How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight LossLoose skin after weight loss and dieting?

Don’t fret – the Oxygen magazine answers your burning questions about the post-weight-lose loose skin, including what you can do about it.

Anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight knows that the weight loss itself is only half the battle.

Long after the weight melts away, the extra skin has a way of sticking around.

What causes the skin to sag after a significant weight loss?

“There is an inherent elasticity in everyone’s skin, but once you get to a certain size, the elasticity decreases,” explains Jason Spector, M.D., assistant professor of plastic surgery at Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

The tissue expands and your body literally makes more skin by producing more skin cells. And those annoying stretch marks? “They are the artifacts of the breakdown of the normal architecture of skin,” Spector says.

Plan of Action: Keep your skin moisturized with inexpensive lotion and water.

What are the biggest factors that determine my skin’s elasticity?

“The two biggest factors that determine skin elasticity are age and genetics,” Spector says. And, unfortunately, both are out of our control. How quickly you’ve gained the weight, as well as how quickly you’ve lost it, may also be a factor.

Losing weight over a longer period of time may give you more of a fighting chance. However, Spector says, there are no credible studies that show what a person can do to head off the excess skin as they’re losing weight.

Plan of Action: Slower weight loss – one to two pounds a week – can help with your skin’s elasticity.

Can my diet help me to lose some of the extra skin?

Yes, in small ways. “Your intake of food and fluids before, during, and after losing weight is a factor for your skin,” says Harry Pino, Ph.D., director of exercise physiology at the Obesity Consult Center of Tufts-New England Medical Center.

First, Pino advocates maintaining a lower fat diet and eating lean proteins to help minimize the extra skin, even after you’ve lost the weight. Second, hydration is crucial. That means drinking plenty of water [64 ounces or eight cups per day].

Also, when someone exercises vigorously, they lose electrolytes (like sodium and potassium! through sweat; water alone can’t replace this, which is why Pino recommends using sports drinks with electrolytes.

Pino also recommends that his patients eat lots of water-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. “A well-hydrated body helps your muscles to respond better to strength training,” he says.

“Staying properly hydrated is also terrific for skin health in general,” says Jonathan Ross, owner of Aion Fitness outside Washington, D.C. and the American Council on Exercise’s personal trainer of the year.

Plan of Action: Carry a water bottle around with you all day.

What about my fitness routine? Are there specific exercises I can do to tone up my skin?

“It isn’t that you’re toning up the skin itself,” says Cedric Bryant, Ph.D., chief science officer for the American Council on Exercise. “But by adding muscle, you can form a tight layer under the skin.” That can improve how the skin looks, and take away some of the sag effect.

Basically, the best course of action is to preserve your muscles while losing fat, Pino says. That’s especially important for people who have followed strict calorie restriction plans because they may have lost muscle right along with the fat.

You have to build the muscle back up again. “Endurance exercise will burn fat, but you also need to add strength training,” he says, noting that the skin of patients who do both tends to react better.

Plan of Action: Work with both dumbbells and resistance-training machines. Emphasize higher reps with lower weights.

Can all this extra skin be healthy?

“It’s far better to have extra skin than the alternative – extra weight. Sagging skin puts much less stress on your heart and metabolic system than fat,” Bryant says.

There are times, however, when the skin can become yeasty and infected, which is uncomfortable and a medical problem. Ross actually worked with a woman who went from 380 to 155 pounds, which left her with a layer of skin around her waist and back that kept getting infected.

Her insurance actually paid for her to have surgery to remove the skin (which is actually rare, Ross says).

Plan of Action: Keep an eye on changes to your skin and if you have any concerns at all, consult your doctor.

Surgery seems extreme. At what point is that an option?

Certainly, if you have infection problems, surgery – often called “body contouring” – can be necessary. But other than that, it’s a personal decision.

Spector sees patients seeking surgery every day, most often for the extra skin around the midsection, where a scar can easily be hidden in the bikini line.

He’s also performed surgeries to remove excess skin in arms and thighs (it’s much harder to hide these scars], and to fill in and lift deflated breasts. He always recommends that a person wait at least six months after losing weight to ensure that they are at a stable weight.

Recovery time for the surgery varies, but usually patients go home from the hospital in a few days and take a few weeks off from work.

Surgery is the only solution that gets rid of the skin for good, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. After all, it involves general anesthesia, suturing, recovery time, and scarring.

It’s often expensive and most patients have to pay out of pocket. “It’s not an easy path, but it can be rewarding,” Spector says.

Plan of Action: Be your best research tool. Find out all you can,

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48 Responses to “How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I have lost 124 lbs and i feel like a sexy candle that got left on a hot stove…my legs arms and stomach literally look like they are melting due to excess skin I’m only 22 is there a form of exercise that i can do to tighten the skin or no.

  2. Ashley Says:

    WOW!!! 124 lbs is ALOT!! Congrats! Man, I wish I could do that. Um, I think the only option that will give you really dramatic results, unfortunately, is surgery :( … If I were you, though, I’d go to a personal trainer or a doctor and ask what you can do to tighten and tone the underlying muscles without adding bulk. It’s unlikely you will get the end results you are looking for but I’m sure it will help in the long run. If you take very good care of your skin right now and really work on it, you will probably have much better results if you do decide to have surgery later on. But, yeah, I’d definitely be doing some weight training (lighter weights, more reps) and drinking LOTS of water. Also take your vitamins. Good ones to help with skin elasticity are A, B (complex), C, E, K, and Coenzyme Q 10 (CoQ 10). I wish you luck in your endeavor!

  3. Victor Says:

    I’m only in my midteens, and i lost 60 pounds last year. I exercise a lot, and eat lots of protein and very few fats. I have incredible abs, like an 8 pack, but under my excess skin. my skin isn’t flappy to the point that it folds over or anything, but it does make me look fat, if not fatter than i am, and gives my stomach barely any definition. Are there any options to tighten up my skin so i can get that definition?

  4. Steph Says:

    Same here, Victor. I lost 70 and also have the same problem and have been working so hard. I have great abs but with all the skin, you can’t even see it. I’ve been working so hard, my child is now 6 months old. It feel great to be fit, but God. Can anyone help me out with an answer?

  5. Shirley Says:

    Hello. I am a mother of 4 teenagers and I am 36. I went from being over 300 to being 200 in over a year. I lost a lot but I was trying to go slow. I lost it all so fast. I eat a well balanced diet, take vitamins everyday, and drink a lot of water. I have extra skin that is really starting to be a problem. I dance every night for toning and cardio. I exercise a lot in the water for resistance. But, I still can not lose the extra skin. I basically need to rebuild my body to make it look better after all these years of destroying it with the weight gain. Can anyone offer suggestions? Thanks for your time.

  6. Tracy Says:

    I have lost 104 pounds since June 2008 – Non Surgically – which means I have had to work my butt off and I exercise 3-5 days a week, and pilates 2 days a week. I was 300 pounds for about 10-12 years and now my chest is horrible and I have so much loose skin it is hard to enjoy the weight loss when i can’t wear clothes that really fit because of the muffin top. I have always had large boobs, but now without a bra I am flat at my chest and they hang to my belly button. What can I do? Plastic Surgery would fix it, but I can’t afford that.

  7. Louisa Says:

    I’m 34 and I lost 2.5 stone after having my son in about 2 months, so I was actually thinner after than before! Although I’m not swinging as I walk, my skin seemed to look as if it was being pulled down, even looking closely at it it seemed almost dehydrated, I tried certain exercises, and aerobics but it seemed to just make me lose more weight, and not much difference to my skin tone. However, my mother had this incredibly twee and corny exercise tape from the 80’s called callenetics, and after doing it every day for the last 2 months the change is quite miraculous! The exercises are incredibly dull and the tape is sooo boring, but it worked wonders for me.

  8. joey Says:

    Does anyone have any idea how much the surgery costs to remove the excess skin in the midsection?

  9. Taylor Says:

    Hello, My name is Taylor I have lost around 130 lbs in the last year and a half and I feel great. The only thing is that i want that defined stomach area and i just cant do it. I am at 160 lbs and I have the abs it is just the loose skin wont allow them to show. Any suggestions? Oh and there is also alot of skin on my thighs as well.

  10. Jake Says:

    I am 17 years old and ten months ago I weighed 275 pounds and now I weigh 170 pounds. I tried a very healthy diet, I even talked to my doctor about it first and he said it was safe. everyone is amazed with what i did in less than a year that people struggle with all of their life. I have a lot of extra skin. I am at the gym every day for about two hours and it doesnt seem to help. I have very strong abs, i have yet to see anyone do what i can with their abs and i cant see them, i know it takes time but im inpatient.

  11. Jacob Says:

    I have a small problem with excess skin too, I weighed 186 lbs before I went to a trades center in kentucky. I only weigh 130 lbs now and so now I also have the extra skin issue. It’s not a huge ammount and there’s deffinitly room for me to work on my ab’s, but im having trouble finding a good ab excercise. I do crunches a LOT and now the problem is my ab’s wont even hurt the next day anymore. Any advise?

  12. Rony Says:

    I lost around 80 lbs since 2008. My body looks not bad with huge muscles all over. My weight now is 200 lbs but my skin is really soft specially my lower part. Is there any advice i can get to help me reduce the skin floppiness?

  13. Jake Says:

    Hey I’m the same jake from before. Its been almost three months and I’m a little bit better. The exercises I’ve found that work are seated leg raises and incline sit ups, I can actually see the abs coming in! I still may have to consider surgery though because I have a lot of extra skin.

  14. keny Says:

    I have gone from 360 lbs to 190 lbs in a year and a half. My heart aches because I have combined a resistance and cardio excercises alonv with yoga and pilates yet still I suffer from excess skin. I have excess skin. My true physique will never show as a result of the skin issues and I am fustrated. Who would’ve ever know that even with the pounds shed I would be a prisoner not to fat but to sagging skin. I don’t even feel like a 21 y.o man

  15. Marville Says:

    I too have lost over 140 pounds and have kept it off for the last 5 years. I have excess skin around stomach and have been fighting to get rid of it for over a year. I workout 5 days a week and do a 2 mile run daily but the flab is stubborn. I don’t want to use surgery to fix this so i am looking for real results. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you.

  16. Leslie Says:

    I’m a 24 year old woman who has lost around 155lbs. I went from being 301lbs to 146lbs, and from a size 26 to a size 10. I do have a lot of extra skin. It’s disgusting. I do both cardio and weight training. My upper back, shoulders, collar bone, and calves are all very boney and distinctive. The only real problem areas are my lower back, belly, and thighs. I really want to lose the extra skin but I know it won’t happen without surgery. The way I see it is even with the extra skin I am at a BMI of 26 when I was at a BMI at over 50. I’m in the best shape of my life. I have to wear a size Medium and sometimes even a small! As much as the extra skin bothers me, I am so happy and grateful to be at the weight I am now. I’m just afraid that if I continue to lose more weight that I will just end up creating more extra skin.

  17. angelo Says:

    I’m 17 years old and I’ve lost 50 lbs in 3 months. I thought being big is my worst problem but I still have a pretty big problem, my skin in the lower tummy sagging. What can I do to tighten up my skin?

  18. Tiffany Says:

    Hi, I have been pretty thin and fit my whole life. When I became pregnant I had been working out and I stopped after my sixth month. I was maintaing a good weight, but not exercising caused me to gain a total of 40-50 pounds instead of the recommended weight. I have gained a lot of my tone back since then. However, I am still working on my stomach and my chin. I am not the type of person that needs surgery because of my body type. When I exercise I easily gain muscle, and I lose fat. When I lose my excess chin and stomach will I look more or less the same as I used to since I did not gain a hundred or more pounds?

  19. linda Says:

    I really don’t have that much of extra skin. I’m 8 month post pardum and i just recently started exercising. I got this exercises stomach wrap which helps me sweat when I exercise. It has been 4 months now and I notice my extra skin is actually not even there any more. I don’t know if its due to muscle gain or the wrap. I was wearing the wrap for 4 months 16 hours a day straight. I lost 40 pounds. It’s alot cause I’m 4′ 9″ was 170 now 130. I think the wrap kept my skin tight together so when I lost weight it was keeping my skin from sagging cause it was kept in one place to make the skin cells.

  20. Paul Says:

    The only way to lose extra skin after weight loss without surgery is with weight lifting and a strict diet. Building muscle and restricting the amount of carbohydrates and sugars you eat is key. Everyone needs some carbs but not nearly as much as you might think. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle. You may not be as ripped as a body builder but most of it will go to where it’s almost not noticeable.

  21. Alex Says:

    I’m 17, I was fat all my life and topped out at 320 lbs 4 years ago. I have been a football player and athlete for years and have always had a built frame and have over the years dropped to 215. Now I have excellent muscle tone and little fat on my body, but i have the “flap” and love handles around my waist. I even have bleeding in my belly button caused by the stress of the hanging skin. I already excersice heavily and eat very healthy (I’m on the paleo diet) but i just cant seem to drop the flap, any tips?

  22. jim Says:

    I’m 28 and I used to weigh about 270 pounds and I lost about 50 pounds the last 9 months now ive developed excess skin and wrinkles on my forehead. Any (non surgical) suggestions to help get rid of them? Thanks.

  23. chels Says:

    I gained 53 lbs. when I was pregnant with my now 14-month-old son. I lost the baby weight, plus an added 20lbs. or so by the time he was nearly a year old. So basically I was 184lbs. at the end of my pregnancy and am now around 115 lbs. give or take a few pounds. I was very determined to lose the weight because I had always had a somewhat petite body and had gained numerous stretch marks in my belly and thigh regions as a result of weight gain. The stretch marks have faded a bit and I’m pleased with my weight loss overall, but I have a bit of loose skin the places where I stored the most weight (and water retention during pregnancy) my arms, thighs, belly etc. It’s not horribly loose, but it does tend to make me look as if I have belly fat when I exercise and am usually very active even when I am not working out (14-month-old boys are not exactly calm) I can’t seem to figure anything out in order to firm up the skin a bit. I’m not asking for a miracle, but just something that will at least make a difference, so if anyone knows of anything or has been successful with firming their loose skin, please reply. Thank you.

  24. Lisa Says:

    Hi, I am 27 yeas old and a mother of 4, my youngest is just over a month old. I gained 70 lbs. with this pregnancy, actually with all my pregnancies. I am so sad at how my body looks, I feel stretched out and fat, i have stretch marks that go all the way down to my legs. My stretch marks are the least of my worries. Its the hanging fat that i can literally tuck into my pants, my arms are huge and even my legs are bigger than before, I just want to know what I should do to tighten up, what exercises i should be doing?

  25. TiffaniB Says:

    Hi, I am 33 yrs old and I lost 70 lbs. I have 20 more lbs to lose. I am so digusted with all this loose skin around my stomach and arms. I exercise everyday but it just won’t snap back. The stretch marks don’t bother me it is all this flab. I need a breast lift so that is my first step. But I want to have children so I can’t get a tummy tuck. What can I do for all this extra loose skin and flab?

  26. Desperate Says:

    I’m 5’7″, and 120 pounds. i feel great and i eat well. however, after having my second son in april, the skin on my belly looks even worse than after my first. i’m the only one of my mommy friends who has gained 70+ pounds in both my pregnancies, and am aware that the cause of the extra skin is probably such a rapid increase and decrease in weight. people often think i am exaggerating when i talk about my “baby belly”, and are shocked when they see the evidence. everyone always tells me how good i look after having babies, but they don’t know what’s underneath. surgery isn’t an option for me. i am so extremely unsatisfied with my midsection right now, and desperate for any other way to tighten my skin.

  27. Michele Says:

    I went from 280 pounds to 165 in just over a year. I worked with a personal trainer and changed my diet completely. Everyone was amazed at what I did. I am with Tracy. I worked my butt off (literally) and still am. I have 15 pounds to get to my goal. I love my new size – going from a size 20 blue jean to a 6! But it is hard to enjoy it with all the loose skin I have. My chest is a joke. When I lay down they go flat and if I don’t have bra on they sag right down. We won’t even mention the spare tire I have around my waist. I can’t believe I squeeze that mess into a size 6. It is very depressing. I can’t afford the surgery and even if it were covered, there is only one doctor in my city that could do it, and I have heard horror stories about him, so to have it I would have to go away. I have been told that even if the surgery is covered, if I choose to go away my travel and other expenses would not be covered. My personal trainer doesn’t think I should have the surgery, he tells me to keep working it will come, but I don’t know. Does anyone know how much the surgery would actually cost?

  28. zoe Says:

    I too have lost weight (60 pounds from January to Sept)) and now I’m at 128 pounds. Though I’d like to lose a bit more (to 115 or so) I have been “stuck” and it’s driving me crazy! I do plenty of walking, exercise 5-6 times a week (as I’m able due to arthritis of the spine), am constantly stretching, eating the right foods, and of course drink plenty of water. So my first question is. WHY am I stuck at this weight? I am 56 years old and 5’3″. Also, have made a good amount of progress with tightening my core and finally skin and I FEEL better than when I was 40. My second question is that I have NOT made any progress with the flab under my arms; this is what makes me nuts! My shoulders have reappeared and am getting some nice definition BUT the flab under my arms as well as sides where my bra goes around will NOT go away! HELP!

  29. Ali Says:

    I am currently 19 years old and have lost roughly 20 lbs in the last 4 months. I plan on losing even more weight, but I am concerned about how much excess skin I will have afterwards. I am about 185lbs and have stretch marks on my thighs, hips, inner arms, and breasts. My skin is generally tight, and has not quite lost its elasticity. Should I be overly concerned with lose skin, or not consider it as a huge factor considering my age?

  30. Ikram Says:

    There is a way to tighten your loose skin but age and genetics do play a role in the matter as the experts say. Not all is lost, in your diets include calcium and copper2, increase your protein in take cut down on carbs. This will leave you weak in a sense but don’t worry all it means you am doing it right. This is not a over night program i could take up to a year depending on the amount of excess skin there is. Keep well hydrated exercise regularly 4-5 time a week plenty cardio not just running on the tread mill shock your muscles by alternating between running,rowing,stairmaster,cross trainer and swimming but not all on the same day and every week alternate the days you do these exercises e.g one monday do running the other monday do rowing. Shocking your muscles is the best form of excercise because the body will never now what hit it. Best excercises are leg raises, body twist, reverse ab crunches and the most dredful jack knives. Remember take your time as the saying goes Rome was not built in a day. Do not eat any carbs before bed, protein is better, better a slow releasing protein i.e boiled egg white only not the yolk and do not drink any fluids atleast one hour before bed. SURGERY IS NEVER THE ANSWER SO FORGET ABOUT IT AND HIT THE GYM. Hope this helps and remember never give up you am in control.

  31. Eli Says:

    I lost 115 pounds in about 9 months. I’m 16 years old and i have excess ski around my stomach and i need to tone it. I can’t take this flabbiness i will do as much excecise needed to lose it. Any workouts?

  32. Helen Says:

    Hi. I lost about 60 pounds in 6 months. I cut out all sugar and carbs for the first three months. Then I introduced whole grain carbs and limited the amount to about 30 grams a day. I went from 210 pounds and now I am 149. I’m 31 years old and 5′ 3 1/2″ tall and I struggled with my weight for the last 13 years. I went to the gym for 18 months and only lost 20 pounds. I haven’t done any exercise to lose this weight, it just fell off. I eat alot of protein, vegetables and some fruit. I’m loving my new self more and I’m just a happier person. Find what works for you and stick with it. Don’t give up, just when you think you can’t, you CAN.

  33. Brandon Says:

    I went my whole life being fat then when I was 19 I went from 240 to 165. I’m 6’1″ and my stomach is all loose skin. I lost a lot of muscle mass which didn’t help but there is such an excess of skin that it actually make me look kind of fat. A friend told me cocoa butter lotion helps but is there anything else? I feel like If I keep doing crunches like this with no results I’m going to loose my mind. Any suggestions?

  34. Brittani Says:

    I am 22 years old and a year ago I weighed 430 pounds. I now weigh 267 for a total of weight loss of 163 lbs in a year. Surgery wasnt an option for me was in the process to have it twice and it scared me too much. I switched my diet to a low fat diet and lost 80lbs with just changing my diet. I started going to the gym and got down to 270. Then I hit a plateau for 6 months. I tried everything to get off that weight. Finally I found the answer and im starting to lose weight again. I have gotten pretty lucky with the loose skin issue. Although its still an issue for me I had thought it was going to be a whole lot worse than it is. Drink a lot of water helps by flushing the toxins from our bodies and allowing the skin to keep the elasticity in the skin. Also if you exfoiliate your skin twice a week it helps. This helps by shedding off the first layer of skin called the epidermis allowing the under layers of skin to be fresh and tone as you work out. The epidermis sheds and take about 35 days to replace itself. So therefore, if you are helping it shed the quicker the new skin can form. One more hint I can give you on toning skin is to either get a massage or massage yourself in the areas you want toned. This sounds funny but the logic behind it is that massage done right helps with circulation helping the blood flow better to areas of the body. With better circulation the skin gets more flow and more air to breathe keeping the skin toned and in place. Also its very important to keep your skin moistuized with vitamins and minerals useful to the skin. This is what I have to share and looking for more input from others. Many brains are better than one trying to solve the mystery of loose skin.

  35. Ann M Says:

    Hi I am55 and diabetic I have struggled to lose weight I finally have lost 60 llbs by portion control and being more selective on healthy foods I also struggle now with my loose skin I just started exercising hopefully that will help

  36. Philip Says:

    Im glad Im not alone on the excessive weight loss. Since June 2011 Ive lost 130 lbs. From 491 down to around 360. As a former college football player weightlifting and conditioning was always a core routine within my regimen. And after finally shaking the “powerlifting, I want to be big” mentality I started a strict diet regimen and continued my weigh training. The one stubborn side effect is like mentioned, the loose skin. On top of the healthy diet and large amount of fruits, veggies and quality lean meats. I have seen the elasticity tighten. Im still dealing with it in the mid section, but it still is quite recent, and I know given more time it will eventually return to my new size. But for those out there who feel like its hopeless; it will tighten back up, be patient. I am 27 so I know age does play a factor. Ive also used skin firming creams, Im using Jergens right now, and have switched between store brand, and I think Aveeno. All seem to work the same. But as someone who wasnt a fan of using lotion, it has definitely helped. Lastly I know there are many weightlifting philosophies as to what is effective out there. The one that has worked for me as far as core and solitary movements is going heavier with the weights. Ive never been a fan of training abs, but since I started training them and gradually working up to a heavier set I have seen the midsection tighten even moreso. To those on here who have lost the vast amount of weight, I feel you, congrats and keep at it! Its hard work, and it will ultimately pay off.

  37. Cheryl C Says:

    There is an easy way to prevent loose skin. When you start losing weight, apply a body lotion all over your body everyday – this will help your skin be more elastic which will help it ‘shrink’ at a reasonable rate while you lose fat. This should do the trick. It is the same with pregnacies. Apply a body lotion on your belly from when you start getting bigger and the skin will bounce back when the baby is born more easily. As always, drinking lots of water will also help.

  38. Mario Says:

    I lost 36Kgs when i was 17 in six months with no exercise. I’m 21 and still have some extra skin. What can i do???

  39. Katie Says:

    I lost 80 pounds in 2005 . I was 19 years old at the time determined not to be that fat girl anymore . I worked out every single day for 2 hours for a whole year . I have kept the weight off since and yeah I feel great except when it comes to showing of my arms , legs and belly because of all the loose skin . When ppl see me they can’t believe I ever used to be 200 pounds because I’m a small girl now . All that hard work I just wish I could wear a bathing suit or didn’t need to wear a push up bra to make my breast look normal I’m only 25 .

  40. Michael Says:

    Looks like we are all in it together. I have gone from 426lbs to 235lbs in the last two years and I have the same issues. Mainly around my chest and waist. I am currently looking into having surgery. Anyone recommend and good Doc around the Houston area?

  41. Shanti Says:

    To help the skin after weight loss, try taking MSM powder. It has helped many people in the raw food world to get the weight off and help the skin return to normal. Also if you are losing weight, its a good idea to drink coconut water. It is full of natural electrolytes. Also, skin brushing is meant to help. I am on the raw food diet at the moment and i’m loving it. I had a lot of weight to lose, more than half my body weight and so have i’ve lost nearly 7 stone.

  42. Bobbie Says:

    Well.. At least people are in the same boat I am. I few years ago, I lost almost 100 pounds in less than a year. I’m in college now, and while I’ve gained a little weight back (nothing dramatic- just normal for nr working out 3 hours a day, six days a week anymore). I want to be able to wear a bikini so bad, or jeans that fit properly (won’t fall off but won’t pinch skin and make me look like I have some ridiculous muffin top). Im still rather muscular because instill work out, but I feel so terrible because of the loose skin. I still cant wear a lot of the things i want because im so self conscious. It’s almost like punishment for losing weight :/ well… Good luck everyone :)

  43. Christa Says:

    I am 37 yrs and 6 yrs ago lost 146 lbs in 8 months. The amount of excessive skin is BEYOND excessive! I call pull the skin around my waste into a basketball size lump! I wont even get into my arms or legs, ankles. I had to have back surgery right after my loss. The fat girls dream finally after years of struggling with obesity, I was in a size 10! The nightmare had only begun. I feel like a monster. I do not get close to guys because heaven forbid they see me w no clothes. I hve done research and there are only two ways.. fill it up again or chop it off! Best of luck.. Flabby in Florida

  44. Jamie Says:

    I am 35 and a mother of 4. I lost 55 lbs., two years ago and have been trying to shrink the excess skin around my waist on and off for the last year, but faithfully for the last 3 months. I’ve tried everything, but the last workout dvd I bought that I could feel the muscles forming underneath the loose skin, was the brazil butt lift dvd. They have this 20 minute tummy tuck routine, that by the middle of it your abs are burning. And the next day you are so sore, but in a good way. The whole dvd series doesn’t just target your butt, which is great for that area too, but also tones the loose skin you have on the back part of your arms, thighs and anywhere else you need toned. I felt results rather quickly. The key is to stick with it. I could feel everything tightening and muscles forming underneath the access skin around my stomach. I am hoping with enough time it will start to show on the top part of my skin. I’ve always heard that you have to rebuild the muscles underneath first before you see results on the surface. I had a not-so-healthy way of eating for the last 13 years and slowly let the weight creep on. I can’t expect to get the size 7, 125 lb. body I had before in 3 months of faithfully working out. I know it is going to take time like it did to lose the weight and alot of willpower and lots and lots of praying. Hang in there and together we can all get our bodies to a realistic, but satisfying shape. And I say it this way because, I know after 4 kids and a long time of eating badly, my figure will never be the same before kids, but I wouldn’t give them back for anything in the world. However I would have changed the way I ate. For me surgery will never be an option because of all the risks and I’m not willing to take that chance with having children to care for. I just feel like, I got myself into this mess, not I have to get myself out, with support from my family and friends. Also the reward for me is so much better when I set my mind to something and succeed at it. I like to say, that I did it all by myself. And not to mention I won’t have the big doctor bill to pay on. That’s a plus. I hope this was helpful. Sorry if i offended anyone who is considering surgery. It’s just not for me.

  45. Monalisa Says:

    hey, i lost 10 kgs in a year time and now according to the stats , i m still bit overwieght. I generally dont get time to exercise but my schedule and work keeps me exercising. I have flabby skin in a greater amount , arms , belly(down) and mainly thighs. Thighs arent taking their shape at all. I get that much walk , i would have lost, but the loose skin gives a bad impression. what can i do???

  46. Marie Says:

    I, too, had four kids within five years. My youngest is now six. I have faced and dealt with these same issues. It does get better with time. I use Dove toning bodywash. But the best, most reasonable, and healthy solution is using Nivea Skin firming Lotion. It really does work and the results are visibly noticeable within three weeks. Sometimes, tanning can make the stretch marks “blend-in” but I was aloevera afterwards. They will burn more easily than normal skin. But once the tan sets in, they will gradually fade.

  47. Michelle Says:

    I am in my mid teens and I have lost 40lbs in about 6 month. I was 180 and now 140. I had a drastic food change and exercised everyday. Even though I lost the weight fast, I still exercise everyday to try and tighten the loose skin on my stomach. I have done many core strengthening exercises along with cardio, but it seems as though the skin will not go away. I also have visible stretch marks from when I was bigger that have lightened, but is there any way to get rid of them?

  48. Jim Laney Says:

    I went from 270lbs to 165lbs in little time and had lots of skin left over. I did some research and after all the time I put in surgery was an option but not the only one. I started applying Nivea lotion on my belly where there was lots of access skin left, it’s been 3 months now and my access skin is almost gone reminder I still have some left but it’s slowly going away. Idk if this post will help anyone but it sure helped me I have a 2 hour routine exercise I still eat healthy foods and drink lots of water. I’m 23 years of age I hope this helps out anyone looking for other options besides surgery. also I apply the lotion on my access skin 2-3 times a day oh and eat foods rich in protein yes almonds, chicken, beef etc.

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