Calorie Shifting Diet

Calorie Shifting DietWhat is calorie shifting? The idea behind calorie shifting is fairly simple. Let’s say you consume 2000 calories on your current diet. If you have been consistently following your 2000-calorie diet, your body is expecting to receive approximately 2000 calories every day.

But what if you are still not losing enough weight or your weight loss has stagnated? That is where calorie shifting comes in. Calorie shifting is designed to confuse your metabolism by up-shifting and or down-shifting into different calorie ranges, which may help your body burn more calories.

Does a calorie shifting diet work? Yes, it does work, but there is one important caveat. Calorie shifting is not going to work if your current diet is poor. You need to find a good diet, which you can follow consistently for at least three months.

Calorie-shifting is a tool which is designed to give a good diet an edge. If you do not eat a healthy breakfast, skip meals, snack on junk food, do not know how many calories you eat a day, and think that you can get six-pack abs by doing 500 crunches a day, a calorie shifting diet is not for you.

How does a calorie shifting diet work? While calorie shifting diets come in many flavors, I am not going to describe them all. My goal here is to give you a formula that you can apply to any diet of your choice, which enables you to create your own calorie shifting diet.

1. Establish a baseline. You need to consistently follow your diet for at least one month, which lures your body into expecting a steady stream of, say, 2000 calories a day.

2. Up-shift by 300 calories. Two times a week for the first week only, add 300 calories to your diet. On Monday and Thursday eat 2300 calories.

3. Down-shift by 500 calories. Two times a week for the second week only, subtract 500 calories from your diet. On Tuesday and Friday eat 1500 calories.

4. Up-shift by 400 calories. Two times a week for the third week only, add 400 calories to your diet. On Wednesday and Saturday consume 2400 calories.

5. Down-shift by 500 calories. Two times a week for the fourth week only, subtract 500 calories from your diet. On Thursday and Sunday consume 1500 calories.

Your body is smart and can quickly become accustomed to consistent patterns. The idea here is to keep your metabolism constantly guessing, which prevents your body from quickly adopting to a certain number of calories it expects to receive, which in turn, helps keep your metabolism efficient.

Once you have successfully executed the calorie shifting diet plan I have described, you need to go back to your regular diet for at least two weeks and only then you can try the calorie shifting plan again.

The recap: Follow your diet for at least one month and consume a consistent number of calories every day. Then, do the calorie shifting plan for four weeks. Then, follow your regular diet again for at least two weeks. And only then, try the calorie shifting diet plan again for another four weeks.

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31 Responses to “Calorie Shifting Diet”

  1. shad edwards Says:

    Thankyou for a simple and strait forward explanation without charging 20 bucks. The only things I was finding were either “Calorie shifting is a scam, don’t try it.” or advertisements disguised as explanations.

  2. Luvy Says:

    Wow this really cleared my confusion on “calorie shifting” up. Thanks!!

  3. Deesterdee Says:

    Are there certain types of foods and eatting at certain times of the day that make the calorie shifting diet more effective?

    I was reading on the diet for idots site that it was important to eat foods that can be metabolised quickly so that your metabolism burns through what you ate and then starts working on stored fat to complete the number of calories it expects to burn each day.


  4. danielle Says:

    thank you so much it was made so simple

  5. meranda jayne Says:

    haha i clicked on a thing that would only explain this to me for $19 or something
    thanks, i understand what this is now
    ive been doing this for a while, i guess, but its 2468 (200 cals, 400 cals, 600 cals, 800 cal) and i do that on a rotating cycle mixed with fasting days and 1000 days.
    yes, calorie shifting does work.

  6. Candace Says:

    Thank you so much for explaning this. I went to numerous websites that wanted to charge and I wasn’t sure this was a plan I could follow. Seems to me it could work if you eat the right foods. I can not wait to try this. I have hit a plateau and need to do something to shake up my plan.

  7. Alina Says:

    yeah, this other diet website charged like 39 dollars for this ( it said one could lose 9 lbs in 11 days). your explanation, however, clearly says this diet needs to be worked on for months! I say anyone who’s good at math can do it themself. Thanks for explanation, and the example too.

  8. Becca Says:

    This is so awsome! Me and my aunt are looking for a good diet to follow and this seems like it would work and be good diet plan for us.

  9. momtothreegirls Says:

    Over the past year I lost about 50 pounds I will be trying the calorie sifting to try to take off the last 25 pounds I started at 200 I now weigh 150 I trying to get between 125- 130 I am currently a size 12 I am also 5’4.5 feet tall I would like to be a size 8. I think to be a size 8 I would have to weigh 130

  10. rose Says:

    this is sumthing i hv been trying to do for past 2 months ..but i was never sure how to do it the rite way …thanx a ton …but can u please tell me how many pounds can i lose in a month by doing this!!!

  11. mercedes Says:

    thank you so much for explaining this diet at last! ive been trying to do calorie shifting for about a month now but wasn’t sure if i was doing it right! turns out i wasn’t. thanks for making this info short and sweet.

  12. Steve OOoo Says:

    Please answer me this. Who has the time to accurately count your calories? Really!! Just change your eating habits; such as, don’t eat too many empty calories at night, such as bread, rice, pasta (popcorn) etc.. Eat more meals a day. The traditional diet was set up to have 5 meals a day – 3 main and 2 snacks (snacks are fruits, nuts, and yogurt etc… not chips and candy) this type of “Back in the day” traditional meals were much smaller and very well balanced. With 5 smaller balanced main meals (don’t ever eat until you are stuffed, eat to where you’re comfortable), around 2000 calories (depending on your weight) and less carbs at night. I guarantee you’ll lose weight and if you throw in a push-up or two your head will actually explode.

    Finally, throw your scale away (at least hide it for the first couple months). Numbers can discourage you. In the beginning you might be eating less and working out but the numbers on your scale remain the same. Why? Muscle is dense and weighs more than fat, so you could be losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. Let your jeans, shirts and mirror (and your special someone’s hands) tell the real story.

    PS: Take the stairs when you can and walk at every opportunity. When the 2000 calorie a-day balanced diet was created there wasn’t the internet or 500 channels to choose from – hell, I don’t even have to walk to the phone anymore or turn up the TV.

  13. Nancy Says:

    I agree with Steve Ooo and others. It is a good explanation but be realistic people. It is simple. Drop 250 calories from your diet and burn 250 a day. You will lose weight or clothes feel better – whatever you are going for!
    I just started back to my walking weights regime. Although I haven’t had dramatic results (11 in 9) I certainly feel better and it keeps me motivated to stop snacking at night…
    Take care all.

  14. Marie Says:

    I appreciate the simple explanation about calorie shifting, but I am sceptical about how long I’d actually sustain the effort of counting calories and keeping diary of what I ate two days ago etc etc. Overall, I think avoiding empty calories and sports is a more sustainable option for me. Perhaps I’ll throw in a couple of treat days and a couple of extra effort days to trick my body. I have ten kilos to lose. We’ll see if that works.

  15. Kaila Says:

    So this plan posted above is throughout a month, right?

  16. Brittany Says:

    I like the sound of this diet, mostly because they dont tell you that you are magically going to lose 20 pounds a day. keep it up.

  17. Jing Shan Says:

    Hi, for the baseline calorie count for a month will i gain weight if I usually consume about 1200 to 1500 calories a day, so if i increase to 1700 for a month everyday plus my usual exercise. Wont i gain weight first?

  18. Molly Says:

    I’ve done the calorie shifting diet years ago and in about 3 months lost 40 pounds…along with walking up to 5 miles a day and doing an hour long tae-bo tape once a day. Drinking lots of water too, some days up to a gallon. It really does work wonders…even on days I wasn’t walking or working out the weight seemed to melt off.

  19. Jennifer Says:

    I’ve never been on a calorie shifting diet before i always ended up quitting but this one sounds good i will give it a shot. Any tips on what foods i should eat?

  20. Maddy Says:

    Okay, the calorie shifting diet worked wonders for me. I was totally stuck unable to lose weight and decided to try the calorie shifting diet. In about a week, maybe a bit longer, the pounds started to come off. I think it does what it is supposed to do, it seems to confuse the body, which is perfect if you are unable to lose weight. I do not know, maybe I just got lucky or something, but I think the calorie shifting works.

  21. CARLY Says:

    hi i used to help people lose weight they would get to 6 weeks of the same diet and then everything stopped the body needs this calorie shifting to keep it unstable so it continues to lose weight ur body wants to stabilise that is what its designed to do so u have to trick it to make it lose more weight …. i havent tried this yet but believe it would work

  22. the rose Says:

    losing weight is easy guys, it’s keeping it off. whatever you do to keep it off make sure you can sustain it for a lifetime. do the calorie shifting but find out how many calories your body requires at the weight you want to be, and if you are sedentary (lazy), workout, etc. Budget that in too and start there, if you want to be say 110 lbs, then you need 1400 cals if you are lazy a day to lose weight and get there, if you are going to exercise to get there and know you are not going to keep it up then eat 1400 no more and call it a day if you are caloring shifting then go let’s say 2000 cals Sunday, 1000 cals Monday, 1300 cals Tuesday, 1400 Wednesday, 1200 cals Thursday, 1400 cals Friday, 1500 cals Saturday that should total 9800 calories for the week, it depend on what you want to weigh. just add up your total cals for the week and go from there, my family eats much more on Sunday so I work my eating around them so I don’t blow it. good luck

  23. Hope Harvick Says:

    Okay, I’m a teenage girl who NEEDS to shed close to about fifty pounds over summer. My athletics coach and friends all pointed me towards this new diet called Calorie Shifting. I’ve tried all sorts of diets along with running half a mile to a mile each day. This calorie shifting thing sounds fun and easy to manage. Throw together a salad for lunch, a special K bar for breakfast and a grilled chicken breasts for supper. I eat about 2000 calories a day, so this was a VERY spot on system. I’ve got 2 weeks till summer vacation and i started my calorie shifting today, wish me luck!

  24. lynn Says:

    Well, I’ve weighed 150 forever, so it’s safe to say I take in 1,800 per day. With that said I may as well start soon after planning my meals ahead of time. Wish me luck. And good luck to all of you!

  25. Taylor Says:

    Let me tell you losing weight is not easy as everyone who says it is must be tiny to start with. I have been trying to lose weight for months now. I run daily usually an hour each day, it makes me feel good but never seems to show results. I am glad i have finally found a diet plan that is healthy natural and easy. I just have to stay organized, that’s the only problem.

  26. Adam Says:

    Thank you for this sample diet for calorie shifting. I’ve changed from fat loss factor to fat burning furnace. I think this will be a great help

  27. Linnie Says:

    This sounds easy but i don’t know how to count calories. I need to lose about 40 pounds before the holidays and it’s like 1 month away. Help

  28. Neely Says:

    For those who think counting calories is unrealistic, it’s not. There are tons of calorie counters online. If you can read this article, you can get online for probably a grand total of 15 minutes a day to log your food. I am the most unmotivated person I know – this is my fourth attempt at eating better in three months – and I still managed to lose 22 lbs three years ago by counting calories and logging them into an online diary. My favorite is FitDay. You can put in your weight and it will track it for you on a graph, which is helpful for visual learners like me. You can input weight goals and exercise, too. The Internet has made the technical aspect of dieting easier!

  29. Renee Says:

    Calorie Shifting does work and I will try your way too. Thank you for sharing. There is a website however that many of you people are talking about, but apparently didn’t read too much into, because it is worth it and has tons of info. I was skeptical at first too, but the website actually makes up the plan for you and it is for 11 days, and after the 11 days you can change up the foods in the diet and it generates another menu plan for you, so you don’t have to do the work in figuring out the calories. AND it does work because I lost 7 pounds by following the diet and I only ended up doing it for 9 days, since Easter ended up being in the middle of my 11 days.

  30. Sally Says:

    When you’re changing fat to muscle, you’ll lose inches instead of weight first, because muscle is more DENSE that fat, therefore, takes up less space. A pound of fat and a pound of muscle both weigh a pound, one (muscle) just takes up less space, which makes you smaller.

    It just bugs me when I hear that muscles weighs more than fat. A pound is a pound is a pound.

  31. Sally Says:

    I shouldn’t have said changing fat to muscle, I mean gaining muscle mass and SHRINKING fat cells. You never really lose any fat cells they just shrink. BUT, if you gain more weight than you previously were, you can actually make more fat cells. You’ll never lose those again, they will just shrink. So think shrink fat, bulk up muscles.

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