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Have you seen Isis King on America’s Next Top Model? Wasn’t she awesome? I think so. But how much do you really know about Isis King from America’s Next Top Model? Probably not much. So here is a recent interview with Isis King, which reveals a lot of interesting details about her.

How did you go from homeless to Top Model? I wasn’t on the street; I was in an assisted-living program and heard they needed models. I basically gave my all. […] I was skeptical, but I decided to see what could happen.

When did you first realize you were “born in the wrong body”? From as young as I can remember, I’ve always felt like I was different. I visually looked like a boy, but I never felt like one on the inside. I played with Barbies and did double Dutch with the girls. In high school, I came out as a gay male; even though I felt like that’s not who I was, it started to change things for me. I was voted Most Outgoing, Most Unique. I was the artist, the fashion designer.

Did you date? At 15, I had a boyfriend for a few months. When I was younger, I had girlfriends, but most of them were an image of who I am today or kind of like my mother. I was intrigued by them because I couldn’t be who I really am. Now I’m heterosexual – I’m only interested in men.

Did you make the change gradually or all at once? I used to take my mother’s shoes. I’ve been practicing catwalk for years! I didn’t start trying on her clothes until middle school. After college [King earned an associate s degree from the Art Institute of Philadelphia], I knew I was going to start transitioning. I went out with my best friend, and we got my shoes.

How did your family react? My mother was very anti-everything at first. Then I did a documentary called Born in the Wrong Body last year. Now she is very supportive. My baby brother, who is 7, is happy for me. But I have a rocky relationship with my 18-year-old brother.

How are you completing the transition? I started hormones last summer. [They facilitate development of feminine characteristics, such as breasts.] When I first started taking them, I got sick a bit, and that’s normal. My body is filling out nicely. I’m skinny – I think if I were a little thicker, I would have seen more dramatic changes. I go through electrolysis every week and a half, two weeks.

Also, I used to wear silicone [breast enhancers] for shoots, but it’s too hot with all that extra stuff. Most models don’t have breasts anyway! I would also tape [my penis] at first, but since then I’ve found new ways to make everything smooth. What I use is like a thong. I made it myself with a piece of denim.

Do you plan to have a sex-change operation? If I could have had it years ago, I would have. Finances were the only thing holding me back. My goal is by my 25th birthday.

What’s your mind-set? Happy. With confidence comes happiness. I have the gift to draw, sew, paint, model. I consider myself spiritual, and I pray. When I have my surgery, I will be completely happy. [via]


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