Alli Diet Pill Approved by FDA

Alli Diet Pill Approved by FDAWhat do you do when a diet pill – which was quickly exposed for its embarrassing and potentially life threatening side effects – does not sell?

Why, you reduce its dosage in half, rename it, and put it back on the shelves.

Oh, and you convince FDA that it can be sold over-the-counter (OTC), without a prescription. Impossible? Enter the fat-blocking weight-loss pill Orlistat – a.k.a. Xenical – which FDA just approved to be sold OTC.

Orlistat, which was renamed as Alli, is the first FDA approved nonprescription diet pill, which does not work without a reduced-calorie diet and exercise.

How much weight can you expect to lose on Alli?

If you do not mind the side effects – uncontrollable flatulence, anal leakage, and what appears to be an increased risk of colon cancer (I am not kidding) – “an additional two to three pounds” to what you would normally lose using a good diet and exercise alone.

The director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group already called the approval “the height of stupidity” “the height of recklessness.” Who can argue with that?

So what does it all mean? It means you have two options.

Option one: There are literally hundreds of ways you can lose weight safely and effectively without the Alli weight loss pill or any other diet pills. The best way to lose weight is to find a diet that is not overly restrictive in your food choices and the one you are comfortable with.

If you do not know which diet to follow, have a look at this program or Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program.

These programs are not some preposterous fad diets that promise unrealistic results. They do not force you into a specific diet and they do not prescribe strenuous exercises, rather, they are designed to be followed at your own pace.

Option two: Forget option one and try Alli weight loss pill.

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58 Responses to “Alli Diet Pill Approved by FDA”

  1. dePriest Says:

    What’s really sad about this is that people are so desperate to lose a couple of pounds they’ll spend a fortune on this stuff. People will be doubling and tripling (or more) the dose hoping to lose even more, and someone’s going to get seriously hurt if not killed. The FDA has really been blowing it the past few years, and this is yet another example of the agency’s incompetence.

  2. Theresa Behuniak Says:

    Thanks for being honest to the consumer. All the money I have spent on diet pills I didn’t want to believe it was true and I’m glad I didn’t fall for it AGAIN

  3. Nesha Smith Says:

    So, FDA can we really trust what you stand for? Apparently not! Your label is useless to me now.. FDA approved…. bologna!! For anyone who is interested in this, be a smart consumer and just buy some prune juice and drink it daily! I promise you you will be healthier and you can actually EXPECT to use to bathroom without the risk of colon cancer!

  4. Kat Says:

    I just heard about this stuff today in a news article that says it is just flying off the shelves.



    * the embarassing side effects (you can only take so much of bringing an extra pair of pants to work)

    * patching the problem and then ballooning up again once you lose the weight

    * colon cancer risk

    * not being able to go off the drug when you want to take a vacation (who wants to have the above embarassing side effects on vacation?) because you will gain it back.

    * Not learning how to eat right and exercise enough because you are relying on a pill to do it for you (of course this con would exist for any diet pill)


    *1lb of weight loss a month….thats it

    Um…no. While the FDA wastes time rejecting Meroxyl and other drugs and giving no reason….they approve stuff like this????


  5. lena stupit Says:

    I was taking this alli, and I only took it for 10 days, well I just got back from the hospital, I have diverticulitis,it is an inffection in the wall of the colonand very painful,please stop taking this pill

  6. Steph Says:

    wow thank you for this info, I was all set to buy it.

  7. Lori Says:

    You guys are all wrong. I love this diet pill! I have been trying to loose the extra pounds with exercies and diet already. I was already at the gym an hour a day eating very healthy and the pounds just woundn’t drop. This pill has helped me! I have been on it 3 weeks and I have lost 6 pounds! Do you shave your legs or tweeze your eyebrows, or in other words, cause yourself pain for beauty. The side effects of this pill are equal to anything else we do to our body for beauty and to feel beautiful. I love this pill and will continue to use it!

  8. Charlie Says:

    Good grief, don’t freak out. I am not the epitome of health, but I work out in the gym more days of the week than not, and maintain a very low-fat diet. I have some weaknesses, but mostly I’m doing well. Lots of fiber. Fibersure in the morning and fruits and vegetables. I’ve been taking Alli for a month. Some side effects are a slight bloated feeling, but no where near the “treatment effects” everyone is howling about. Of course, I don’t consume Whoppers or Big Macs. Once in six months maybe. I’ve lost an additional couple of pounds and will continue to take Alli. I attended a pot luck the other day and ate ribs and cheese and full fat pasta salad. No “Treatment effect”. However the portions were just normal, figure about 25 grams of fat. Which for me is a lot. This was a test, sort of. Not a problem. I think if just manage to stay away from high-fat foods, you’ll do okay. Maybe not, that’s just me.

  9. tracey Says:

    My husband and I have been taking it for about a month…he is in the hospital now with diverticulitis…

  10. jennifer Says:

    I have been taking alli for about 3 months and lost about 25 lbs. I’m a karate instructor and recently had 2 kids. This gave me the boost i needed to get back in shape. I eat healthy and go to the gym 2 a week. I walk everyday about a mile at a brec center. This teaches you to eat healthy after you quit the pill and the weight still is coming off. I will start back when i feel the need. I don’t have to have it but it does help burn the fat FASTER. I never had any of those side affects either. Eat healthy like it says and you won’t have any problems its people who think they can take it and don’t change anything in there lifestyle and expect the weight to come off and that is so WRONG

  11. Deidre Says:

    I took Alli for about 2-3 weeks and always had painful stomach cramps. I am seeing a surgeon this week for recurring bouts of Diverticulitis after 2 trips to the ER and was wondering if it was cause by this drug…now I see I am not the only one!!

  12. donna Says:

    I took Alli for about 3 weeks when I had a stomach attack, felt week and hot ,passed out. After haveing a MRI it was confirmed that I had a stroke. I am now trying to see if the stroke was caused from these Alli. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much

  13. sebastian Says:

    Diverticulitis does not come from this pill or any other medication..Please stop spreading nonsense

  14. Sonya Says:

    I was wondering if anyone had information relating to being diagnosed with Bell’s palsy while taking Alli? I have been taking Alli for about two weeks with no other changes in my life other than the low fat diet and the Alli. Today I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy and my physician told me to stop taking Alli immediately.

  15. Ruth Nelson RN Says:

    The concept behind the drug is to block fat from calories that are ingested. The side effects are diarrhea and oily stools which yes, can lead to accidents. Its an option not a requirement to try it. The dose that is being recommended is by the FDA is considered safe, yes there may be people who double and triple the dose and have life threatening consequences, the same could happen with ibuprophen or tylenol. The FDA cannot take responsiblity for a public that does nothing by the rules. America blames someone for everything. FDA approved a drug, and for everyone who hates it there is some one who will swear by it. If you really want to know, try it at the recommended dose. If it does not work for you, move on. Personally I have never tried it, but would not allow the “opinion” of others to make my decision for me. The sheer nature of how the drug works should tell you there are some side effects. Think about it, if it blocks the fat from being absorbed….it has to go somewhere. You have to determine if the burden is worth the benefit for you!!!

  16. Lisa Says:

    My mother has been taking Alli and she just had a stroke this weekend. I was wondering if the Alli could cause it. Now I see she is not the only one who has had a stroke after taking this.

  17. Marie Says:

    I also am stonngly suspect of Alli causing my Diverticulitis. I have no other reasonto think it was anything else. I eat typically a high fiber diet, exercise, and am only 36. I stated to use Alli as an adjunct to my low carb diet and 12 days later was admitted to the hospital. I am trying to get a hold of someone from the company to adress this, or really look into the link of this and diverticulitis.

  18. jay Says:

    used alli and tested it using pizza etc to see if got treatment effects, and have no side effects whatsoever, does it actually work? Not lost weight either.

  19. laura Says:

    Okay, to the people that said something regarding alli causing a stroke. have you stopped to think it’s not the pill that caused the stroke, but the bad things being put into the body. if you are taking the pill, then you obviously aren’t eatting correctly to begin with.
    Alli pretty much is there to make you force yourself to eat more consiously because you will have big problems the next day if you eat that big pizza. it does nothing to the heart, brain, or lungs.
    why don’t people just use the extra 40-60 dollars they are willing to spend on diet pills and buy produce and healthy food. that is the number one reason people say they don’t eat healthy…… they say healthy food is too expensive to buy, but yet they will fork out this type of money on a pill that they are hoping will allow them to still eat their donuts, ice cream, candy, etc. the best way to loose weight is as plain and simple as it always has been. consume less calories then you burn and you will loose weight.
    Kenny Chesney reported that the way he kept weight down is he ate high fiber through the week, then one day each weekend he would eat what he wanted so he didn’t deprive himself.
    The FDA is probably rolling at Americans right now, and how lazy they have become that they would rather crap their pants then eat healthy.
    Turn off your computer and put your walking shoes on and take a walk.
    It’s a lifestyle change not a run out to Wal Mart and buy the next fad diet pill change.

  20. Amy G Says:

    I am 7 days post-op from having a colon bisection to treat my sudden and severe diverticulitis. When I used alli for a few months last year (august, september, and then again for a few weeks in December) I never had any of the advertised side effects – instead I had constipation. I’ve had 2 trips to the ER and one major abdominal surgery….and I wonder if alli is a contributing factor.

  21. Daisy Says:

    I started alli, taking recommended dosage for the first three days, then only took one dosage a day at dinner time for three months. Lost the fat feeling I accomplished my goal. At the third month only took when eating dinner with high fat.
    I for the last three weeks am in such pain, with lower left abdominal extending down lower left back, so severe is the back pain I had to literally lift my left leg to get out of my car. have been treating my symptoms as though I have irritable bowel syndrome and it seemed to help until this week after eating, away from the recommended IBS diet. I am wondering if it isn;t diverticulitis!
    Obviously, stopped the alli, almost feels as though the alli would help with the stomach bloating and the pressure from feeling as though my intestines had a blockage. Also, feelings of pressure in my esophagus.
    Just needed to pass this on, I am convinced I have damaged my stomach from this product after reading the same symptoms as the above.

  22. Doug Says:

    I took alli for about three weeks. I am a healthy military service member with no history of medical problems. I just wanted to lose a few extra pounds while working out. I ended up having emergency surgery for perforated diverticulitis. The doctors have no clue why I would have this.

  23. lori Says:

    I have been taking Alli for a couple of months, and I was fairly healthy before I started taking it. Now, I hae terrible stomach pains and I am feeling it through to my back, If someone knows what caused this please let me know my doctor just wants to give me flexril and vicodin.


    Seriously in pain.

  24. Cynthia Says:

    I took Alli 3 times a day for roughly 2 weeks and ended up in the ER with abdominal pain, fever , chills, achy muscles, diaorrhea and was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. I have NEVER had any symptoms like that in my life. I know that it had to be related to the Alli that i was taking. From day one i had side affects. They just kept getting worse and worse. I would recommend high fiber diet and NO Alli.

  25. Amy Says:

    Add me to the growing list of diverticulitis sufferers. I started taking Alli about a month ago…didn’t take it every day, nor did I take 3 a day — after embarrassing leakage and problems with diahrea, I quit taking it. About 10 days ago, pain, fever developed… I ended up in the hospital for 3 days, almost needed surgery..currently on a liquid diet and getting better. I can’t think of anything else that may have caused it..they thought maybe too many tomatoes from the garden, but after reading this, now I suspect the Alli. Can’t wait to get the hospital bill.. and um.. didn’t lose any weight either.

  26. Kim Says:

    I, too, developed diverticulitis on Alli. Only took it for a week and a half.

  27. Lynne Says:

    Add me to the list of diverticulitis sufferers. I was healthy, ate a high fiber diet. Developed fever, pain. Was on antibiotics for 10 days. Back to normal and I will never take Alli again.

  28. Sonya Says:

    I took Alli for two weeks and stopped when I had stomach pain, low grade fever and loss of appetite. Over the next 10 days I only took three more Alli. Yesterday I spent the day in the ER with diverticulitis. All this in less than a month. When triage heard I had been taking Alli the nurse’s eyes popped and she told me to tell the doctor. I can’t help but think there is a connection.

  29. katy Says:

    About 10 percent of Americans older than 40 have diverticulitis. About half of all people older than 60 have diverticulitis.

  30. leslie Says:

    im taking alli.and have doubled and tripled the dose 3 times a day, unfortuntly i have a eating disorder i was taking laxitives for years and now i have to admit the side effects on alli isnt as bad as laxitives,i know what im doing is wrong but hardest part is trying to be normal,not think about gulit when i eat something,now if there was a tablet to take the guilt away from food then we wouldnt be like we are today.
    ps i dont eat high fats foods the gulit is any food from fruit to anything,how did it all start,well the answer to my problem is my parents saying im fat when i was a little girl believe me i wasnt fat and my partner making comments all the time about me being over weight and comparing me to slim celebrity stars and past girlfriends acording to him im fattest hes been out with, im 12stone 3lb

  31. lorraine Says:

    hi i have been taking alli for the past month and i now have developed severe pain in my right side i ended up i e.r they took tests from me. but all was clear has anyone had this pain from takin alli..

  32. lisa Says:

    I have had been taking alli for about two weeks and eating a low fat diet at the same time, by the end of this time i ended up doubled up in terrible pain and ended up in hospital havig an emergency operation with a suspected appendicitis. I had fever blood in my urine couldn’t eat and felt terribly sick. I lost unpaid time at work and now have three un wanted scars on my abdomen. After reading the other reviews am convinced this is connected to orlistat. Surely by now somthing should be done about this.

  33. tmp Says:

    I suspect orlistat for my diverticulitis. ER doc was unsure. Only used it for 4 wks and have a long ago history of diverticulits. But this new episode makes me suspect orlistat. I won’t take this risk after this bout. Everyone should be self-reporting on the FDA website if they truly suspect this drug caused an adverse event. You cannot count on the medical community to do it. Reporting of adverse events is the only way the FDA and the drug companies know what their product is doing out there. If there are enough reports of events, then the FDA will require the drug to be pulled or re-evaluated via a new clinical trial. This is a good process, but only as good as the info that is entered into the system.

  34. Laureen Says:

    I started taking it earlier this week, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be taking it again. After the first episode of seeing orange oil spots floating in my toilet has pretty much made me lose my appetite for the whole week. I haven’t taken it since breakfast the other day and I’m still spotting the stuff. I’m terrified to pass gas… and my fat intake has been around the 15g like it says. It’s just totally gross. I’m better off just watching what I eat, and I guess the few days I tried it was enough of a learning experience. I just wish I could have tried a sample of it before I paid $50 for pills I won’t use now. I did have fever yesterday but the doctor didn’t seem to relate the two. Who knows. I’m done!

  35. Anna Says:

    I had diverticulitis years ago and felt well for over 8 years. Recently, I fell ill with a nasty case of diverticulitis 1 month after starting Alli. Do not take this if you have a history of diverticulosis/diverticulitis. I suspect it causes stool to get into the diverticulum and cause infection. It is not worth the weight loss. If you have no history of diverticulosis, then go for it, but know it is not without risk.

  36. Melissa Says:

    I have been taking Alli, strictly following the guidelines, following a low-fat, low-calorie and little to no carb diet for four months. I just returned from a three-day hospital stay with diverticulitis. I am 28. I work out 3-4 times a week. I am very active and drink a ton of water. I eat two to three veggies and fruits (each) per day. I have NO CLUE how I got this condition, and my doctors are super-confused. They say I am awfully young to have it, and I don’t get how I have it. The only “odd” thing is that I take Alli. I love how the stuff works and up until this weekend had zero complaints about it at all. I don’t get the “affects” since I eat such a low-fat diet anyhow, but it has increased what I’ve lost. I am down 36 pounds in 4 months, gradually and healthy a few pounds per week, so I am at a loss. I do not see any “published” word that Alli can cause or attribute to diverticulitis, but it does seem to be a reoccurring theme here. I am going to see a GI specialist soon for more info, but am so confused. Anxious to hear if anyone has any solid “proof” that Alli causes problems like this… any doc saying so? I can’t think of any other reason. I do not have (ever) constipation. I don’t get it… but the CT scan during my ER (and then stay-over) visit.

  37. Liz Says:

    I totally agree with you – I am a true believer that ALLI caused my diverticulitus. So much so that I contacted the FDA from my hospital bed to notify them and I would encourage any others to do the same! I went to the ER in June and following a CT was diagnosed with acute diverticulitus and stayed 5 days in the hospital with IV antibiotics and fluids.

    I too have a high fiber diet, exercise and wanted to lose some weight before going on vacation. The only thing I could think that could of caused it was the ALLI, my doctor said I was a little too young for this – normally people who are over 60yrs are more prone to this disease. My advice is to NOT take this supplement if you do not want to endure the pain and suffering and large hospital bills. Its not worth it!

  38. R. B. Says:

    I tried Alli during the summer of 2007 when it was first introduced and ended up in the E.R. with diverticulitis, something I’d never had before. I was suspicious of Alli as I was an otherwise healthy 45 yr old female and I had carefully followed the directions for use. Two years later, due to a coupon printed in the Sunday paper, I decided to try Alli again as I was not able to find contraindications indicating that it was not safe for me to do so. I was just released yesterday from a 7 day hospital stay for diverticulitis. Am I suspicious of a connection between this drug and these two episodes of diverticulitis that have pertained to me.

  39. Deborah Terry Says:

    My sister, who is never sick, has never been in the hospital, started using Alli. After only two weeks, she experienced excruciating pain and was rushed to the emergency room. It took a while for them to figure out what was wrong, but apparently her colon perforated and infected her appendix which burst. She is lucky to be alive! It has taken her a few months to get back her strength, but she is now good as new. She is convinced that the Alli is responsible for her emergency surgery. Pretty scary.

  40. Wendy Says:

    I am 28 and have been taking Alli for 2 months now. I have lost 24 lbs., when nothing ever seemed to work for me before. I do have treatmrnt effects, when I consume more fat than I should at a sitting. They are not that bad, and worth the weight loss. For all of the people who are freaking out on here and trying to blame this pill for their personal problems, simply do the same search you did to get to this website and you will find the same dismal claims for EVERY single drug out there. The pure and simple truth of the matter is that you were already predisposed to these conditions before taking Alli, no matter what you believe. Any doctor will support this idea, especially because ya’ll are saying that you had this “reaction” so immediately after taking the pills. Even though you think you are supporting your claim with that excuse, you are actually disproving it. The body generally does a very god job of handling anything new that it is exposed to, and it would take a significant amount of time (if any at all) to begin having “problems” from a pill that does only one simple job–block fat in the intestine. At the same time, the average usage time for Alli pills is 6-9 months. If you believe you need to take it for longer, perhaps you should be considering alternative weight reduction procedures at that point. I will continue to use Alli until I reach my goal, and I am not at all afraid of the time when I discontinue its use. Alli is not just a simple fat blocking pill, it has effectively TAUGHT me to live a more active, healthy, and nutritionally aware life. FOR LIFE.

  41. Chris Says:

    I have been researching Alli and claims of diverticular disease – all of which I find interesting. I am 39 years old and was on Alli for apxx 6-8 month last year (2008). In January I stopped having bowel movements and after a month of antibiotics, was referred to a GI specialist for an exam and ultimately a colonoscopy.

    It was confirmed that I have diverticular disease and had a dealing with diverticulitis during that time – which was especially painful. I was told that my colon is severely damaged with the disease and I need to have appx a foot or so of it removed since it’s not a matter of if I’ll have another attack, it’s when.

    I am 5’9, 175lbs and stopped Alli immediatly. While taking it the pills worked (with a sensible diet) but I almost constantly had abdominal pain which I assumed with the pill working. I am CONVINCED that this pill caused this disease and the surgery that will be a result of it. The specialist said that he has never seen a case this severe in someone my age. It is disturbing and I am confident that there are others like me and eventually this will come to light.

    There are too many postings of this claim all over the internet and I know I’m not alone. I am not morbidly obese nor have I had a lifelong diet that would have resulted in this condition – let alone this severe. … My two cents.

  42. Chris Says:

    Incidentally, I too have contacted the FDA, 1-888-463-6332 and have reported this issue and am currently working with one of their investigators. People taking the pill need to proceed with caution and do so at their own risk.

    I think it’s overwhelmingly evident that there is a correlation between Alli and damage to the colon (especially diverticular disease) and it’s unfortunate that it may have to take some time before this information is made public on a more nationwide avenue.

  43. Art Sands MD Says:

    I am home recovering from my third episode of uncomplicated diverticulitis (confirmed by CT scan).

    I’m a family physician in excellent shape with an excellent diet and regular exercise. No problems with diverticulitis until the last several years during which I have bee taking orlistat.

    The number of cases I have seen reported above raise a very high index of suspicion that there may be a connection. I’ve reviewed the medical literature while recovering (worst part is the anorexia from meds). There have been some interesting studies correlating increased intestinal motility with diverticulitis.

    This is definitely something the FDA needs to investigate. I will contact them. If you have had or know of additional cases of diverticulitis, particularly in younger individuals notify me at dr.sands [at] comcast [dot] net. I will forward this on to the FDA.

  44. In Pain Says:

    I have been taking alli for two weeks also and am having severe front lower left abdomen pain, back pain on left side and my chest has been hurting. Am going to the doctor and have since stopped the Alli. None of this ever has happened until I started these pills. My body hurts and I will not use this ever again. I believe the best thing is working out (which I do daily) and trying not to eat so much fat! Please don’t take these for a few pounds of weight loss. Good Luck and God Bless!

  45. Maryjo Says:

    I have taken Alli for three months and then off it for a month then back again to allow my body to be free of Alli. I had my first attack of Diverticulitus in July. I stopped taking Alli and I just started to take them agian in October and guess what?????Not to my surprise I was just released from the hospital with another attack. So I will NEVER take Alli again. I was fine my whole life until I started taking Alli. I get that one attack in July and I stopped til just October and again I end up in the ER??? Now you tell me……..Alli is a bad idea. To anyone thinking about taking this pill please dont!!!!

  46. saka Says:

    I’ve just read all these posts and guess what? I came to this site because after I started taking Alli again (didn’t for 10 years after I got diverticulitis) I got SEVERE pain in my abdomen – doubled over. Do we think what could be happending is that the side effects of impending bowel movement/oily leakage causes you to “hold it” which is the worst thing you can do and that in itself can lead to diverticulosis/itis – Do you think it could be the side effect reaction to it that is affecting everyone with diverticulitis? Points to ponder. All i know is i developed diverticulitis after having been put on it by my doctor around 1997 or 98 – can’t remember exact dates – and didn’t reconnect the timing until recently – when I started having these side effects again. I am trying NOT to take it with any meals that are hi fat and trying to keep my consumption to below 12 grams of fat – hope that helps – otherwise, I am outahere again.

  47. Kathy Jo Says:

    I am suffering a second flare up of diverticulitis. I was diagnosed with it a few years back but never had any problems until I started taking Alli. Coincidence, maybe, but after this flare up I have decided to stop Alli completely, it just isn’t worth it.

    I’m based from home and a homebody and I do not hold anything back. I am 100% sure it isn’t due to holding it in : ) I also eat extremely healthy, only turkey, chicken & fish. Fresh veggies & fruit, high fibers and olive oil no butter/margerine. Most of my BM’s had no discharge but on the odd chance of me eating out, even though I ordered healthy, I would get some.

    I think that, according to the stats, 10% of people , 40 years old, have it. 50% of people 60 or older have it. If you do not fall into that category then I would really think twice about continued usage.
    Good luck people and I’m certainly glad I happened across these posts!

  48. Mat Says:

    Add me to the list, took alli on and off to cut a little fat out; and was diagnosed with diverticulitis this september. I’m a healthy 31 male; at the very least I think if you have diverticuli developed, the constant liquid bowel movements is awful for you as the non solid stool can get trapped in the pockets. Not sure if the alli made the pockets in my colon, but i’m pretty sure it helps get them infected.

  49. Mrs J Says:

    I have been taking Alli for almost a month. Just a few days ago, I started having severe abdominal and stomach pain. I’m also experiencing nausea. My period is over a week late, but I am not pregnant. It is believed that the Alli contributed to my late period. I have stopped taking Alli and I hope and pray that my health returns to normal – for all of you, too.

  50. former alli user Says:

    I started taking alli about 1 month ago. I do not take any other meds or vitamins. My v/s were 120/75 and pulse 75-80. I noticed that my pulse started slowly increasing without activity to about 90-95. I also started having intermittent upper stomach pain. I did lose weight, but about 2 weeks ago, I went to the ER because my heart was racing and I was trying to get to sleep. My pulse was 130 and my b/p was 175/100.
    I thought I was going to die. I have stopped Alli and my symptoms have improved. My pulse is 80, but it still races occasionally. This was not worth it.

  51. CasH Says:

    I have been taking alli for 5 days and stopped it due to bad upper abdominal pain and diarhea, I consumed under 10 g of fat per meal so I was doing everything right! This has been shown to cause gallstones, kidney stones, and liver problems, and if you know basic anatomy then you would know why. I jut hope this hasn’t happened to me!

  52. shirley Says:

    I started taking Alli about a month ago and for the past 2 days I’ve been in pain. My lower left side near the hip bone is hurting a lot and I feel a round mass like the size of a half-dollar I checked out the body anatomy it shows that my sigmoid is there aka. the end of My large intestine. Going to the doc’s tomorrow.

  53. Nancy Says:

    I’ve taken Alli for about 3 weeks then woke up one morning with achyness in my hips and legs. Thinking I overdid it at the gym, i skipped my workout for the next few days but the pain is still present especially in the morning. I have had no other side effects but stopped talking the Alli, its been a week and I’m still in pain, improving, but in pain. Anyone else experience this?

  54. Ellen Says:

    I am what I consider to be in great shape for my age 53. I admit to taking alli when I was in situations that I would be eating high fatty foods. I am a fitness instructor and as I said very fit. 3 weeks ago I was brought to my knees and rushed to the emergency room. I spent 3 days in the hospital and I am still not clearly diagnosed. All the doctors kept saying is how lucky I am to be alive. I am still going through test to see if I have a perforated bowel or ulcer that “luckily walled itself off” I don’t take any other weight loss supplements. I thought this was safe. I am never taking Alli again I can’t imagine what else could have done this to me.

  55. susan Says:

    Ive been diagnosed with diverticulitis over the past year, terrible stomach cramps to the point I nearly passed out, hot cold spells also. I couldnt understand why just out of the blue I would go down with this symptom, however, I am putting 2 & 2 together as I was on Alli purchased from Walgreens for about 3-4 months.

  56. MK Says:

    Im 21yr old female, 5’10 and 150lbs. I run every day to every other day and I kickbox 2-3 times a week. I just wanted to lose some extra weight (5-7lbs) so I went online to buy Alli thinking it would help. Its not sold in Canada so I had to lie and say my BMI was over 28 when in reality its around 22. I am very healthy and I have a very strict diet. I don’t exceed 1200 calories a day, I usually eat between 800-1000 a day. I started Alli only a couple days ago and on day 3 I started to experience some side effects, my avg fat intake sometimes was a bit higher, around 15-20g per meal. The side effects bugged me but I thought I could easily manage it. Well yesterday i was in excruciating pain. It felt as if I had swallowed a brick and napalm. My abdominal wall was rigid and I had horrible shooting pains that got worse at night. I didn’t take alli at all that day, I also had horrible bowel movements that left me almost in tears. Today I went to the dr just because I was feeling like I had a bit of the flu. He gave me a quick stomach exam and when he pushed down in my lower right quadrant it was very tender and caused me pain. He suspects that I have a rumbling appendix and I am on now strict orders of bed rest and only water for 2 days to try and keep it from becoming appendicitis. I cant ignore the fact that this has happened so soon after taking Alli. I’m currently in school and I cant miss any lectures. I am hoping that this doesnt turn into appendicitis but now after reading others comments I am going to ask the Drs to rule out Diverticulosis.

  57. Tina Says:

    Well, I guess I’m not alone. I started taking Alli about 6-8 weeks ago, mostly if I was eating a meal with more than 7-8 grams of fat. Over the last week, I have been having a slight pain in my abdomen and running a low grade fever. Went to the doctor today and was told I have Diverticulitis. So, I did a search trying to figure out what did I do different that might have caused this. It didn’t take long to find that many other people have made this correlattion. Those thinking that Alli is worth the ability to lose an extra 1 or 2 pounds a month should really think about the risk they’re taking. I’ve heard there are other serious medical conditions caused by Alli.

  58. Claudia Says:

    I am a 42 year old woman. I have never had any trouble with digestion and have always had a diet high in fiber. I wanted to lose some excess pounds so I started Weight Watchers and to help things along I started taking Alli 2X a day for about 3 weeks. I have journal to prove that my fiber intake was excellent and that I was eating a very healthy diet. However 3 weeks after starting Alli I came down with excrutiating pain in my lower left abdominal region. An MRI proved that I have diverticulitis, first time ever in my life. The Doc’s a bit surprised because I am younger and healthy with no history of this type of issue. Now, I am putting 2 and 2 together. I have and will never take a so called FDA approved OTC drug again.

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