Jessica Biel: Exercise and Diet Plan

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Who doesn’t want a body like Jessica Biel? Okay, maybe you don’t, but I know many people who would sell their left kidney for the body like hers. No judgment! So, what does she do to keep her priceless bod in top shape?

As it turns out, she’s tried fad diets in the past (the worst was “no sugar, flour, no dairy and no salt – some rice cakes and brown rice”) but has now found the trick that works for her: eating sensibly for six days a week and having a cheat day on the seventh.

“I think everything in moderation is the key,” says Biel. “I do slip,” admits Jessica. “I love my food. I stuff my face all the time! I eat very healthy, I work out a lot, but you have to cheat. You have to go out and go to fabulous restaurants and just eat and enjoy it and drink great wine.”

Jessica says she finds it tough to keep in shape. “I know how hard it is,” she says. “But there’s no pill, no magic drink.” Even with an impressive physique like hers, Jessica still finds flaws. “Everyone has areas that they’re not comfortable with,” she says. “Mine are my butt, thighs and legs.”

She feels a responsibility to promote a healthy body image to her young fans. “I’d like to be a role model for young girls. You don’t have to be stick skinny to be gorgeous,” says Jessica. “Muscles are beautiful. Strong bodies, working out and eating healthily is beautiful.” Amen to that!

Personal trainer Nancy Kennedy explained how she got Jessica into shape. “When training Jessica, we had her eat half a wrap for a meal and half a protein bar two hours later. Because she increased her frequency of eating but decreased the portions, she actually lost about 10 pounds, as well as 10 percent body fat.”

To follow Jessica Biel’s diet, you need to eat three small healthy meals and three snacks daily for six days (choose one from each menu below). Six small meals a day will keep your metabolism up and you will bum off calories faster. On the seventh day, you can treat yourself. Try and work out three times a week for half an hour.

Breakfast: Oatmeal made with skim milk. Add diced apple and pinch of cinnamon. Glass of orange juice. Slice of whole-wheat toast with one small can of sardines in tomato sauce. Glass of apple juice. Omelette made with three egg whites, filled with tomatoes. Glass of grapefruit juice.

Mid-morning snack: A handful of unsalted almonds or a banana.

Lunch: Four ounces of lean chicken, with small handful of whole-wheat pasta and chopped vegetables. Half a baked potato filled with tuna and corn. Serve with salad of green leaves dressed with lemon and teaspoon olive oil.

Mixed bean salad made with one 14 oz. can of mixed beans, celery, grated carrot, sliced peppers, lemon juice and teaspoon of olive oil.

Mid-afternoon snack: Tablespoon mixed seeds (sesame, pumpkin or sunflower seeds). Piece of fruit.

Dinner: Medium-sized salmon fillet, baked in foil with lemon or lime juice and teaspoon olive oil. Mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli and carrots. Small cup of low-fat yogurt for dessert.

Small grilled lean pork steak with roasted vegetables. Fruit salad topped with three teaspoonfuls low-fat cream. Four ounces diced lean meat or Quorn with stir-fried vegetables and whole-wheat noodles or brown rice.

Evening snack: Two whole-grain crisp breads or oatcakes topped with hummus. Glass of fruit juice. [via]

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