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Shoulder exercises are often neglected by women who are not regular gym-goers, and that’s no surprise. Women tend to focus their workouts on cardio, lower body workouts, and ab workouts. However, skipping on shoulder workouts will not only deprive you of good-looking arms and shoulders; it can also deprive you of good posture and tight shoulder joints. Specialists at A Better Weigh have explained to us how vital shoulder workouts are:

  • They prevent shoulder injuries (which are the most common injuries that occur during a workout), and they strengthen the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. Therefore, you’ll be less likely to injure your shoulder during weight lifting or doing yoga.
  • They train several upper body muscles, including your chest and triceps.
  • They provide you with toned arms, which is a nice benefit.

Now let’s go through some shoulder exercises to combine for a complete workout or add them separately to your existing workouts.

  1. Halo

Kneel on the floor with your knees spread a bit wider than hips, holding a dumbbell (or a bottle of water) with both hands in front of your chest. Your elbows should be facing down. While keeping your arms bent, circle the dumbbell around your head and back to your chest. That’s one rep, and you should complete ten in each direction. Rest as needed.

  1. Inverted Pushup

Bend down with your feet and palms on the floor. Your legs and arms should be straight so that you make a reverse “V.” Bend your elbows out to the sides, bringing your head to touch the floor. Press into your palms to return to your starting point. That’s one rep, and you should complete it ten times to make a set. Repeat for a total of three sets, resting only when needed.

  1. Tabletop Lift

Sit down on the mat so that your legs are bent in knees, feet flat, and your arms straight and behind your body. Press your palms to the floor so that your fingertips face your glutes (a few inches behind them). Then, lift your hips until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold there for a few seconds, and then go back down to your starting point. That’s one rep, and you should complete ten of them. Plus, repeat twice to make a total of three sets.

  1. Bent-Over Rear Delt Fly

Though it might sound complicated, this exercise is straightforward. This is one of the best shoulder exercises, and it is an integral part of every bodybuilding and security guard training. Starting with your feet hip-width apart, bend your knees slightly while also bending your torso down until it’s parallel to the floor (keep your back flat). Hold a bottle of water in each hand so that your arms are extended towards the floor. Bend your elbows a bit, and start bringing your arms up and out to the side (as if you’re flying). Get back to your starting position, and you made one complete rep. Repeat it twelve times to make a set, and do two more sets afterward.

  1. Lying T-Lift

Start by lying face-down on your mat and extend your arms out to the sides (so that your body forms a “T”). Your forehead and your limbs should be touching the floor. Make fists with your hands, stick your thumbs toward the ceiling; start lifting them while keeping your arms straight. Finish by bringing your fists back to the floor: complete three sets, each consisting of fifteen reps.

  1. Downward Facing Dog to Plank

First, get in a high plank position. Then, lift your hips up until you get in a downward dog position while lowering your heels and pressing them to the floor. This process makes one rep. Complete three sets of twelve reps and rest if needed.


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Great Shoulder Workout For Women

Shoulder exercises are often neglected by women who are not regular gym-goers, and that’s no surprise. Women tend to focus their workouts on cardio,...

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