Jillian Michaels: Diet, Weight Loss, and Workout

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Continued from Jillian Michaels: Personal Trainer. Jillian Michaels is one of my personal favorites in the fitness community.

No, not because I agree with everything she says about dieting and weight loss. I do not share some of her views on how to stay in shape and lose weight, but I love her personality and professionalism.

Despite our disagreements, I believe this girl knows how to whip you into shape and what it takes to stay in shape.

Here is a very interesting interview with her, in which she answers questions about diet, weight loss, and other things related to being fit and healthy.

What’s the best way to safely lose weight…when you have a week or so to do it? Cut calories to 1,200 (absolute minimum). Cut salt, processed foods and drink LOTS and LOTS of water.

What’s the best exercise to lose belly fat? Your body is genetically predisposed as to where it holds fat. In my professional experience, there is no way to target fat loss to a specific body area. You must lose fat overall via diet and exercise…PERIOD. When you get lean enough, those ab muscles will ripple – I promise!

Is there any way to battle cellulite? The best thing for cellulite is antioxidants for collagen production, water for toxin flushing and resistance training so the fat lies differently on the muscle.

What do you think about Pilates and yoga? I think it’s great for skinny people wanting to develop flexibility and core strength. Those forms of exercise, in my opinion, don’t elevate heart rate much so they are not ideal tools for fat loss.

What’s the number one diet and weight-loss issue you hear from women the most? “I don’t have the time!” BULL #$&%! Find the time. Your health is the foundation your entire life sits on. I bet you found the time to watch “Deal Or No Deal.” You can find 30 minutes to train.

How can a woman stay inspired to lose weight? I tell my girls to write down all the reasons they want to lose weight in the first place. Then whenever they get discouraged, go back and look at your list. Weigh out your priorities…do you want a doughnut or do you want to look smoking for your high school reunion?

Do you want to see your grandchildren graduate from high school? Have sex with the lights on? You name it. Just remind yourself of the life you want and the life you deserve and let that motivate you toward health and wellness.

Any diet tricks you can share? COUNT CALORIES! There is no way around this. The one universal rule is that weight loss is an energy equation. You must burn more calories then you are taking in. Also, high-intensity training…this is key to fast, effective and lasting results.

There’s a lot of buzz around the personalized vitamin program that you’ve endorsed; what’s it all about? Vitamins and minerals are essential for all bodily functions. With regard to weight loss specifically, they regulate the metabolism, assist in forming the bone and tissue and help convert fat and carbohydrates to energy. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to diet and nutrition. We are all as individual on the inside as we are on the outside.

For this reason, we should all have vitamins that are customized to our unique genetic makeup and lifestyle choices. Bioceutica is the future of nutrition. The days of fad diets are over. Mass customization is where it’s at. The future of this science is called nutrigenomics – specifically referring to how food and nutrients communicate with your unique genetics.

Before you start your exercise program or diet, everyone needs to take “personalized vitamins” – they make everything work better! They work wonders for me. You will be amazed how you feel and function when you take these vitamins.

What can we expect to see on this season’s “The Biggest Loser” every Tuesday night on NBC? You can expect to see a slaughter. The Barbie and Ken hour is getting a shake-up!


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