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Continued from Butt Workouts.

Pancake Flat. Cardio Rx: Since a flat butt often comes with a thin physique, focus on building as much muscle as possible. For 30 minutes, four times a week, use a StairMaster at a high resistance (it should be really hard to push down); run hills or stadium steps; or try in-line skating.

Sculpting Rx: Reverse lunge. Stand with feet together. Step the right leg back into a deep lunge, then push through the heel of the front foot and squeeze your glutes as you stand up. Repeat 12 times.

Dumbbell squats. Stand with feet hip-width apart, hands by your side holding 5-pound weights. Press butt back and chest forward, lowering into a deep squat (until your hands skim the floor). Push up through your heels and rise. Do 15 reps.

Stability-ball leg curl. Lie on your back and put your heels on top of the ball, legs straight, hands by your side. Raise your hips up, creating a straight line from shoulder to feet. Pull heels to your butt so the ball rolls toward you. Hold for one count. Extend legs and lower (but hover, don’t rest). Do 12 reps. Repeat the entire circuit three times.

Droopiness. Cardio Rx: Your mission is to burn fat and strengthen muscles in the lower buttocks and hamstrings with at least four 45-minute workouts each week. Try the rowing machine and kickboxing or step classes at the gym. And when you want fresh air, run stairs or go on a high-intensity hike.

Sculpting Rx: Single-leg step-up. Position a 15-inch bench in front of you, and put your right foot flat on it. Push through the right heel as you stand tall on the bench, and tap your left foot on the bench. Lower down and repeat 15 times; switch legs.

Reaching lunge. Stand straight, feet together. Step forward about three feet with your right leg (bend your back knee slightly), and lean forward so your fingers tap the floor four inches in front of the bent leg. Push back up through the heel. Repeat 15 times. Switch legs.

Side kicks. Hold on to the back of a chair with your weight on the left leg. Lean 45 degrees to the left; lift your right leg to the side (as high as you can) with your knee bent, heel almost touching your butt.

Flex your foot, squeeze your butt, and straighten the bent leg so that it is parallel to the floor. Hold for two counts, touch heel to butt again, and return to standing. Repeat 15 times. Switch legs. Repeat the entire circuit three times.


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