Weight Loss Tips: Your Body’s Metabolic Rate

Weight Loss Tips: Your Body's Metabolic RateContinued from Weight Loss Tips: Have a Cheat Day.

Live in a Healthy Environment

Trade in the fast-food cafe at work for a healthy packed lunch at the park and join a running club after work to meet people instead of heading for the bars.

It can be very hard to stay on course and not be tempted to dig into bad food choices in bad environments.

That’s why it’s important to seek out healthy environments and limit your exposure to unhealthy situations.

Have a Holiday Game Plan

To avoid gaining weight over the holidays, it’s a good idea to exercise more, fill up on water, plan to eat only the stuff you can’t live without, eat before parties, stay clear of liquid calories, keep on top of the scale and have a post-holiday workout plan to stick to.

Research Restaurants

Do your homework before eating out. It’s important to research calorie and nutrient contents of foods on restaurant websites and brochures before ordering.

This can help you to stay on the road to clean eating. When nutrient information isn’t available, stick to lean meats and veggies and ask for oils and sauces to be served on the side.

Learn What your Body’s Metabolic Rate Will Allow

In order to devise your meals and exercise regimens, it’s a good idea to take into account your genetic build and metabolic rate.

The genetic makeup you were born with, and some other factors, impact the rate at which your body burns calories. Learn just how much exercise you need to do and how much you can eat to have the body you want.

Keep Weight in a Set Range

Most people who are able to maintain a healthy weight over time report that there’s a “magic number” that indicates they’ve gone too far in their indulgences.

Some experts say this form of self-monitoring is the No. 1 element in weight control. If you want to be fit and fabulous and always feel in control of your body, it’s important to figure out what your weight buffer zone is going to be.

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