Counting Calories: Quick Weight Loss Tips

Counting Calories: Quick Weight Loss TipsContinued from Healthy Weight Loss Tips.

Learn to Really Listen to Your Body Successful weight losers don’t eat when they’re not hungry and they stop eating when their stomachs are full.

We often get so caught up in the act of eating, the comfort it may bring us on an emotional level and the fact that it tastes yummy that we lose touch with the signals our organs and brain are sending us.

In short, successful weight losers listen to their bodies, try it, it works.

Get a Total Daily Intake Wake-up Call It’s estimated that the average North American takes in 3,000 calories a day. Meanwhile, most active people probably need around 2,000 calories a day or less.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that so many North Americans are obese. So use a food journal to track the amount of calories you’re taking in.

Think Ahead About Risky Outings Even the best-laid fitness and diet plan can be foiled by a gluttonous and unplanned night out. If you need to lose weight, thinking ahead about risky outings is something to consider.

Experts call this “mental rehearsing” and say it’s critical to stopping risky situations from sending you down the path to a binge.

Keep Pregnancy Weight Gain Under Control There’s perhaps no more significant turning point in a woman’s life when it comes to weight than a pregnancy. For many women, this is the time when their weight truly becomes unmanageable.

Some experts also recommend women gain no more than 25-35 pounds, and even less if she’s eating a well-balanced diet and is already overweight.

Read Labels Almost all packaged foods come with nutritional labeling. Educating yourself about the food you’re eating is critical to taking control of your body and you can’t do that without good information.

That said, these panels can trick you if you don’t read them carefully.

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