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Continued from Ellen DeGeneres’ Diet.

Ellen DeGeneres‘ diet plan – exemplary or a fad? Ellen DeGeneres’ diet plan sounds like a diet fad. Why? Because she is a strict vegan. Ellen DeGeneres’ diet plan has not always been so strict and out of the nutritional mainstream. She used to eat steak, burgers, dairy and junk food. Now she does not eat any of that stuff, but it sounds like she went from one extreme to another.

Ellen DeGeneres’ diet plan is confusing. She says she has become a vegan because she wanted to have energy. On the other hand, she recently went on what she calls a “sugar fast” (a.k.a. sugar detox) because she needed to boost her energy levels. Right, so if being a vegan has not improved her energy levels thus far – and that was the reason why she did it in the first place – seems to me a vegan diet has failed to produce desired results for her at this point.

I do not know about you, but I find it hardly surprising that Ellen DeGeneres’ diet plan seems to suck big time at boosting energy levels. She does not eat animal proteins (arguably one of the most nutritious things you can eat on this planet) – she also does not consume dairy or even eggs. What does she eat? A lot of sugar, apparently. I mean, she used to consume a lot of simple carbohydrates and empty calories, but now she is doing this sugar detox, so I am assuming that vegan cookies, cakes and candies are off her menu.

Still, even without sugar, Ellen DeGeneres’ diet plan is limited to vegetables, fruits, beans, rice and other high carbohydrate foods. Vegetables and fruits are great, of course, and there is nothing wrong with eating beans and rice, but not all vegetables and fruits are created equal. Even if one is very careful and makes an effort to eat only high-fiber vegetables and high-fiber berries, there is a reason why nutritionists talk about moderation and balance.

Any way you look at it, a vegan diet is too high in carbohydrates and low in healthy fats and proteins. It also lacks diversity and if that is not bad enough, it cuts out entire food groups (full of important nutrients) for no good reason, which is obviously counterproductive for someone whose goal is to maintain a healthy weight range, be in a good overall health and top shape.

The bottom line on Ellen DeGeneres’ diet plan Ellen seems to be in denial. Despite the fact that her vegan diet has sent her on a wild sugar ride, she insists that the diet is not a fad and is in fact helping her feel better. That having been said, she is 52 and looks great, which in my mind could mean only two things: She either has above average genes and her diet choices do not really matter, or her real diet is not completely steak-free, if you know what I mean. [source: Shape]


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