Star Jones: Diet and Weight Loss Update

Star Jones: Diet and Weight Loss UpdateThere is a rather peculiar thought out there that dieting and exercise do not really work and are not a solution to permanent weight loss.

Be that as it may, Star Jones seems to be enjoying the fruits of her labor in the diet and exercise department and thus far, she was able to hold off the pounds from creeping back.

Here’s an update on her diet and workout from a recent interview with OK! magazine.

What size are you now? I never tell that because I don’t want to make women have a false sense of where I am. I fluctuate in sizes because I fluctuate five pounds.

I can say I am 100 percent healthy, and I’m at the size that is consistent with my height. My doctor says I don’t need to lose another pound.

So you’re content where you are? If I never change sizes again and I’m this healthy for the rest of my life, I will be a very happy girl. To be able to play tennis and do exercise classes – all the things that I was too sedentary and lazy to do before – is the best.

But the bigger goal was to never have to carry an inhaler in my hand again – I haven’t in four years this August.

What’s your workout plan? You have to do some sort of exercise every single day. Please don’t let anyone think that I’ve turned into some kind of exercise guru, but I feel shlubby when I don’t.

What about diet habits? You have to change your eating habits. I had McDonald’s today, but I ordered off the $1 menu because it’s small. When I’m outside this country, I lose weight because they have real portions, whereas, here in the United States we have double or triple portions.

Have you learned any diet tricks? When I’m out at a restaurant, my trick is to eat half of what’s on my plate and have half wrapped up immediately. [via]

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