Best Sources of Protein: High Protein Foods

Protein SourcesI receive many questions from people asking me about different brands and varieties of protein powders. A good protein powder (which is not easy to find) could be a valuable addition to any diet, but the best protein comes from good ol’ meat and fish.

Carbohydrate management remains a popular topic amongst athletes and people struggling with weight issues. However, the main point of attention seems to be on the amount and composition of carbohydrates in a given diet plan, while the protein is mostly mentioned in passing.

Are all carbohydrates created equal? No, they are not. Is all protein created equal? With a few exceptions, the quality of ingredients in protein powders varies a lot, which is why it could be a challenge to find a good protein powder.

In order to get enough protein it is a good idea to eat some animal food at almost every meal. The problem is that eating too many fatty meats can erase any benefits that you receive from protein.

The key here is to choose lean sources of meat. Of course, you have to eat fruits and vegetables as well, because they provide numerous health benefits. But there is one other reason to get your carbs from fruits and vegetables – “rabbit starvation”.

“Rabbit starvation” is a form of protein toxicity that occurs when your liver cannot eliminate the nitrogen caused by too much protein in your system. To prevent this condition, your body needs either carbohydrates or dietary fat.

When it comes to commercially available meat products, it is best to purchase those that are grass-fed. They contain a good balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fats. I believe that one of the aspects of a successful diet is a variety of food choices.

Nobody can follow a diet on a skinless chicken breast and broccoli. Therefore, it is a good idea to know just how much protein contains in meat and seafood, so that you can broaden your list of acceptable protein sources.

For example, skinless chicken breast is often mentioned as a great source of protein. While it is a good source of protein, it contains 63% of protein and 37% of fat, which puts it way down the list when compared to other food sources. Let’s take a look at some numbers.

The Worst Sources of Protein (% Protein – % Fat)

Hot dog 14-83, Bologna 15-81, Pork sausage 22-77, Bacon 21-78, Salami 23-75, Beef ribs 26-74, Pork ribs 27-73, Eggs 34-62, Chicken thing 36-63, Ham lunch meat 39-54, Pork Shoulder 45-55. [source: USDA sr18]

The Best Sources of Protein (% Protein – % Fat)

Skinless turkey breast 94-5, Shrimp 90-10, Orange roughy 90-10, Pollock 90-10, Lobster 89-5, Red snapper 87-13, Dungeness crab 86-10, Buffalo 84-16, Venison 81-19, Halibut 80-20, Clams 73-12, Lean pork tenderloin 72-28, Veal 68-32, Chicken liver 65-32, Lean beef flank steak 62-38, Salmon 62-38. [source: USDA sr18]

This is not a complete list, but if you are looking to get the most protein out of common food sources, it should give you a pretty good idea of where things stand when it comes to protein.

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6 Responses to “Best Sources of Protein: High Protein Foods”

  1. BRI Says:

    Don’t tomatoes & tree nuts give more protein then meats?

  2. iFit& Says:

    The short answer is no, not even close. Tomatoes, for example, contain a minuscule amount of protein (100 grams edible portion contains 0.88 grams of protein). The same amount of beef contains 29 grams of protein.

  3. zero Says:

    Peanut butter is it a good source of protein? What do you recommend for soar muscles?

  4. Duke Says:

    No peanut butter is pretty fattening, although it has an okay amount of protein. For sour muscles u should increase your protein and vitamin C intake and get good rest to allow your muscles to repair.

  5. Ronny Says:

    Just because something is high in fat, it doesn’t mean it’s not a good source of protein. Natural peanut butter is actually very healthy because it contains healthy fats as well as protein. Also, why on Earth do you put eggs on the worst list? Eggs are some of the best animal foods there are. You are way, way too prejudiced against fats.

  6. Philwaukee Says:

    Okay so i just told my friend WHO THINKS SHE KNOWS Everything. I just told her that i quit eating red meat. Her response was, well it’s not red after you cook it. AND SHE WAS DEAD SERIOUS! OMG.

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