreted that makes you happy. So your life is constantly goanna be filled with stress. people will question you and you’ll have to hide every little thing until all you can ever do is obsess about food and excercise.

    Do you like your hair? well, guess what, it’s goanna start falling out.
    Wanna have kids when your older? well your goanna lose your period.
    wanna walk up stairs? well you can’t you won’t have energy.
    want to hang with your friends? you won’t want to be social anymore.
    like your sleep? you won’t anymore, you will have racing thought s and parts of your body fall asleep constantly.

    everyone says, “oh i won’t take it that far”

    BUT THATS WHAT I SAID, and malnutrtion messes with your perception.
    so even if you do get pin thin, you’ll never see it that way.
    And all of this, losing my period, hair, friends, only took two or three months.
    then when my heart became messed up and i got down to a mere 105 pounds (i’m 5’7″) i was put into rehab.


    if you ever do become this way, when you end up hurt and stressed, you’ll think of how i warned you.

    sure it takes time, but wouldn’t you rather have the rest of your life to live?

  41. DISGUSTED Says:

    let me tell you all something my boyfriend is a personal trainer and all this talk about you starving yourself and your questions on why it is not working is because it NEVER WILLlong term thats why you are struggling!!!!
    1.) when you dont feed your body it doesnt think its starving it thinks its DYING! IT IS A PROVEN FACT! so when you starve it or puke it up or whatever you do it gets confused and stores anything u eat healthy or not as fat. the body is very simple and amazing, but you are all abusing yourselves.
    eat small meals w/ lots of protein so you will be full and BE HEALTHY I AM DISGUSTED U ALL OF YOU SAYING YOU HATE YOURSELF AND YOUR FAT! lets get a reality check here and start appreciating yourself and ask yourself whats most important in your life and there is someone else in this world that would kill to have everything you have! fuck society they are not reality they have money and ppl to help them! it is all about balance and portions and exercise in MODERATION is the key word i wish i could meet w/ each one of you personally to talk to to get this through your minds! follow these steps and you will be where you want to be quick fixes and abusing your body is just the most ridiculous thing you could do!!!

  42. Olivia Says:

    J Thank Yo so much to wat you said! It defently wasnt irritating! after i read what yu write i sat down and decied i needed to sort myself out.Im now slowly eating bit by bit it takes a while but i recon its worth it. Im at a clinic for depression and for my eating disorder.Everything what you said really TRULY have made aa difference to my thinking! I realize now that Sure it takes your thorghts away and it seems like it makes everything better but really to everyone else ppl can see im not coping and when starvation takes its toll i began not so happy and jumpy and didnt talk very much i was and stil are under compleat supervision because no-one trusts me anymore im also beging a program to help me to stop self harming and not kill myself that kinda stuff.Not eating Really doesnt help u dont see that your real skinny but the world does! And you say Oh ill stop i wont go that far but u cant stop you REALLY CANT! Life has its ups and downs and maybey there are lots off downs but your in charge of your life you decide what life You want! J truely from the bottom of my heart THANK You EVERYTHING was achived through what you wrote! I use to think that i had no future but because of you-even tho i dont now you-I now have got my life back on track and are on the road to recovery! Thank you! You did one thing and you changed my life! You really are an amazing person Thankx xx

  43. Olivia Says:

    contact me at..




  44. J Says:

    WOW Olivia you really made my life seem more purposeful(if that is a word) anyway i was hoping for a ‘right okay thanks for the advice get on with your own life’ but your response was way better so thank you so much for listening…i am so utterly and truly happy to hear that you are being helped because that took a lot of strenght and courage to receive it.

    I cant wait to talk to you more and im just so stunned and excited to know that if a great person like you can overcome this hard time then surely you are a role model and inspiration to those who are trying as well.

    Thanks Olivia truly

  45. Olivia Says:

    Hey everyone if anyone want to talk about anorexia,eatin disorders,problems about anything! Please email me at or . Ive had some pretty hard out thinghs happern to me including death,pain,house fires, eating disorders,abuse,kidnapping, life changes,moving several times,blood,a a few other huge things that i cant mention and ive turned to many things because i thort it helped like starving myself,cutting,hitting myself,sucide ect. and i can DEFENTLY tell you it REALLY doesnt help it feels like it helps but it just covers up everything and it just becomes obsessive you turn away from everyone and you cant consentrat you figet all the time and you cant keep still your never relaxed and you pretend that you all ok about everything is falling apart i went throgh my life being so horrible all bymyself no-ones ever sticked with me or suported and i know how hard it is to cope i might be only 13 but i feel like im much older because ive been though things most people my age or ever have.So i want to be here for anyone that is strugling with anything no matter how big or small because it sucks to go on living just with yourself and i wish i could of had suport from someone even someone to talk 2 or email that understood ,I just want to help.
    xx contact me Please It would be great to hear from you!

  46. Olivia Says:

    ppl als contact me if u hav ne questions about becoming anorexic or ne questions about me πŸ˜€

  47. Lucy Says:

    Wow,i cannot believe people on here are actually saying “I want to be anorexic!” . I am 13 and i weight about 9 stone,i love my body, i’m a size 10 sometimes 12 in tops ’cause i have big boobs,i eat anything i want when i want,i just control myself. I am an athlete,runner,swimmer,highjumper and every other sport aha. If everyone would stop faulting their bodies they’d find time to love them, well thats what i think anyway (:

  48. RP Says:

    All of the things that people say on here really inspire me… the good & the bad. About a year ago i became fed up with my weight, i became anorexic. About 2 months into it i got a boyfriend who i am still currently dating, ofcourse i just became too comfortable with my body again and have gained all my weight back because i eat the same as not just as bad before i became anorexic. I never had bulima and never would. I couldn’t drive myself to do that no matter what the situation was. But my problem is i want to become anorexic again and i just dont know how and where to start-

    Can anybody help?



    Im 14 yrs old i tryed over 17 different diets none worked untill i found this one:

    Breakfast: Ice Cold Water (1 Pint)

    Snack: Ice Cold Water (1 Pint)

    Lunch: Ice Cold Water (1 Pint)

    Snack: Ice Cold Water (1 Pint)

    Dinner: Ice Cold Water (1 Pint)

    Snack: Ice Cold Water (1 Pint)

    This Diet Is Very Strickt If You Mess Up Even One Meal Youre Skrewed ok so do as it sais and get the body you always wanted!!!

    Tips: Try Some Sit-ups and maybe some light jogging

    Warning: This Diet is known to cause anorexia!!!
    This Diet Takes 1 Week to start working!!!
    This Diet Causes EXTREME weight loss!!!
    This diet is a fad!!!!
    This Diet Will result in fast weight loss!!!!

    GO GIRLS GO!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  50. J Says:

    are you joking…you actually wanna help these insecure girls become anorexic by making them only drink ice cold water!!!!Ill let you in on a secret ok…water is not a diet it is completly avoiding food thus resulting in starvation.What is wrong with you?You are 14 and i have no idea why you cant just wait a few years to let the puppy fat fall off…please just stop encouraging others to try kill themselves cause its not right instead of wasting your life trying to lose weight,why dont you appreciate what you have and live your life!!!!Good need it.

  51. KB Says:

    I’m 18, 5ft 7 and 8 stone 13 (about 126lbs i think), i understand when people are saying they want to lose a few pounds, i want to be 8 and a half stone ..maybe 8 but definately no lower than that. I can’t understand how people actually WANT to have a mental illness! Saying you want to lose a bit of sensible weight is fine but saying you want to be anorexic is like saying you want to be schizophrenic, seriously, it’s a mental illness…why would you want to be classed as a ‘looney’?? Seriously…let me put something into perspective for all you ‘wannabe anorexics’, my younger sister is 11 years old, she has learning difficulties where she acts younger than she is, this also slightly affects her growing pace, therefore she’s smaller and thinner than everyone in her class…she weighs 4 and half stone…she’s 11!!!! She’s still at a healthy weight for her age and height taking into account her illness. I hope this makes you see that wanting to be (as some of you have put) 3 stone!! is beyond ridiculous. Why go to all that trouble to make yourself ugly and be put in hospital and most probably end up dead?? Please just don’t do it…any guy would prefer a current jessica simpson or christina aguilera over a weedy boney little excuse for a woman like nicole richie. Trust me. I was 10 stone a few months back and I just literally cut out snacks e.g crisps, chocolate, biscuits etc. and ate more fruit and fish, i also ate smaller portions and exercised. But starving yourself completely won’t work…trust me, your body will just go into what’s called ‘starvation mode’ and begin storing any fat it can, you’ll end up just staying the same weight or even gaining weight. Seriously, set realistic and healthy weight goals for yourself…if you’re unsure what’s healthy then do a bmi test on the internet (just google bmi calculator). Good luck to everyone…i hope none of you would ever be stupid enough to make yourself mentally and physically’s so unattractive! x x x

  52. s Says:

    to all of you who posted comments against anorexia, i just wanted to say THANK YOU! you actually helped me. i was looking up ways to be anorexic because for the last month or so i have been obsessing over food, but i didn’t really have an eating disorder. nothing too serious, but i wanted it to be…

    after i read this stuff posted, i changed my mind. really, thank you so much. you’re so right–i realized now that wanting to be anorexic is the stupidest thing ever, and it wouldn’t make me happy, like i always thought it would.
    maybe someday i will learn to completely love my body, but until then, i’ll try my best to realize how lucky i am that i still have my health, and appreciate that.

    i feel a lot better.
    thanks again.

  53. Olivia Says:

    Guess what im bak! after weeks of saying i want to help ppl with anorexia nd eating disorders im OVER IT! im not eatuing starting from TONIGHT! This is a promis to you all and if i break it,bad things will happern so this is a pact that i wont eat for at leased..a starting time of 3 day then ill keep adding days until 30. I think i can do it, NO I CAN DO IT! you want my advice, dont eat..simple really hav bad thoughts,self harm,exercise do what ever you can to get skinny you know the end result wil be great! you just hav to take no notic 4 all the bad things about it, what does ne one else know you starve youself for you! Dont stop because you think you will die or watever you do it for yourself! It auctaly helped my life wen hard tyms came i didnt care i was to focused on my fatness ne way im not starving myself im just profecting my emityness simple want my advise? STARVE YOURSELF! if your scared about wat ppl wil think or anything else THEN YOU CANT BE ANOREXIC! al u hav to do is NOT eat! wth do u wnt advise for S-T-A-R-V-E! You will get results..Sorry for being harsh but your in control you du wat you want i know that i wont be eating..will you!?

  54. J Says:

    Im sorry to hear you are back to old habits Olivia…i actually believed in you and was so amazed that you were strong enough to fight back,but i guess i was stupid.Seems like you made up your mind but please just read thru our last comments because your story meant a lot to me and when i told some of my friends of you they were so happy you chose to live. It even helped a friend of mine battling with her weight…just because you couldnt help others does not mean you shouldnt help yourself.Please just do 1 thing for me,think long and hard before you go back cause it will be much harder to fight it after it has consumed you oh ya and please dont encourage others to follow you its not right…imagine knowing you caused a life to end…im sorry if im blunt but its the truth.Well hopefully ill see a comment from you if not good luck…J

  55. Bells Says:

    I want to be skinny too.
    Not scarily skinny, like some of the other girls.
    Just thinner.
    I am 14
    and 115 pounds.
    And I want to look good in a bikini.
    I want people to think I am gorgeous
    but most of all I want to think of myself as pretty…..
    I can’t stop thinking about how ugly I am. Please help.

  56. do you know me Says:

    ya’ll need to be quiet i’m in high school and we eat lunch in the cafeteria for the first semester i ate lunch down their but then i started eating lunch up stairs and my friend told a teacher i wasn’t eating she said she hadn’t seen me put a thing in my mouth and the teacher said “if you don’t see her eat tell me again if you know for a fact,” and she found out again and it was lunch again and she had something saw me not eating talked to this guy first then asked me what i was eating and i made up something cause i didn’t want her to worry and i didn’t want her to find out anymore and for her to ask me any more questions so i left the room and they started talking so she followed me and had a talk with me which was ackward she said i’m worried about you and i care to much for you to be doing that and someand one said somethinng about anorexia i just nodded my head and said okay it happened again in track i passed out while i was running and she called the hospiital for 3 days and when i got bac i went back to track and she paused me in the hall and said ” i havi care a great deal of respect for you and i care and love you” not something you think would be comeing from a teacher; Well anyway so she made sure i started to eat but me that teacher are really close now and now i occasionally eat and said i need to eat more calories i burn cause i work out 5 days a week 2 hrs a day so i guess throwing up wasn’t worth the struggle and you shouldn’t do it either its a waste of time take it from someone who’s been down that road and ain’t goin back!
    piece in the middle east

  57. kelsey Says:

    i really want to become skinny .. i just don’t want to do it alone .. add me if you need someone for support to be skinny.β™₯

  58. emily Says:

    i am disgusted by this. i am 18 and have been hospitalized 5 times for a period of over 9 months over the past 4 years. it has been absolute Hell. i missed out of school, normal social activity, and friends. I have always been a good student but i missed so much school that i had to try twice as hard as everyone else. i got into my dream college but was asked to leave and go to the hospital on my eighteenth birthday this year. they will not let me back because i am a liability. I ended up missing a semester, attending a local community college, but had to miss 3 weeks of the semester, but luckily tried extra hard and still made dean’s list. my bones are weak, i’m obsessed with my weight, which i have not been able to maintain at a healthy weight for 2 years. i’m afraid for people to see me eat, i’m afraid to go to parties because i may be tempted to dip a carrot or have a drink. i feel like people no longer see me a s a person, i spend up to 10 hours a week going to the doctors. i still hate my body. my family hates my anorexia, as does my boyfriend and friends. i fear i will never recover, as hard as i try and as much as i dream of it, it’s difficult to even imagine. i do not know what i will do if i have to deal with it the rest of my life. i am ardently against suicide, but i consider it with the pain of this disease.

    my advice for the healthy..
    eat when you are hungry
    stop when you are full
    have variety and allow yourself an occassional treat
    excercise for health, and because it feels good
    love yourself

    noone chooses anorexia, comments like yours are the reason people think we wake up and decide to have our lives torn apart, why we are ridiculed and outcast.

    take care

  59. please girls Says:

    hey girls
    ima fifteen yea old guy. my ex was like all yous. the reason why shes my ex. guys dont like really skinny chicks. its yuck. we shud only b able to feel ya ribs a tiny little bit – no way near skinny enough to see them with ur arms dwn.
    i hope u all ffind peace and love for urselves
    xx jason

  60. jenny Says:

    wow, you girls are disgusting. i’m appalled that you would even want to be anorexic. The body is designed to make you hungry, its a survival mechanism. And if you go against it, then your going to harm your body very much. For example, the diet pills, cortislim, i’m sure many of you have tried it. It boosts your metabolism and causes glucose use, but what else does it do? increase the body’s stress response, and thus deposit arterial plaques. thats just this drug. hmm, how about making informed decisions and stop being so “fake” depressed and egotistical about how ugly your useless body is. grow up and realize that your wasting your life. I dont mean to be mean, but if you want to show your skin and bones, well the best time to do it is when your dead, so enjoy life and eat up. I love pizza, milkshakes, and bbq ribs, you should try some too.

  61. J Says:

    hey jason thanks so much for your response its cool to get a guys voice heard so these girls realize not all guys go for those skinny,unhealthy chicks…im so sorry your girlfriend suffered from this disease and i know it must have been hard and i know i know nothing bout you or her but if she is still sick try and be her friend to help her if possible.Thanks for wanting the healthy girls,they are the way to go.

    And to Emily i think you are so brave and absolutely amazing to tell others your story and i know nothing of your pain and hardships but it must be a constant struggle everyday for you and im so glad you have chosen to fight…please believe me when i say that you have probably saved a life by sharing that.

    Congradulations for working so hard to make it in school you sound like a real miracle so i just wanted to say that i admire you and your strenght to overcome such a difficult obstacle.

    I hope ppl who are trying to become anorexic take the time to read all of these peoples responses it could help them so thanks to you guys!!!


  62. Jenny Says:

    Hey Girls ,
    I remeber when i first wanted to be anorexic haaa no you look in the mirror and hthink your massive
    you look down and you think that your belly sticks out more than you boobs no they dont its when you lean your head forward you body puts pressure on your stomach for it top stick out. Now back to wanting to be thin theres a difference wanting to be anorexic is really bad i wanted to be anorexic when i was 13 i did millions off crunches took diet pills.

    Ran for hours on end. I told my mum id joined a athletics group thats why ive been losing weight. But really i would run to the toliet after lunch and throw up I use to sit at the dinner table pretending to eat but spitting it all back up into my drinking cup. What you need to relise is that your body is growing and youll be changing weights and shape all off the time you need nutrition i was anorexic for 2 years
    told my mum i was at my mates houses to sleep when really i was hiding in my cupboard starving
    and it got to the point where i collapsed in school and was rushed to the hospital i was 72 pounds
    i lost all my boobs my bum i felt like a man because i never have had a period again you could see my ribs all my vains where sticking out.

    I wasnt atrective at all i was pail from no vitamins my hair went thin and lost its natural colour i was biting my nails i was moved down in all my sets bt hey then again there was a gap between my legs and i was less then my younger brother. I found out later that i was infertial i had to have my teeth whitend i suffered from stomach ulsers and i lost movement in my right arm because i had no muscle
    my mum and dad where ripped apart after 1 year im 100 pounds still thin but im staying round a bout that weight cause im happy i have to eat fruit ever hour and im staying healthy my right arm is better now but still will never be the same at times i look in the mirror and think what did i do ive got scares
    my skins pale its awful its not pritty its not glamorous it scary and you get dirty looks from people at school you become paranoyed hate your self think your not good enough remember if you dont love yourslef and dont think that your good enough no one else ever will your fine how you are and lads like curvier girls he dont want a stick insect.

    What dedicated me was . . . Nothing tastes as good as thin feels How perfetic i regret ever second !

  63. Former twig Says:

    I have been fighting anorexia on and off for seven out of my eighteen years of life starting at age eight. Ive lost nearly everything from this. I’m a big frame naturally, gain muscle easily, like a body builder and that is what ive been fighting. I have lost all but one of my friends because of my eating disorder, my singing voice has been ruined by my bulimia burning my vocal chords. I have got down to 7stone but was passing out all the time. once i passed out on the treadmil and when i fell and my face hit it it tore some of the skin of my face and I am now scarred. I have osteoporosis, my heart is failing. I have had boyfriends but nothing lasted because i was too consumed with not eating to be a good girlfriend and I EVEN HAD A BOYFRIEND BREAK DOWN AND CRY WHEN ONE OF MY RIBS BROKE UNDERNEATH HIM DURING SEX BECAUSE OF OSTEOPOROSIS. I lost a baby to another because i was too thin too carry.
    My hairs patchy, i have downy hair all over my body, im cold all the time and my stomach perpetually hurts. In comparison my friend is 10stone and has guys lining up round the block for her, and her life is great. Its too late for me girls but dont do to yourselves what i have done to myself. Being deadly thin is not worth it if you are dead in two years time. Be smart, eat healthy and for goodness sake down let yourself become anorexic! Take care.

  64. daisy Says:

    this is horible why the hell wud u want to put your body thru this GOD U PPL ARE STUPID!!!!

  65. 18227 Says:

    Drink ICE water all day. At least 12 eight ounce servings, and make sure it’s ice cold, because your body burns more calories trying to warm itself back up due to the temperature of the water..
    Chew lots of gum, and brush your teeth four times a day, you are less likely to ruin a “fresh mouth” with food..and if you constantly clean your tastes gross after the toothpaste anyway. Gum will trick your body into thinking you are eating, so it wont growl as much. And if the hunger pains get out of control, that’s when you have another 8 ounces of ice water.
    Doing this for three months can result in a 30-50 pound weight loss.
    Also, it doesn’t hurt to do some LIGHT jogging. Make sure it’s nothing too extreme though, because your muscles wont be able to take it after going so long with no food.

  66. Brooke Says:

    Man this is sad, obviously i havnt bothered reading all of the above comments but ive been there, ive been anorexic since i was 10 then became bulimic at 13. Guys its not good. Its fraking hell. Just suck up, and try exercise and HEALTHY diet. Ana stays with you forever.

  67. samantha Says:

    hey i really want to be anorexic can you please tell me how.
    i think its the best thing in my life to do right now
    thankz that would be great!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Steph Says:

    What is stone??? and anyone know how i can beome less hungry

  69. Leo Says:

    I’m so offended that people think they can become anorexic. It’s not something that you choose, it chooses you and it will destroy your life and kill you inside and outside. It’s a horrible disease and yes I have it, have had it for a long time, once you’ve got it, it doesn’t go away when you want, it’ll be with you always. I can’t believe people want to become anorexic. That’s sick. You want to be ill and want to want to die?

  70. Michelle Says:

    I am struggling to recover from anorexia would like to talk to girls who are going through recovery or would like to recover:


  71. eva Says:

    i have a friend who is anorexic. she was doing really well for ages and now has started to go back to her old habits. sometimes i feel completely lost and dont know what to do or say to her. the last thing i want her to do is give up on listening to advice from those around her and i feel that is exactly what is happening to her. realising she had the disease shattered my world as well as hers.
    theres never a day when i dont think about her or worry about her and i always tell her i love just so she knows.
    i truly believe there is nothing worse than seeing your best friend suffer. I look at her and feel like crying but i know i cant for her sake.
    I dont know why or how it started but it is a serious life threatening disease. That i do know. I only want her to see that she is beautiful inside and out and there is more to life than starving yourself. It takes over peoples lives, effects families and friends. It may even effect the future and whether the person suffering from this illness may still be in it. They may never be able to have families or achieve their highest potiential as a result of the disease. I love my friend and that is something that will not change. eva xxx

  72. Christina Says:

    I am crying just reading these responses. I suffer from anorexia. First I was bulimic but did it to the point where I lost my desire to even eat. I was so angry that I just stopped eating. Anorexia isn’t something you can just become but if you ladies want to become anorexic in a dieting way then just drink cold water.

    I was abused for 15 years of my life and I’m 20 my dad and brother constantly called me a fat bitch all the time and people outside called me fat too. Because of that I never got the chance to form my own self image of myself. The people who spewed negative comments at me formed my self image of being really fat, manly and big boned. I cant see myself as I am. when I look at myself sometimes it is just a blur the other times I am just really manly looking. I got so angry that I just stopped eating recently. It’s just a constant battle in myself fighting an imaginary demon except is me. I dont want to eat annymore because im so angry and ihate myself so much. Its a scary disease.

    You know there is something wrong when you see yourself as obese and manly all the time. When you stop eating and actually find comfort and satsfaction in doing so. On the other hand, you wish you could stop and see yourself who you are you wish you could eat and do normal things. My life constantly revolves around me looking in the mirror at myself and worrying about my weight. I dont even go out because I hate how I look. Its a battle in that I feel like I have no choice but to starve myself. Exercizing doesnt even cut it for me. I have to starve and starve until I feel relieved and have achieved muscle loss and well as weight loss. The good thing is I dont pass out because I dont do much…all I do is sleep and do my school work. I try not to move around too much. either way. Anorexia has won the battle I didn’t.

    You dont want to become anorexic as in the psychological aspect of it. It’s a F_ING devilish nightmare that never stops.

    If you want to do it then by all means its simple. Just drink cold water and thats it. Thats what starving is not eating but consuming water so you can live longer.

  73. Christina Says:

    It is me again. If you people want to become anorexic like I said you can’t because it is a psychological disorder. I eat baby food and I only take the edge of a spoon and sweep it across the top. So I only eat like a drop of it. I drink water all day. Try that approach if you want to since you people ask. My diet is worse than a models diet. Models eat more than I do. Drink water but make sure it is cold because the body burns more when drinking cold water and trying to catch up to its temperature.

  74. Rana Tawfik Says:

    my weight is 52 i wanna be 45 iam 18 years old i like models i wanna be like them i ate only fruits and drinkng tea to not feel hungry but sometimes i eat a meal once in week like mcdonals i wanna lose i failed what i can do ro be a 45 and i don’t like walking plz helpppppppppppppppppp

  75. emma Says:

    hii im new, but i have read all your information i want to be thin i spend all my day thinking that people are laughing at me cos im fat i am 9 stone but want to lose alot of weight, i really need this i starve myself but i have to have tea or else my mum will be on my back all i want to know is how do i make myself sick to get it out pleade helpp me

  76. meg Says:

    omg . you people really think that being 8 stone is a problem . try being 12! ..
    i would love to be skinnyer buh tbh im not morbidley obese im a size 12 ( if im lucky or 14 .. yeah im unhappy with my weight cuz im 14.. buh i really think its discusting the fact of how many teens are on here saying they want to be anorexic .. and it discuste me with the post .. tips for throwing up! . seriously stop thinking your so sat if ur under10 stone . your really not!

  77. star Says:

    I hate my body.
    im fat
    people try and tell me im not, and get angry with me when i say i am.
    so i’ve decided to get skinny on my own, but i dance and do sport therefore need energy to do this, therefore i eat. i don’t know how to stop this. im 16 and weight 7 stone 6.
    please help me.

  78. lisa Says:

    hi u girls say ur all realy fat but i used to be anorexic 3 years ago but now im obess i fell preganat when i was only 15 now i am 18 and the hole way through my pregancy i just couldnt stop eatin now im so fat i cant even say how much i weigh because it sicking me but im a size 16 and used to be a size under a 4 please please help me i fast all the time but it dont work wot els can i do i eat now about 3 times a week and its only half a dinner but i still ant lossin any weight how can i get thin agan please help me i dont no wot to do im so fat i cant even look at myself in a mirro and its makin me feel realy depressed but i no i gotta look after a little girl please please help me

  79. bree Says:

    hey everyone i’m new i’ve just been doing sum research as to how to get really skinny cuz all my life i’ve been constantly made fun of and been put down cuz of my weight and im sick of getting verbally abused all the time so i figure that if i become anorexic everyone will finally stop abusing me. any advice? e-mail me at:


  80. Nicole Says:

    hi, im 8 stones and i feel sooo fat.. i’m 1.64 cm high and 48 kg?! I hate my body..

  81. Natasha Says:

    Hi, I’m 4ft5″, 7stone1.5lbs, I’m the smallest in my family, buuut I just feel and look horrible, I’m also anorexic and bulimic, but I don’t seem to be losing any weight

  82. AMY. Says:

    Basically guys, i kinda sympathise with everyone. I’ve never had an eating disorder, but i do obsess over food ALOT and used to always think i wanted to be anorexic. Now, i realise how stupid that was. And how selfish of me. There are people out there who have anorexia running their lives, and i WANTED to be like that.

    I DO want to lose weight, but I’ve realised now that there are sensible ways of losing weight, and more effective.

    Just think about it guys, you cant BECOME anorexic, you can starve yourself, but it wont make you anorexic, it’ll just make you ill. For all you ACTUAL anorexics out there, get well soon yeah. I know you can’t help it, but i just hope you get help sooner rather than later. And for all you WANOREXICS, sort it out lovelies, it will NOT make you happy.

    LOTSAH’LOVE! xxxxx

  83. Jenna17 Says:

    Hey girl why do you want to be so skinny i mean if you look up on line somewhere you can see with your hight and then put your weight and you can see if your weight is good and then if ur not just go on a little diet i mean im 5″2 and i weight 115 thats not bad. hey i think that im fat but im perfect for me and i like it and im living with it. and i think that every girl that are kinda big are still BEAUTIFUL!! everygirl is no matter what people say about u.

  84. anonymous dee Says:

    i want to lose weight so bad, but fast. i want to be at least a size 8 by june. my current size right now–well….is a certain number. i might try this diet. it does sound bad. but–i might add some food. like yogurt or something small.

    don’t follow me. you could do better. girls–you’re beautiful no matter what. God loves you the way you are.

    im not the best example there is. but im trying.

    stay healthy. God Bless.

    -anonymous dee

    **if you have any good tips that can make someone lose 20 pounds in two weeks, post them please.**

  85. JulieC Says:

    You people are idiots. Why would you only want to weigh 3 stones? That doesn’t make any sense! Instead of losing weight, you should learn how to read and write – that would be time and money much better spent!

  86. Amanda Browne Says:

    You want to become anorexic? well all i have to say is YOUR STUPID. JEZZE. you stupid stupid people.. all you care about is your looks! stop trying to be skinny.WE all did’nt come on Earth to live as some pastic modles, we came to live as ourselves and express the way we are differently. be yourself and be DANM proud. Yeah.. i was like you, but i was’nt over weihgt, i was just really pickey. and i wanted to lose weight and become anorexic. but it’s SO DUMB. just look at Demi Lavoto.. like shes not the SKINNYEST person in the world, but shes beautiful. and shes proud of herself. πŸ˜€ thats why shes my idol :) haha,

    just, dont abuse yourself to be a plastic, skinny, pretty, piece of barbie doll crap. BE YOURSELF, DONT WORRY, AND HAVE FUN.

  87. Kimm Says:

    Heyy People I Have A Diet I want To Try Out, Its Called The 2-4-6-8 Diet,
    Im 8 Stone And A Teen And I Need To Lose Weight Im Sooo Body Concous Ive Started Comparing Myself To People On The Tele And People In My School And For Some Strange Reason It Feels Like EVEYONE Is Thiner Than Me Ive Tried Many Diets And They Dont Work For M At All So Lets Hope This One Does

  88. Megan Says:

    Hey , every1 Please stop dieting !!!!!!!!
    I was a anorexic is horrid ! i fainted all the tyme & alomst died ! You all sound so young , please for your own good try to see the light at the end of the tunnel aand eat ! i was in hospital for 6 months and the had to force feed me .
    its not a very nice exprience and i really would’nt want you to go through it like me !
    PLEASE for your own good eat , and try eat healthy and then you will lose wieght but not , not eat its just dammaging you body ! and all of you sound so young and maybe just want attention . WELL STOP , reeally i bet your all beutiful and gawjus girls and u just need to eat and get over the fear of food where here for you , and here to give you help !
    im a nurse at the bolton hospital , i became a nurse after i recoverd from my anorexia .
    Please if you need help im here please ask any questions.
    Good luck girls with getting better . and EAT !!!

  89. Munibah Says:

    Hi , Look I seriously need to lose weight I am 12 stone and im 16. i tried not eating for a week and lost about 8 pounds but (fat cow me ) gave in to temptation and started eating again. but now Im trying it again now so we will se how i do , i need to lose weight for the summer as i might be getting engaged so anyone tips please ? I NEED TO BE SKINNY , PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Ruby Says:

    No offense but like the people saying dont be anorexic, have been anorexic so they should understand what were going through.

  91. Izzy Says:

    hey guys, listen im not saying my age. but i want to lose about 2 stone. and i have a feeling its gonna be hard. i seriously need some help. what to eat. what not to eat. what to do what not to do. any good sights. please help. i want to be skinny.

  92. alice Says:

    6,7 or 8 stone is not fat. 8 stone is the avarage weight for a teenager and 8 1/2 stone -9 stone is the avarege for an adult. i cant see why ppl want to be like 5 stone or somthin because u acutally look pretty when yer an avarege weight. skinny ppl arent pretty, there just skeletons, people who r 8 stone dont lose weight, please dont, im 12 stone and losing weight currently this time. im 10 yrs old. i am losing weight and 11 1/2 stone-12 stone now. i started at 12 stone and i really want to be 7 stone.

  93. alice Says:

    okay, i have an answer to laura. she said she was vomiting her food up. that is soooo not good. you shouldnt do that, i currently weight 12 stone and im 10 yrs old, i do eat healthy but i didnt used to do enough exercise. now i do exercise every day. all you have to do is eat healthily, dont quit on treats, evey1 needs them now and again! and do plenty of exercise. If your really thin then start eating a bit more to. as i said do plenty of exercise aswell. people actually die from being anorexic, so dont do the things that kill u. i am losing weight and i fell alot better.

  94. Lou Says:

    I’m nearly 14 roughly 5’7. I’m not absolutely sure how much i weigh but i’m sure its around 8-9 stone. I get really depressed about how fat I am and just don’t seem to find any diet plans that will help me lose weight fast. Im going on holiday in three monts and was wondering how much weight i could lose in this time. I wan’t to lose weight healthily and safely though! Please help.

  95. Emily Says:

    I only read through less than half of these comments, i had tears in my eyes, its so sad that people, young healthy people like you want to be so sickly thin.

    I know how you feel, i went through it, but, i did something about it, looking back, i could see that 5 stone, having tubes feeding me, being at deaths door, isnt the life for anyone, let alone a 16 yearold girl with the rest of her life ahead of her. i got better.

    dont go thinking that “the anorexic” way is the way forard. its not. it tears your life, your friends lives, your families lives apart. do you really want to do that? hurt those you care about? because thats what happens.

    Im just under 8 stone now, and sure sometimes, i think i shouldrevert back to my old ways, but please, hear me on this, i dont, i know what i does. i know how bad it is… i wasnt happy, and the people who love and care about me were not happy either. if you have real problems with your weight, not this “im 15 and way 7 stone” rubbish, then do it a healthy way, ask your GP, dont go down the route of ED.

    i only wish you could see too, that what your wishing upon yourselves, to make youself “happy” will pull you down, and ruin you.

    Think. Please.

    Emily x

  96. Lauren Says:

    im 14 and i weigh 11 stone, and i hate myself for being so fat all my friends say that im not fat but some of the boys call me fat, i wont to lose about 2-3 stone so i can be normal for once, i hate it when i look in the mirror i look like i am the fatest girl in the world, soo can you please give me so diet tips

    thanx xx

  97. izzyxxx Says:

    hi girls i hate my body i want to be skinny like most girls im not eating nothing for 8 week to lose some weight

  98. Xx..Bex..xX Says:

    I weigh just under 8 stone. i wouldnt say i’m really fat but i do carry weight that i really dont want on my body :( there are people who are in my class who are skinny and they no that they are skinny and they bost about it!!

    it really annoys me because i am desperately trying to loose weight. i go on a diet and it works but when i reach a weight that i’m happier with i start to eat again and then the weight just piles back on.

    please email me because i cant take this obsession with trying to lose weight and then it all piles back on again. i have gone through many things to try and loose the weight such as vomating and not eating anything. i would love to loose up to 1 and 2 stone by doing a diet which wont make my parents curious

    please email me :( x becky x

  99. Rachel Says:

    i weigh just under 9st , and i would like to be around 7 st and 9 lbs.
    i just need to talk to someone whos going through the disorder of anorexia.

  100. Katie Says:

    You CANNOT become anorexic. It’s not a quick fit diet. It’s a MENTAL DISORDER that will RUIN YOUR WHOLE LIFE. You won’t be skinny and popular!!! You’ll end up EMACIATED, ALONE and MISERABLE. You will push all your friends away and never go out anywhere because guess what 90% of social events involve food.

    UGH. People trying to become anorexic irritate me greatly. It’s a DISEASE. NOT a lifestyle choice.

  101. K*T Says:

    guys, guys. seriously you want to lose wieght and you are like 8 stone and under!! Pathetic.
    I am, let’s say, quite over 8 stone πŸ˜‰ and wanting lose weight, so i don’t blame you. All girls have insecurities.
    The thing is sinking to anorexia or bullimia is just plain stupid!! I mean, it can stop your period flow and not allow you to have children. Also, if it gets so bad it can even make you go blind! ALSO, it will give you wrinkles earlier in life XD
    dont sink so low!

  102. lilah Says:

    i understand why some people on here think its pathetic but they do they really know how people, like me, feel when they want to lose weight? My weight is 8 stone which is about 112 pounds i think. I desperately want to lose weight. i’ve always been the ‘fat kid’ not so much now but i still hate the way i look. i want to feel happy and confident instead of hiding away and wearing baggy clothes. i also want to look reasonably good in a bikini. being the same weight as nicole richie would be perfect she’s my idol.

  103. averey Says:

    Let me start of with that im 5’7″ and 127 pounds and im a complete fat ass. i need an ana buddy. for a while i was all mia but i dont want my teeth to rot. i need someone to tell me how fat i really am. i need thinsparation. no one likes me at my school and all the boys think im fat. i want to lose some serious weight and be 110 by july 16. but i need motivation. e-mail me please!

  104. aliben Says:

    i HATE myself. i want to weigh 8 stone so bad. i weigh about 10 stone right now, i feel.. i don’t want to be anorexia, but whatever works, i want this guy to notice me more. .. he likes me and all, i just want to feel myself being wanted by him. i adore him.

  105. anamarie Says:

    All who wish to be anorexic – Plz everyone, don’t hurt your bodies! Does anyone here want to live a long, healthy, happy life? I want you all to laugh a lot- it’s your choice- do you choose to live? Let’s all enjoy our short time here on earth. Think of your body as a gift, a lodging for your spirit. Take care of your gift- for it can’t be of use for long. YOU HAVE TO DECIDE-not just about your health-but where you shall go after your gift is used to its full extent!!!

  106. Natalina Says:

    To all those who are abusing their bodies, and to all those who encourage it:

    You disgust me.

    You MUST realise that you are extremely insecure, and you need help. Anorexia is a mental ILLNESS! It is a DISORDER! It is a REAL PROBLEM!

    I think it is shocking and appalling that we live in a wealthy Western society and there are still those who are so influenced by such trivialities as physical “beauty”. Think about all the starving people in third world countries who have NOTHING! They WANT to live! Millions die every year as a result of starvation, and there are people in the Western world who obviously take these things for granted.

    The Media is partly to blame for this. Corporations market PHOTOSHOPPED, FAKE, AIRBRUSHED, UNREALISTIC images (mainly of girls and women) that are simply NOT REAL. They are ALIEN. Face the facts: human beings are simply not like this! Not a single human being on this earth has ever been, or ever will be, so utterly unnatural.

    The body NEEDS a degree of fat to be healthy! Women especially need fat so that they remain nourished, strong and fertile. Women who want to have children NEED fat so that they can reproduce. It is the way human beings have evolved. It is the way we are.

    When I read some of these “pro-anorexia” comments, I was quite frankly revolted. All you shallow, evil, manipulating people on this site who have tried to influence those who are vulnerable and insecure on such a delicate and concerning issue, you are dangerous. Anyone who rewards, celebrates, endorses or tries to encourage anorexia should be classified as a murderer.

    These are the realities:

    – Most Western multi-billion dollar corporations are evil. They want to make money, and they generally don’t give a shit about consumers. They don’t care if their false images instigate mass mental illnesses.
    – If you are “skinny”, or even what Western popular culture considers “attractive”, it does NOT mean you are beautiful. In fact, Western “beauty” is so far from the real thing that it is actually very UGLY. Skinny is ugly!!
    – There are more important things in life than being “skinny”. Don’t limit yourself to an asphyxiating little world of dark thoughts and depression. You are better than that. You deserve more. You have limitless potential.
    – You will be happier and healthier living a life free of anorexia.

    By all means, being fit and healthy is very important for your health. Here are some tips to help you keep mentally and physically healthy, and most of all to help keep you happy:

    – Exercise frequently BUT IN MODERATION.
    – Maintain a MODERATE weight (according to your height and age) that keeps you energetic and strong so that your mind is alert and you feel good about yourself.
    – Keep your MIND active. Learn! Strive to be intelligent and, more importantly, WISE.
    – Maintain a good relationship with your family and those who love you.
    – Associate with people who make you feel good about yourself.

    If you hate yourself and your body, seek help NOW. You must learn to love yourself. You must learn that real beauty comes from the soul.

  107. India Says:

    I am actually sad I have to write this.

    I am an anorexic – at 5’8″ I have weighed 105lbs or less most of my life by severely restricting food. A former model (and not the skanky kind – I modeled NY fashion week every year, 3 shows or more, for 7 years), the notion that I could not control my weight in spite of dieting since 8 yrs old was unfathomable.

    Recently, I developed a thyroid problem that made my weight nearly double. Living as a life long technically “anorexic” (since the age of 12, and now 36 – supposedly always underweight at best, to anorexic at worst), it is the most incredible hell you can imagine. And to make matters worse, they can’t fix it since the particular problem I have is defying standard treatment. So I consume 500 or less calories a day and burn more than 600, but have only managed to lose 15lbs. My husband is so disgusted by my appearance and low self-esteem, he turned to an online relationship. My daughter says she is embarrassed by me and wishes she had her skinny mommy back. These are my problems, and I am not inviting comment, only emphasizing the isolation related to an unsatisfactory body image.

    For those of us who live a life of compulsion, the thought of living without control is maddening. As much as I would like to believe that if you love yourself, the world will love you, the reality is that assertion is an utter and complete lie. So for those of you who sit and judge the plight of others, please remember that it is incredibly easy to observe and critique from a safe distance.

    Don’t choose this kind of forum to express your “disgust” – this is not the place. As much as you seem to think that diet and exercise are the answer, it is not true for everyone all the time. There are biological things we can’t control (and not in the way “big boned” or other medical euphemisms would imply) and there is a need for help and support from those who can empathize as opposed to criticize. If you are here to pass judgment: leave. Do you really think that your anonymous criticism is going to help anyone? Sanctimonious comments with Upper Caps for EMPHASIS are the tools of the uneducated seeking for affirmation that their position is just and valid. If you are here, you already question that or you are one of the many struggling with an ED or you are an unmitigated bigot.

    At the end of the day, as people, we strive for perfection. Some of us seek it physically and others in different fashions. Neither is better nor more indicative of personal strength or integrity. Rather than sit in ignorant judgment, try and understand the perspective of others. You may one day find yourself in my position, desperate to lose weight and for biological reasons, unable to do so. And it is an incredibly lonely feeling that only some can share in a forum like this.

    For those of you struggling to resolve the paradox between “healthy living” and socially acceptable anorexia, know that there are others out here who understand the compulsion, empathize with the desolation and hope every day to find peace with who and what they are. We may not have the answers, but we are here to listen and appreciate the power of your voice. Frankly, F the rest of them.

    And for the others – those here to pontificate and judge – find some other venue for your unwanted criticism (seriously? Beauty in the soul? When was the last time your soul’s beauty was part of a resume? I am proficient in Maya 9.0 and have a beautiful soul” – you can’t be that naive or stupid or you would still be figuring out the on switch on your arcane computer). This is a safe place and you are not wanted.

    Help is always needed in these situations and I, too, get professional help. That doesn’t mean that support from others in the form of blogs, threads or emails don’t have a significant impact in my day-to-day routine. Please don’t make this any harder on people than it already is. It isn’t worth your time or theirs.

  108. pangie Says:

    Those who shun not eating are usually fat themselves.

  109. heather Says:

    hi yah i’m new to all of this and i have been reading all the comments left by everyone. i am 10 and half stone and i would love to lose some weight. i don’t know how to go about it, but i wouldn’t like to become anorexic as i don’t think i could do that to myself. i am the biggest out of all my friends and i just don’t like that feeling of being the biggest. i would love to find some way to lose some weight, so if you can help me that would be great. thanks.

  110. gem Says:

    tbh your all a bunch of hypocrytz!! (to the one’s who wanna be like 6st!). i’m 16 years old, and i weigh 14’0 and my height is 5’4, how the f* do you think i feel, this is what fat is? i’m not obese though which i’m happy not to be! And then there’s thin girls like yourself who are 8 stone and want to weigh 3 stone less and then there’s obese people who weigh like 20 stone, and really need to lose weight otherwise they could be dead!
    Your just all stupid and too lazy to exercise, you want the easy way out, i eat 2 meals a day (Cereal and my cooked food at about 5pm), and i exercise run and walk every single day of the week, oh and now i’ve also taken up Yoga and love doing it and i also go on the bike for around 30 mins. So yeh i’m trying to get there and 10 stone would be my ideal weight.

    Right now i have got down to 13’12, and i’m not wishing to have an eating disorder, i’m doing it with exercise and eating the right foods. it’s no good starving yourself as you start to eat again you be fat, and then
    that’ll make you more sorry if i’m being biased but you know you all need to get a life (the girls who wanna be 6 st) do you honestly think it would make you pretty to have bones showing? no men will want you, only the lame ones who will shag and forget about u, oh and then brag to the other men what your like. keep it up, your gonna have a brilliant lives!

  111. Olivia Says:

    gem: im sorry but i dont think the way you are putting your opinion is very helpful towards people, just personaly i think its rather hurtful..

  112. Gem Says:

    Olivia: yeah well it’s just reality, and i’m sorry if it’s hurtful… but i’m just saying it as it is..

    i don’t hold nothing against people who are already anorexic, it’s not their fault and the girls who are on here should be an inspiration to stop other people from wanting to be anorexic.

  113. Christina Says:

    Hi all.

    My name is Christina and I am 21. I am a hardcore anorexia nervosa girl. I’m no joke and I have the TRUE psychological f-d up mind of an anorexia person. I suffered from 15 years of trauma and constantly being called fat. I’ve had an eating disorder my whole life. I was at a normal weight until I realized I was constantly in trauma from being abused every day by two guys. I started to binge and only binge when my weight kept going up and up my maximum was at 270 pounds; I was obese. I went to many doctors who discouraged me that I wouldnt be able to lose weight and I had one doctor tell me “Face it your fat.” I felt completely out of control until I said f-k it and I started going to the gym I was so obsessed with exercising I was losing a pound a day going to the gym. It wasn’t that I exercised for hours it was that I did high intensity cardio which is extremely hard to do. I took a weight loss tea and only ate less than a half a bowl of cereal plus I took an amphetamine pill prescribed by a doctor who was trying to help me lose weight…I never thought I would take it as far as I did. When I started going to the gym I wanted to get to a weight that was healthy. So I went from 270 pounds to 130 pounds in only 10 months. I lost 50 pounds in two months from exercising and I kept exercizing and then I became an exercise bulimic where I started to purge so that kinda slowed down the weight loss process. Anyway, when I reached 130 I juggled with bulimia for a while I went back up to 135 until anorexia hit me. I stopped eating and took fat loss pills at the same time. I JUST drank water and I STARVED there wasn’t any eating really. I went 15 days at a time just drinking water and on day 16 I would binge but then I’d get rid of it with a laxative. Then I went another 15 days without eating and my weight just dropped and this only took a month and a half. I was 70 pounds eventually and my organs almost failed. I went to a treatment clinic where I gained up to 150 pounds. I was so pissed off when I got home that I started bingeing then binge purge and this stupid vicious cycle and gained another 10 pounds so I’m 160 and now I’m not eating again.

    So yeah if you want to have an eating disorder your whole life and waste your life on this f-g suffering then by all means go for it. Have fun and good luck.

    It’s hard for people to “become” anorexic without having the anorexia nervosa mind. If I were you don’t get rapped up in it.

  114. Double J Says:

    Anorexia is the cheap way out of being ‘overweight’ and the easy way into hospital. Myself have never suffered from an eating disorder as I’ve been taught NOT to do this destructive sh-t in school. So I can’t say ‘I’ve been through this horribly shit ordeal and came back a more enlightened individual’.

    There’s a girl in my school, in my classes, I know her … she was a real bubbly girl. Going by UK/AUS weight/height ratio, she was probably 164cm and 70-74kg. 26 on the BMI scale, so she was overweight by a point. Sometime near the beginning of the year, she stated she was ‘going to the gym’. She got slimmer and slimmer but one of my friends pointed out, ‘Oh I reckon she’s an ano’. No evidence or s-t, but whatever. Then the girl put up pics on her FB and her collar bone was sticking out. Then when we get back to school, she’s about 45kg.

    Fourty five farking kilograms and she’s only 164 centimetres tall. BMI? 17. She has become depressed and repressed, and absolutely everyone in school looks at her in shame and disgust. She was plump before, and to be frank — it suited her more than this veiled carcass look she is now. Now she’s being hospitalised for chest pains, passing out and gall or kidney stones. She’s only a teenager, just like you guys. While she’s trying to eat now, if she did nothing, she’d be in the hospital, hooked up to machines with needles passing in and out of her body.

    Anorexia and bulimia are farking diseases and it’s not sad, it’s ridiculous that some of you teenagers don’t understand of what a downward spiral it can become. Control your diet, exercise. Just enjoy life, don’t do this shit because you are overweight, by large or by little.

    Fark, even bypass surgeries and liposuction – if you have the money – is a better way out of being chubby than this sh-t.

  115. bunny Says:

    You girls are crazy. I cannot think of any other reason. I am a 48 year old mom, who had(and I quote HAD) a sister who was really sick with anorexia. She was no bigger than a pencil, but she did not see herself that way. Either she just avoided situation involving food, or she would eat the equivalent of a bird, then go run ten miles to get it off. No one could help her, and my mother caused eating disorders in both of us, but I got lucky and got over it and became more accepting, but she never did. At first, she just started getting dangerously thin and we talked about it but there was no convincing her she actually needed to GAIN weight. Then her hair started falling out and she had beautiful hair too. Then her bones became weak and she was always breaking something, then she stopped having periods and couldn’t get pregnant. She would go into treatment too but always found a way to get around the doctors, then one day–she just died. In her sleep, and the doctors said she had done so much damage to her body over the years that even if she had recovered and started eating right again, it would have probably been too late. She was a “Karen Carpenter” story and I really wish we all could have made her believe she was never fat to begin with, but there was no hope. You girls who want to be like her will live a short unfulfilled life, like she did. She was a sad anorexic all of her life who finally died at age 29. Do you really want that kind of life? I didn’t–so I pulled out early in life and tho I am not model skinny, I am pretty normal in my weight and have 2 beautiful sons and a very loving husband who will never know my sister. You are too young to decide these things and if you were active in school with normal friends you would know this and probably be of normal weight and not be obsessing about it. Your just kids—I was too once and so was she, I got over our overbearing perfectionist mother, but she couldn’t. Look what it got her. NO WHERE. DEAD. NO LIFE. NO KIDS. NOTHING, so please girls, don’t do it, or your life will be short. When she got older and realized she was sick she wanted to get better, but it was just too late.

  116. Mia Says:

    I’m 14 years old and have suffered from either anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or EdNos since I was 7 and it is hellish. I will probably never have children, will probably never be out of therapy and find it really hard to make friends with people and when I do I can’t go out because a surprising amount of social situations revolve around food.

    I’ve caused so much grief with my friends and family, because they have to see me suffer every single day with this sh!t.

    Anorexia Nervosa is not truly about a desire to be thin. It’s about a fear of losing control, a need to be perfect, a way to distract yourself from the stress, chaos and sadness of reality that just results in more daily heartache. Anorexia Nervosa is a mental disorder, just like depression, schizophrenia and OCD. Just can’t just develop it, and you’re crazy to want to! 1 in 5 suffers will die young and many never recover.

  117. Meme Says:

    Hey, well where to begin. I guess i could say a couple months back i was classified as anorexic. My friends freaked out as my parents! But i don’t blame them i mean i got pretty thin and yeah i took its toll on me. I was always tired and didn’t have the energy to do anything. I’m back to normal now but the worst part is that my parents keep such a close eye on me and my eating now. To lose there trust was probably the biggest mistake i could have made. Yet scary as it sounds I’ve only been back to normal for about 2 months and i feel so fat. Yes i know I’m not but I’m just so tempted to go back to what i was dong to myself. I really really struggle to stop myself from skipping meals etc. PLEASE HELP!!

  118. Madison Says:

    Look. Everyone, you need to be happy with yourself. Whether your skinny or fat. It doesnt matter!!! I understand it may be hard. But try and focus on school, religion, family, work, and friends. Your life should not revolve around what to eat and when to eat it. Thats no way to live. Just eat healthy and work out an hour a so a day or three times a week.

  119. Sandi Says:

    I am currently a counseling graduate student studying the DSM-IV, and anorexia/bulimia is an actual illness. You must get help, or it is likely that you will not live to see high school or college. I am so sad for all the young girls trying to conform to unrealistic ADULT perceptions of beauty. I was a chubby “ugly duckling” in my school-age years, but once I turned twenty I blossomed into a BEAUTIFUL young woman. You all will too, I promise you. Please give your body the nourishment it requires to grow into that beautiful young woman. The wait is SO WORTH IT! You have the rest of your life to be beautiful, so stick out this short awkward stage. Be yourself now, and trust that once you grow into your womanhood (with age and maturity and confidence), realize that the insecurities you feel now will have passed. You will have broken out of the cocoon of insecurity and teen angst and become transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Please love yourself, be kind to your body, and look toward a bright and happy future. You are worthy of nourishment, both in mind, body, and spirit. Please seek out help if you need it. Anorexia and bulimia are NOT fad diets, these are illnesses that will kill you if left untreated.

  120. jennifer Says:

    Anyone want to let me in on what a stone is? Where i come from, a stone is a rock. Not the size of a person.

  121. Red Says:

    This is sad that all these young girls want to be anorexic to be skinny. I do believe a family member is one but i cannot control her because she is absolutely stubborn. Probably the most stubborn person in the whole world. I feel bad because she can’t enjoy food like we do. Yes, she does eat but she has a horribly low self-esteem and sadly enough she’s only a freshmen. I started to notice this when her 7th grade year was over. Her parents don’t or will not accept that she might be an anorexic. On the other hand basically my whole family thinks she is an anorexic. They took her to a therapist once and her mother and her believed the couselor was an anorexic herself. So that was the last time they went. Isn’t that ridiculous? who were they to judge her? She really was a full-blown anorexic the summer after she graduated 8th grade. She ate very little and exercised CONSTANTLY. It was so irritating. I tried to tell her she had a problem and she ignored me for the rest of that summer. She’s doing better than she used to be but I still think she isn’t better yet. She couldn’t eat and she was socially withdrawaled that whole time. She didn’t have any friends that whole time. She pushed them all away. Do you ladies and gents really want to live that? You guys are completely ridiculous. LOVE YOURSELVES!
    Please. You only have one life. Don’t screw it up because you can’t accept your unique body. Everybody is ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE. The world would be a very boring place if we were all skinny. And Ladies that are young: guys will still love you even if your bigger. Trust me.. It’s no big deal. And ladies you have your whole lives ahead of you to find a boy. So just take it slow! Dieting and eating disorders seem like such a fad now but it’s killing these people. It’s so sad.

  122. Tiffany Says:

    I’ve read almost every comment here, and i’m really saddened to see that most teenagers are willing to become anorexic. This is not a healthy way of life, and i know what i’m talking about. I’m 16 (i know it’s really young), and i’ve been anorexic for almost 2 years now. Do you think that spending all your time worrying about calories, not eating for a few days, and abusing laxatives is something that make people happy? It’s a horrible thing. I wish i’d never had started doing it. So please, whoever you are, EAT AND ENJOY LIFE. If you want to lose extra weight, go to a nutritionist, and stop starving yourself.

  123. Megan Says:

    Oh my gosh! Are you guys insane!? I’m anorexic and would give anything (i mean that) to beat it its horrible you may think it will make you thin but you will NEVER see it like that I know I’m 2 stone underweight but I still see myself as fat! All that will happen is you’ll end up counting everything that goes in to you. you’ll hate eating end up in hospital. Anorexia has ruined my family life my little bros become depressed over me nearly dieing of not eating! Luckly I am eating now but still losing weight and blacking out but I cant bring myself to eat more and I’m so scared its gonna kill me. Please I’m warning you this is wrong it will only make you miserable if you can avoid it do because I would give anything to make this last year and a half go away so i could be normal again.

  124. Stormie Says:

    Just because someone has an eating disorder, doesn’t make them “disgusting” or anything like that. This proves how hard the world can be, and you wonder WHY girls get eating disorders. Insensitivity is “disgusting”. Instead of throwing compliments or negative remarks down their throats, help them. You make me sick.

  125. blue mist Says:

    hey i’m 15 years old. Right now I weigh 163lbs and i am 5,8”. I see myself in the mirror and see a fat horrible person. I think to myself what if i was at least 20 lbs liter? i started a apple diet on Monday and today i gave up and ate a sandwich and a little later a 0.5 of peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the other half is saved for tomorrow but maybe i wont even eat it. Maybe i’ll just eat sliced apples. Anyways, right now i really wish i had a megan fox body or a victoria secret model’s body. I’ve tried dieting and exercising. I personally think it’s my mom’s fault. i’m starting to go on diets and stuff cuz of her little stupid remarks and comments she says about me being fat. I never cared about the way i looked until she started comparing me to other people and stuff. Now i really just want to lose lots of weight. Yesterday this guy in PE called me fat! it was horrible! i’m so jealous of my friend cuz she is sooo skinny and pretty and just ugh perfect i hate it. I look at myself and look at her and wish i was her, it is sad. I joined a soccer team for a while that didn’t work out so well either, I’m going to drink ice cold water in da mornings for now on and nothing else. I begin tomorrow cuz today it doesn’t really count since i ate a whole bunch already i think I’ll eat the other half of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich right now. Okay, i have a plan to see if this really works, i weigh 163 lbs right now in a month i’m gonna weigh myself again and see for any changes.

  126. naomi.src Says:

    you know, i’m getting sick and tired of people saying “there is no perfect body weight, there are no perfect women out there.” that’s just ridiculous. i have friends who do in fact have what i would consider pretty perfect bodies, and guess what? none of them weigh more than 130 pounds. none of them are larger than a size 4-6. none of them have large hips. none of them have broad shoulders. none of them have huge behinds.

    so rather than just telling girls like me who are big that we’re stupid for wanting to be skinny and beautiful because there’s “no such thing,” maybe you should be telling us the truth: dieting’s great, if you get all your vitamins and proteins. exercise is good for you. being healthy usually does mean that you’re going to lose weight.

    i’m half mexican, but i’m 5’10”. so i’ve got huge hips, big boobs, and a huge butt. from my other genetic half, i inherited broad shoulders and thick legs. i’ve exercised and dieted in the past, and could still never get any smaller than a size sixteen because of my hips. just because i look at someone smaller than i and become envious, doesn’t mean i’m sick in the head and i’m stupid for wanting the better body that they have. so stop ranting and raving about how wanting to be smaller is some kind of an illness. no, i don’t want to be anorexic. but it would sure be heaven if somehow i could have a quick-fix method of getting to look like some of my hot friends. and i shouldn’t be ashamed to admit that all-too-human trait of envy.

  127. charlotte Says:

    being anorexic is no fun i nearly died of it don’t do it.

  128. frida Says:

    I’m just ordinary i guess. I’ve lived my whole life hidden behind the crowd. I don’t want that, I want to be in front of the crowd, on stage. I’m sick of being a nobody. I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve had a lot of boys liked me, but my self esteem is so so low, so i just think they like me because they want to sleep with me and then run the hell out of my life. I never believe my friends if they say that i look good. I have a really bad self esteem basically. So my entire life I’ve felt fat and ugly. Thinking that life will go faster if i just go along with it, go along with being pushed around and hit at. I don’t know when it started, this obsession with being thin and pretty. I started wearing make up in 4th grade (I was 10) and now I feel so so so fat. I weigh 103 lbs and i’m 5″2 , so really fat. I’m embaressed to be in public. So i’ve started to eat less. I have just lost 3 kilos, like 6.6 pounds. And my goal is to lose about 20 more pounds and no one, nobody can stop me from being thin, pretty.

  129. kaitlin Says:

    I personally think that this is absolutely ridiculous. The question how to become anorexic is ridiculous on its own. Anorexia Is not something that someone should want to go through. I have been dealing with it for five years now. Anorexia is a disease, it can serioisly harm your body and is potentially life threatening. People that want to know how to become anorexic are extremely naive. It Is not only a physical problem, but it is mental as well. It is something that gets basically drilled into your mind sometimes to the point where if you even look at food, you feel fat. I wish I wasn’t anorexic, granted I’m still not not happy with my size, but anorexia, is destroying my body, especially since I and have been anorexic since I was eleven. Those of you that are wishing to become anorexic, need to open your eyes and realize how many people there are that are anorexic and or have overcome it and see that they wish to be.

  130. Kelsey Says:

    Girls, Girls, Girls. What can I say? Let me tell you how it is to be anorexic. I was anorexic for 2 months yea i did lose a lot of weight but it wasn’t good in my case. I ended up in the hospital with IV’s stuck in me because I was very unhealthy. I had to make 3 dentist visits to fix my teeth that were screwed up severley due to the acid. I was weak and tired everyday until my 4 night stay at the hospital. Then after all of that I had to attend therapy for over a year. That life is not fun at all. I lost all my friends due to my mental disorder (anorexia), girls the best way to lose weight and keep it off is drink a lot of water, make healthy food desicions, and do crunches and walk or run after each meal. That’s all it takes. You will look flat and healthy. I understand we all as girls want that perfect body. Let me just tell you though, those girls you see on tv and magazines have touch ups done each time to make them look perfect before putting them on tv and other things.

  131. Cheesey Says:

    Okay seriously. 3 stone? Sorry but that’s absolutely ridiculous my little nephew is 3 stone and he’s 2 years old! Why would you want to be anorexic, it ain’t attractive, and also you basically killing your self. Ive went through it, I tell you you want to be a healthy weight. Sorry but I had to comment because this is just ridiculous

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