Christine Aguilera Weight Loss

Christine Aguilera Weight Loss

Christine Aguilera’s weight loss is astonishing. Us Weekly claims that Christina lost 40 pounds in 4 months, which means she was losing 10 pounds a month for 4 consecutive months. How did Christina manage to lose so much weight so quickly?

Was she using the skinny juice to drop the weight at such a high rate? I mean, losing 40 pounds in 4 months sounds like a tall tale to me. Was Christina starving herself or something? Well, maybe not. Christine Aguilera’s weight-loss interview with Us Weekly explains how she did it.

Biggest challenge to losing the weight? It’s more mental than anything; food is comforting. Like, when I first got engaged, I gained weight. We call it the “love chub.” When you’re happy and you’re cozy just chillin’ together in bed on a day off, what do you want to do? Cozy up with cozy foods. For me, it’s a baked potato and a steak. And I truly love southern comfort food: fried chicken, macaroni and cheese.

Tell Us about your diet now. I’m not into depriving myself; rather, I limit the bad things that I like. I watch my carbs and starches. It was a huge thing to switch to wheat bread – I love my white bread – but I did it! The toughest thing is not having what you want when you want it. I’m a night owl and a late-night snacker, so it’s hard to not reach for a comforting bag of chips.

And when did you start working out again? As soon as my doctor gave me that six-week green light [standard practice after having a C-section]. I was itching for it! I started out slow, just listening to my body and making sure that I didn’t overdo it.

What did you indulge in? Oh, my God, candy! I had a huge craving for candy toward the end of the pregnancy, from Starbursts to Skittles. I actually took a picture of myself with my big belly in a little lingerie top, surrounded by bowls of the candy I like.

What size are you now? Sizes vary from a 2 to 4. I wore a size 1 to 2 before I was pregnant, but I always stayed extra-small. Even when I was expecting, I had these amazing maternity tights that were extra-small.

Was it difficult to see your shape change while pregnant? I couldn’t help but embrace it. You just want what’s best for your baby. I tried not to get carried away, but I wanted to splurge a little.

You’re back in your jeans! Yes, it’s just a matter of feeling as good in them as I did before. My goal was to get back into a pair I love from Hysteric Glamour. I fit into my size extra-small, but I notice I have different hips than before – though I embrace the new curves, especially above the waist! [via]

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