How to Lose Weight in 7 Days

How to Lose Weight in 7 DaysHow to lose weight in 7 days the wrong way

1. Find a popular fad diet (the Hollywood Cookie diet, juice fasting or the Grapefruit diet would work in this case) and follow it for a week.

2. Go to the gym every day and try to bench press or deadlift double your body weight. Finish off your workout with 100 abdominal crunches.

3. Drink at least two bottles of Gatorade and start running for 60 minutes every day.

4. Eat no more than three times a day and do not eat after 6 p.m. Do not eat real food, focus on protein bars and pre-packaged foods.

5. Dramatically reduce your calorie intake. If you eat more than 800 calories a day, stand under a cold shower for 10 minutes.

6. Do not eat breakfast. Have two cups of coffee and a low-fat muffin.

7. Smoke half a pack a day and take diet pills.

A note about weight loss programs

While it is certainly true that some people do not need any diet programs to lose weight, it is also true that some people actually need to follow a structured diet and exercise program to lose weight successfully.

The key here is not to fall for misleading promises of easy weight loss, which you have probably seen advertised by many fad diets. The secret to losing weight permanently is a diet which is not restrictive and even more importantly, the one that you feel comfortable with.

If a diet promises that you can quickly lose, say, 30 pounds, and even if it is true, you do not want to follow this diet. Why? Because most diets of this nature are very strict. They do not teach you about proper food choices, which you would be able to use for the rest of your life.

They either tell you to reduce your daily calorie intake to unhealthy levels or severely restrict your food choices, or both. These diets often lead to what is known as yo-yo dieting and sometimes, to serious eating disorders like anorexia.

If you already have a diet program which works for you, that is great, stick with it! If you do not know how to put together a safe and effective weight loss program on your own, or if you are a looking for a quality diet and exercise program that you can follow at your own pace, take a look at the Fat Loss Idiots or Burn The Fat program.

In either of these programs, you will be exposed to a structured weight loss process that does not force you to follow a particular diet and which allows you to set your own pace. But do not expect to lose weight and get in great shape in unreasonable amount of time.

How to lose weight in 7 days the right way

1. Eat a big and healthy breakfast every day. You need calories to jump-start your metabolism after a good night of sleep.

2. Do not count calories. Eat lean protein, fruits and vegetables as much as you want, and stay hydrated.

3. Walk or swim for at least 30 minutes every day. If you have a weight scale at home, hide it and do not weigh yourself for at least two weeks.

4. Spread your daily calories between five small meals and do not allow yourself to be hungry for an extended period. If you feel hungry, eat!

5. Carry healthy snacks with you when you leave your house. When you feel hungry between regular meals, use the snacks.

6. Do not set a weight-loss goal. Instead of thinking, “I need to lose 10 pounds in two weeks,” focus on developing healthy eating habits and being physically active. Go for a hike, dance, ride a bike, play with your kids.

7. Above all, believe in yourself! Thousands of people successfully lose weight every day. It is not a lottery and it ain’t rocket science.

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4 Responses to “How to Lose Weight in 7 Days”

  1. GlamSpirit Says:

    Last night my cutie laughed at me. He said “You eat like a pig, but look like a crane.” It’s because I eat a good healthy breakfast and other healthy food throughout the day. This post is right on…It’s all about lifestyle, not dieting.

  2. lola Says:

    this tips helped me alot

  3. Lakshmi Says:

    This is the right way to learn about having food….there is no need to worry about eating more…
    just have more whenever u feel very hungry at right time and do work …be confident and happy..
    follow this 7 rules regularly this teaches the way to live… thank u.

  4. Paul A Says:

    Everyone doesnt want to caloire count from pure laziness and they think its too time consuming… sure those tips will help you out, but if your are serious about losing weight and want it to work the most effective wat, google search how much calories, protein, carbs and fats your body needs to have in a day which u can do here

    if you adjust your protein and carb intake whilst eating the right foods and exercsing the weight will fall off you, its not rocket science, its just forming and breaking habits.

    Yes some people can get away with not dieting and still seem to stay thin, l am not saying other methods do not work, l am saying that this is the most effective and fastest way to drop body fat.

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