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Vacations – we all take them, and we all dread the five extra pounds that always seem to come back with us.

But of you’re savoring croissants in Paris, eating pizza at Disney World or grazing the buffets on a cruise, how do you avoid bringing home those unwanted souvenirs attached to your hips?

It requires a bit of planning, but it is possible to maintain your fitness while on holiday and return home wearing the same-size clothes you packed. How do you that?

Here are 10 unique vacation fitness ideas you might want to try:

Scary stroll From London, England to Salem, Massachusetts, just about every city holds ghost walks. Master storytellers take you on an evening walk, which last about two hours.

Underwater wonder woman Learn to scuba dive in crystal-clear Caribbean waters. Your first glimpse of a coral reef will make you glad you skipped lounging by the pool.

V-step por favor There’s nothing unique about aerobics – unless you try taking a class in a foreign country. You may not know what they’re saying, but fitness is a universal language!

Freewheelin’ Many cities are perfect for exploring by bike and have dedicated bike paths. For example, in Vienna, the first hour of bicycle rentals is free.

Climb every mountain – or wall A trip to an indoor rock-climbing facility is a change from the regular tourist offerings. Also, check out websites like rockclimbing.com for information about the best outdoor climbs on whatever continent you’re visiting.

Swimming on the spot Swimming treadmills are gaining popularity in many spas and hotels, especially in areas where space is limited. You swim in place in a small rectangular pool against a variable current. It’s worth checking out just for the novelty of it.

26.2 miles of sigh-seeing Combine fitness and tourism by signing up for a marathon in the city you’re visiting. Can you imagine a more inspirational sight than thousands of runners heading down the Champs- Élysées in Paris or past the Coliseum in Rome?

Opposite-season activities If you’re pining for the slopes in July, consider going someplace where it’s winter. Likewise, when it gets frigid here, a trip Down Under will have you windsurfing or spiking the beach volleyball.

Wild water workout Climbing the stairs to the water slides with your kids is a surefire way to burn off some calories.

Go native… Skate with Torontonians on the outdoor rink at City Hall or be a surfer girl in California. [source: Oxygen]


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