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There’s a new wrinkle eraser in town, and it’s longer lasting and less risky, and it can make you look longer in ways than Botox.

Prepare to get even more gorgeous, thanks to the new wrinkle filler, Perlane, which has just been approved by the FDA.

Perlane doesn’t just plump up saggy skin: It can do everything from reshaping the face to repairing unsightly acne scars – without the face-freezing effects of Botox and with little or no pain.

“I call it the volume of youth,” says Arthur Swift, M.D., a Montreal-based plastic surgeon. “Perlane is all about adding volume to the face.” And there are other benefits.

“It’s long-lasting – six to nine months – fills deeper lines, plumps the skin and treats wrinkles that won’t go away,” adds Andre Berger, M.D., of Re-juvalife, a boutique-style plastic surgery center in Beverly Hills.

How Perlane works Although the FDA just approved it on May 2, Perlane has been a hit in Canada for seven years. “It was originally used to treat smile lines and lines from the outside of the nose to the outside of the mouth, even down to the chin,” says Dr. Swift, who has worked with Perlane since 2000.

To treat such lines, one syringe of Perlane (cost: $600 to $800) is divided and injected into each side of the mouth. Unlike Botox, which temporarily paralyzes the muscles, Perlane contains hyaluronic acid gel particles that actually fill in lines.

This ingredient is also in Restylane (the filler/lip plumper favored by Jessica Simpson), but Perlane’s gel particles are larger and plump skin more fully.

Perlane’s results Because it’s a long-lasting plumper, Perlane is a natural cure for the “three Ds” of aging: deflation, deterioration and descent. “You get ‘saggers,’ people whose skin starts to hang,” says Dr. Swift, “and ‘sinkers,’ people who have sunken in cheeks. Look at [kids] – their faces are like beach balls! Perlane restores the volume of youth.”

But Perlane can also provide a beauty pick-me-up for more youthful babes, reports Star‘s 31 -year-old beauty director, Tara Kraft, who flew to Canada twice for treatments before Perlane was available in the U.S.

“I got the injections as ‘beauty enhancements,’ if you will. My cheekbones are now just a touch more prominent. No one ever noticed, but I’ve been told that I look refreshed and better than ever!”

And since Perlane consists of an acid that occurs naturally in the body, “a bad injection by an inexperienced doctor can be reversed immediately,” Kraft explains. “Just get an injection of [the natural counteracting agent] hyaluronidase, and the Perlane will be reversed.”

The bottom line: You don’t have to worry about having a frozen face from a bad Botox job or funny lumps caused by too much filler. Everything can be undone! [via]


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