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So you think you can build muscle by diligently following an exercise regime, lifting weights, and eating healthy. I do not know if you have been successful, but millions of people swear by these simple principals. And for a good reason, if done correctly, impressive bodies have been sculpted, and tons of fat has been lost.

But what if I could tell you a secret to attaining the following weight loss, health, and muscle building benefits:

Power Plate Benefits Madonna

Are you interested? I know I am. Who would not be interested? One of my friends is not, but he also claims that Ronnie Coleman “got huge” on multi vitamins, skinless chicken breast, and vegetables. Thus, my friend does not count, because he obviously has other issues to deal with.

So what is the good news? The good news is that I do not have to tell you anything, because the “secret” is out. Yep, not only that, but it is also supported by photographic evidence. The icing on a cake is a pop diva (Madonna in this case) reportedly using it to look like a female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando. Nah, she actually looks impressive for her age or any age for that matter.

Madonna’s “secret” is the new exercise machine Power Plate. If you could believe it, according to Daily Mail it “removes the need to actually work out” and it promises all of the benefits above.

It was originally developed by Russian scientist to prevent muscles and bones wasting while comrades were in space orbit. A number of high profile sport teams, ballet dancers, and even one Dutch Olympic coach discovered it later.
Power Plate is suitable for all ages and fitness levels; it can increase strength, tone the body and reduce cellulite if you use it for 15 minutes, three times a week, or so the maker of Power Plate claims.

Madonna Sexy

All of this is interesting, but does Madonna look great because she uses the Power Plate machine? Not surprisingly, fitness experts (truly yours included) are skeptical.

Prior to this writing, I arranged to test Power Plate myself. I am somewhat intrigued from a few workouts I did with it, but it is not what you probably think. Check back soon for a full review.

Have you had any experience with the Power Plate machine? Is it just another gimmick? Let’s hear your opinion!


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