A Growing Trend Amongst College Students

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As the awareness of the ill effects of constantly eating meat increases, there is an accompanying understanding of the decision to switch to veganism. As expected, several arguments against veganism have arisen, but the question remains — are these arguments valid?

You Think Meat is Unhealthy? Switch to Veggies!

Among college students, especially those who profess to wake, the trend of switching to veganism has increasingly grown, and it seems this is only the beginning. If you are unfamiliar with the word, veganism is the term used to describe refusal from animal products of any kind in the diet. Even though several arguments against veganism, including the one about a human body not being able to function well enough without animal protein, the trend of veganism has continued to grow.

Some institutions thought that this relatively new veganism dieting would be a trend only and then disappear since there are many arguments against vegetarianism that continue to abound. However, there seems to be no end in sight, as more and more college students set up counter-arguments against animal cruelty, encouraging veganism.

The reasoning of veganism on the harmful effects of meat in the diet has been going on for centuries. It is a more rampant controversy now with increasing the number of cases linked to coronary artery diseases today. This could also be a reason why people are shifting towards veganism and choosing more plant-based diets as opposed to animal-based food.

Arguments Against Veganism

Based on veganism statistics, during the last 3 years, there has been an increase of about 600% with people who have chosen stick to veganism despite the several arguments against veganism. More and more people seem to join this number every day, most of them, college students. Over the years, a lot of ethical arguments against veganism have also risen with the discussion that cutting out meat from our menu completely does not automatically result in a healthier life.

Regardless of this fact, there are several reasons why people go vegan:

1.    Allergies

Yes, as bizarre as that may sound, some people are allergic to taking meat, so they are forced to choose veganism for medical purposes. Such people are the reason why arguments against veganism have not had a good enough basis. Some people find that they get so many rashes and skin lesions when they take in meat and meat-based diets. There are also diseases and disorders like lactose intolerance that force students to embrace veganism amidst the arguments.

2.    Healthier Lifestyle

This is another motive why people scratch meat completely from their menu. Research has shown that red meat, which is also seen to be a good source of iron, is also linked to several coronary artery diseases. This is one of the best reasons to go vegan. When the pros and cons are considered, it seems that too much meat in the diet tends to cause more harm than good. The argument for veganism is likely to win.

3.    Animal Cruelty Arguments

For college students, one of the main reasons why people choose veganism is because of animal cruelty. Having seen the brutal way that animals are slaughtered for their meat, discussions have been raised about animal rights and why people should eat them.

4.    Weight Loss

It has been scientifically proven against all disputes that the vegan keto diet is excellent for weight management. This is one of the established veganism facts. People who are intense weight watchers or those who may have obesity-related diseases in their genetic code may opt to stay away from animal food entirely and follow the plant-based keto diet with the best MCT oil for ketosis.

Veganism, Good or Bad: The Argument Continues

While people may be thinking that this has gone too far, it is an irrefutable fact that veganism is several times healthier than being a meat-eater. The argument states that adopting a completely vegan lifestyle offers the opportunity to maintain a healthier weight, a better life, and you get to protest against animal cruelty too.

The social media frenzy has also played a significant role in making this diet choice a trend, shutting down old arguments. One good example is Veganuary, which is a trend encouraging people to go vegan during the entire month of January. Some people liked the feel and continued. Since the onset of the tendency, fewer animals are slaughtered. However, would there also be disputes against plant destruction and green leaf consumption? It is highly possible, yet not yet. Therefore, it could be said that the reason for veganism has definitely won this time around.

Thinking of why you should be vegetarian? There are several answers to your choice. All you need to do is surf the Internet and begin your veganism journey to a healthier lifestyle! Share your thoughts with us below!


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A Growing Trend Amongst College Students

As the awareness of the ill effects of constantly eating meat increases, there is an accompanying understanding of the decision to switch to veganism....

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