Carrie Underwood: Weight Loss, Diet and Workout

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We cannot get enough of Carrie Underwood. Can you blame us? Her voice… Oh, that voice is simply sensational.

Although we have recently posted about Underwood’s diet and workout (see Carrie Underwood: Workout and Diet), the current issue of Us Weekly magazine, has some additional details:

Carrie’s Dramatic Weight Loss.

The sexy Idol stepped out at the December 5 Billboard Music Awards looking surprisingly slim.

The makeover. “She’s definitely gone down a few sizes,” Carrie Underwood’s stylist, Trish Townsend, tells Us of the 5-foot-4 American Idol Season 4 champ, who was a size 6 when she was a contestant on the show.

“Right now, she bounces between a size 4 and a size 2.” Opines former stylist Miles Siggins (who dressed the Grammy-nominated singer during her Idol run), “She may have lost too much weight.” Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of The Hamptons Diet, counters, “She looks great.”

What does she eat? Despite shedding pounds quickly – Pescatore estimates 15 to 20 pounds from her Idol days – Underwood tells Us she maintains a healthy diet. “Not eating junk food after shows” is key, says the vegetarian country crooner, 23.

On her plate? Veggie burgers, soy-based sausages and the occasional protein bar “in a pinch.”

Workout routine. “I have a treadmill,” says Underwood, who doesn’t have a trainer but swims whenever she the time. Plus, “bouncing around onstage is a workout in itself.”

Agrees Fit and Sexy for Life author Kathy Kaehler, who says Underwood could conceivably burn up to 700 calories while performing: “If you do it very night, your definitely would see a change.”

Underwood, who reportedly “ate a lot” while on Idol, “has great natural muscle tone,” stylist Townsend says. “She just works hard and watches what she eats,” says Melissa Schleicher, Underwood’s makeup artist.


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