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Serving sizes of food are often confusing. What is wrong with certain serving sizes of food? Noting, except the fact that some serving sizes of food are larger than we think they are. They play tricks on us, which leads to over-consumption and expanding waistlines.

So how do we deal with the serving sizes of food that fool us easily? Here is what a registered dietitian Keri Glassman says we should do to avoid overeating.

One scoop of ice cream equals the size of an average light bulb: It may be difficult to eyeball what a half cup of ice cream looks like – so Glassman says the roughly 140-calorie serving should be the same size as a typical light bulb.

A chocolate chip cookie equals the size of three poker chips: Everyone needs a sweet-tooth fix once in a while. Glassman says the average 140-calorie chocolate chip cookie should equal the size of three poker chips arranged in a triangle.

A handful of pretzels equal the size of a deck of cards: It is easy to polish off more than a handful of pretzels, so Glassman says a simple way to judge a 1-ounce, 110-calorie serving size is to be sure the fistful has the same dimensions as a deck of cards.

A small blueberry muffin equals the size of two golf balls: Beware of those supersize, mass-produced carbs. A small 180-calorie blueberry muffin should be about the diameter of two golf balls.

A piece of steak equals the size of a BlackBerry: Even seemingly healthy indulgences should be eaten in moderation. Glassman says a piece of lean steak (3 to 4 ounces, about 165 calories) should be no larger than a BlackBerry Curve.

As you can see, there are simple ways to deal with misleading serving sizes of food. We just need to be a little more creative to put serving sizes into a different perspective. Of course, if you do not to lose weight, you probably should not overly concerned with trying to figure out an exact serving size every time you eat, but I think the above guide is still a handy and helpful as a general reference to various serving sizes of food. [via]


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