Easy Weight Loss with BodyBugg

easy weight loss bodybuggEasy weight loss. Something is just inherently wrong with this statement. Everyone knows that when it comes to losing weight, it is anything but easy.

Over the years, some people actually told me that easy weight loss is impossible. Why? Well, because people often associate easy weight loss with fad diets and outrages weight loss claims that are made by some supplement companies.

So why am I talking about easy weight loss? It is indeed true, that easy weight loss is not attainable for everyone. However, in my practice I have met people for whom easy weight loss was not just a dream.

What was their secret? There was no secret – we just paid a little extra attention to good ol’ calories. That is right, regardless of what low-carb gurus might tell you, calories still matter.

And for some people, the right amount of calories is all it takes to turn a dream of easy weight loss into reality. In How to Count Calories, I gave you a basic formula to calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), but I also explained why this formula could be inaccurate.

As I promised in that article, allow me to introduce you to a tool that takes the guesswork out of determining your RMR, or counting calories.

The Bodybugg is a small, unassuming device that you wear on your upper arm. On average, it is accurate to 92 percent. It uses four physiological sensors to determine your RMR (or how many calories you “burn”).

The Bodybugg is integrated with online tracking program. When you connect Bodybugg to your computer, it uploads the data in an easy to understand format. The program also includes other useful features such as food logging, food auto-search, and exercise calculator.

How can you get your hands on Bodybugg? Currently, the company offers two options: You can locate a gym where the Bodybugg is available, or you can opt for “The Bodybugg to You” program.

I know how many calories I “burn”, because I have worked with a number of services that test RMR, as well as people who know their RMR. I can tell you that Bodybugg works great and it is accurate.

Keep this in mind – the Bodybugg is a very useful little gadget, but even if you use it, it is not a free pass to easy weight loss.

It could make a difference, and as I already mentioned, for some people, easy weight loss is in knowing their RMR, but when it comes to overall health or weight loss, a balanced diet and exercise are still the most important factors.

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