Ellen Pompeo Is Not Anorexic: Diet & Weight Gain

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From “Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Anatomy of a Late Bloomer” (Allure magazine), here is a part about Ellen Pompeo’s diet and weight issues.

“The star of Grey’s Anatomy is carefully examining her physique, although her eyes are not actually trained on her own flesh. In fact, there isn’t all that much flesh to take in.

The five-foot-seven-inch frame of Ellen Pompeo doesn’t exceed 100 pounds; when she walks, the movements are darting, weightless. […] Then our glances descend to a plunging black neckline, also on view:

Beneath Pompeo’s long neck is an impressive pair of boobs out to there. As these assets are usually hidden behind aqua scrubs on ABC’s hit medical show, they come as a very large surprise.”

“Yeah, the people who are my friends, like Sandra Oh, always say, ‘Anyone who can see your boobs would know for a fact you don’t starve yourself,’” Pompeo says, with only the briefest of smiles.

“You know, I’m the first one who would love to gain weight, because that’s where the weight usually goes: your boobs and your butt. And I think a little more on the boobs would be fun.”

The subject of weight is a sore point for her.

The tabloids have been at it again, suggesting the actress’ frame has been whittled down by the kind of sick, self-inflicted deprivation that affect many in Hollywood – a charge that annoys her no end since, Pompeo insists, she eats pretty much constantly.

“I’m trying to gain more,” she says plaintively. “Because now people are really paying attention to me.” As though to prove her point, practically the first thing Pompeo orders is a stack of crab cakes.

These are followed by a request for twin raspberry crepes, stuffed with tapioca and topped with pale ice cream. Just minutes earlier, she adds pointedly, she had wolfed down a series of equally substantial carbohydrates:

“Hash browns, bacon, and a really nice large cranberry muffin – I just love cranberry muffins, don’t you?” There is something practiced and discomfiting about this recitation of intake, and she knows it.

“Now I’m, like, overeating,” she says resignedly. “Yeah, I’m always being criticized, and I never really gave it much thought until all these rumors popped up. And I thought, Oh, I didn’t know I looked so bad!

I mean, my boyfriend loves me and always tells me I’m sexy.” A smile. “I thought I was doing OK. You know?” “OK” is an understatement: More than 25 million viewers consider her a lot more.” [source: Allure]


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