The Weight-Loss Tools

The Weight-Loss Tools

Stairclimbers and fancy diet are not the only things that can help you lose weight and stay fit. The following countertop appliances maximize flavor and minimize calories. Best of all: You probably already own a few (if not, they are easily picked up at kitchenware stores). Here is why you should plug them in today.

George Foreman Grill You need it because it is cheap and simple to use. Just stick a boneless, skinless chicken breast, fish steak or lean burger on the grill and shut the clamshell-like top, and in minutes you will have a low-cal meal. The grill is slanted so fat drains out during cooking, and because both sides cook at once, it works twice as fast as an outdoor grill.

The latest version – called the Super Champ – comes in eye-catching colors and includes a bun warmer (whole-wheat, please). Bonus: Because it is small, it also helps with portion control – no supersizing allowed!

Oster In2itive Food Processor You need it because this 500-watt powerhouse puts your mom’s dusty dinosaur to shame, and it is undoubtedly one of the most versatile machines for healthful cooking. In just seconds, it transforms cooked vegetables into smooth pureed soups and whisks ordinary broths into creamy sauces.

It also whips up low-fat dressings and smoothies in a flash. The In2itive’s blades turn both ways, eliminating jamming, and the twenty-first-century design makes it look like a second cousin to your iPod. Plus, it comes preprogrammed with 40 healthy recipes (including baby food, cake batter and, yes, smoothies).

Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus You need it because it cuts the tedious chore of chopping fresh vegetables down to size. Do not think of it as an appliance; think of it as your own personal sous-chef.

The Prep 11 Plus has a variable-speed motor for different tasks and is particularly well suited for mixing tough-to-handle whole-wheat pizza dough. My only beef: It is not cheap – but neither is a personal sous-chef.

Champion Juicer You need it because drinking vegetable juices (with added fiber) is an easy, low-calorie way to load up on vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. No fruit juices allowed! Carrot juice, for example, has more than twice the calcium and iron and a whopping 50 times the vitamin A of orange juice for about 15 percent fewer calories.

Juices also make delicious salad dressings (try celery juice in your vinaigrette), or you can use them in place of broth to cook super-flavorful couscous, rice or risotto. Save the leftover pulp to make vegetable stock. [via]

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