Spike Shooter Energy Drink

Spike Shooter Energy DrinkSpike Shooter is a lethal energy drink. Why? Because in my opinion, it kills the competition – Red Bull, Monster Energy, XS, Rockstar, SoBe, VPX’s Redline – you name it – all these energy drinks just became a thing of the past.

Spike Shooter is like iPod of energy drinks. Sure, before iPod was unleashed, the market was already flooded with MP3 players, but once it was out, it left others in the dust. I feel the same may happen with Spike Shooter. Run and hide Red Bull, run and hide…

Spike Shooter is addictive. I am not kidding. If you are prone to become attached easily to novel, quality products – you should stop reading this right now – do not think you can try Spike Shooter only once and simply walk away from it.

So what is so special about this product? Although it says on the bottle “the high-speed energy drink“, it is a lot more than just that. It stimulates your mind and elevates your mood. It may give you a mental clarity you never thought you could experience.

In addition, this energy drink delivers a clean, crisp energy without any jitters – no down-regulation of receptors that are common to the supplements of this kind.

If these claims sound outrageous, they have to be, because there are no published scientific studies to prove any of them. To make matters worse, the creator [Biotest] of Spike Shooter is tight-lipped about the formula.

Thus, all I can offer you is my personal experience.

I felt pretty awesome for good 5 hours – mental clarity, concentration, and energy were abundantly present during my workout. I probably had one of the best workouts of my life – that is saying a lot considering my experience.

Apparently, the secret behind Spike Shooter is not caffeine. “No one else in the world has access to the power ingredients…a patent has been filed and I’ll keep the formula-activation secret out of the public domain forever. Like the secret Coke formula…”- says Biotest.

Spike Shooter energy drink contains zero carbohydrates, no calories or sugar. In addition to a secret formula, it has 1000 mcg B12 (methylcobalamin), undisclosed amounts of caffeine anhydrous, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine and Yohimbine HCl.

Before taking any supplements, always consult with your physician.

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29 Responses to “Spike Shooter Energy Drink”

  1. Adam Says:

    I am a 34 year old male in ver good shape. Work out everyday, surf, Muay Thai and lift weights. I took one of those spike shooters and thought I was going to have a heart attack and almost fainted about 5 times. I started my work out and about 45 mins into it after the drink I started to feel weird. Be prepared to have adverse reaction. Read the label. Scared the crap out of me.

  2. Timothy Dunleery Says:

    …I’m 57 and in fair shape for as many years of a hard life on my back. Which in retrospect means: I oughta be dead… In any case, after surviving the 60’s and much experience with various substances: SPIKE SHOOTER ENERGY DRINK should be renamed SATURN 5 ROCKET FUEL, or CANNED NITRO, or CORONARY IN A CAN…INSTANT KARMA…STRATOSPHERE…CHUCK YEAGEAR etc., etc. To call it potent is to grossly understate its effects. Small wonder though…It’s reported to contain 800 mgs of caffeine. In short, Adam’s above SPIKE SHOOTER experience is right. This drink is so damned overpowered that I’ve no doubts it could be used to revive the comatose…So, when they tell you on the Warning Label to start with half a can? Start with half a can!

  3. Cinda Says:

    Spike is the BEST energy drink around – so much so, you need to be careful with it! Here is the best advice on using Spike:

    Have a 20 oz bottle of water (or diet mountian dew) and drink enough of the water that it is empty to about 1/2 inch over the label. Add the Spike to the water, mix carefully and sip through out your morning or work out. This way you do not need to worry about the upset stomach/heart palpitations etc!!!!

    It has a wonderful flavor that it not hurt by mixing it and there are no side affects!!!

  4. Philip Says:

    From the above review:
    Apparently, the secret behind Spike Shooter is not caffeine. “No one else in the world has access to the power ingredients…a patent has been filed and I’ll keep the formula-activation secret out of the public domain forever. Like the secret Coke formula…

  5. michael Says:

    well … what i must say is that i am already addicted … i am an ex meth addict and i think that this stuff is the best shit ever i mean they should not call it spike they should call it meth… i think that is wut is in it… but yah i think i can go without i can put down anything i am not addicted but i did not have the same reaction as every one else did but i must say the government keeps good drugs away and sells bad shit to keep up its population control but me i will never die because i am the best… god loves everyone…

  6. James Says:

    Hey Michael…wtf?

  7. charlie Says:

    I drank one can over a period of one hour and noticed absolutely no side effects. It completely took away the drowsiness I was experiencing and kept me alert for several more hours. If you don’t have a problem with other energy drinks I would recommend trying spike.

  8. justin Says:

    im losing wieght, less appetite and i feel kind of euphoric but i did have 4 cans a day for 2 weeks.

  9. Seb Says:

    I’m 18 and living in Sweden, I bought this american energy drink spike shooter at a gymnasium.
    I heard that this was a pretty cool drink that really gives you an kick in the ass.
    So I drank it at home and not in the gym because I was slightly afraid to work out after a drink like this with all these warnings on the can.
    you never know what it is, so I tried first. A while after I drank that stuff I didn’t feel pretty well, my hands were shaking, and my heart was pounding like really fast,
    I had to constantly move to not feel my body shake so I vacuum-cleaned the whole appartement, lol.
    And after about 2 hours it stopped and I just felt spirited and alert, then it just felt great. But the first hours i didn’t feel so good, like really sick.

  10. MMAKansas Says:

    Yeah.. good stuff… had 3 redline pills and one can of this stuff like 3 hours after.. not a good idea. i thought the warnings were for marketing purposes, you know reverse psyc where you challenge the manhood of the purchaser, okay wrong.. my heart was skipping… anyways, its a good drink, i like what the column writer said, my opinion is similar.

    Why drink a redbull of the same size, and the same price, with 1/3 the caffeine and not even 1/4 the B vitamins?

    This is like Redbull meets the flavor of Redline meets the Vitamin content of an Endorush… it is a superb energy drink…

  11. Tonya Says:

    Ok so im a twenty one year old female who has an extreme caffeine tolerence and like one guy already said i could drink 4 rockstars and not even feel close to the same as drinking one Spike they are great but i am kind of worried about whats in the secret formula…

  12. Jason Says:

    Hi, im a 16 year young kid and yesterday i had 2 of these spike shooters. i have had 1 before that and didnt think it was that big of a deal. BIG MISTAKE.. i started to get lightheaded my heart was racing, i was fading in and out of conciousness.. it was one of the scariest nights of my life. then i spent an hour puking. I don’t recommend drinking more than one of these every 48 hours, Although they are nice to have time to time. READ LABEL before drinking.

  13. TheGooch Says:

    Duh, read the label. I just sip this until about half the can is gone and then I put it in the fridge, lol. The idea of mixing it with water is better. I wouldn’t recommend drinking more than half of the can.

    Yes, the sweating / energy effect is similar to meth if you drink too much. Everyone will get a different reaction because we are all different! Its hard for me to believe people who say this has no effect on them, but benefit of the doubt, I will respect that that was their experience.

  14. Orlando Says:

    I tried Spike for the first time today. My first mistake was to not read the label. Like someone said, you think it’s just one of those warnings for marketing purposes. It’s not, I drank a whole can and started to feel real bad, nausea, lite headed and just not feeling to good. My hands were shaking, and I even started to sweat. I actually thought I might have a heart attack, pretty scary. I know next time to read the label. This is a very potent drink thats for sure. Make sure you READ THE LABEL.

  15. Chase Says:

    Like the others above, I too thought the all the warning labels on the can were just to hype the product….WRONG! This product should be labled as liquid coke! I have never felt worse after drinking one. Sure, it gives you tons of energy, but who wants that if it comes with shaky hands, legs and a heart that feels like its jumping out of your chest. Read the can, try a half can first….10 hours later, I still feel like crap!

  16. John Says:

    hello my name is john and i’m addicted to spike shooters… jk jk. but seriously i have to say these things are great. i have been drinking caffeine since i was 7 and being 19 now i unfortunitely have built up an immunity to caffeine. it sucks. but my first spike shooter was great i drank the whole can because i was bored and needed a pick me up. i enjoyed the clarity and crispness i had at work. this is the strongest drink i have ever had and there is NO CRASH. the only thing that happened after i drank it is that it kicked my metabolism a little and made me hungry at the end of my six hours. But i will never drink 2 cans because i can just tell one is PLENTY. the label is not a joke they put it there to keep ppl from suing when they’re family member dies because he “manned up” and downed six cans. so drink, enjoy, be careful…

  17. Andy Says:

    Im 18 and I drank one of the bigger cans in about 15 min…. My heart rate went up qutie a bit and i felt like I was going to have a heart attack….this stuff is strong…. one can can last, my friend however(26), drank a regular can and went to sleep after about half an hour, said he had some cazy dreams though…

  18. Hector Says:

    During class, my friends had their own cans. Kris (name changed) drank one can and stole about half of John’s (name changed) can. And I took three sips of John’s as well. Kris was super excited more then I’ve ever seen him. I mean he could do what he wanted. And I was very energetic after only the few sips. It was delicious though.

    On another note. At my high school. Henry (named changed) drank a spike with his A.D.D. medicine and I believe a monster energy as well and was in the hospital for a few days. Lethal… but delicious

  19. paul Says:

    i had a can of spike shooter today and i must say it is the best energy drink i have had i consider myself to have a high tolerance of energy drinks i can drink like 2 of those huge monsters and barely feel anything but with this thing i wish i had read the warning because like others i thought it was just for marketing and i was wrong i should of only drank half i had it at 2 pm est and i have yet to feel a crash and still have some energy and it is now 4:28 am i am about to go get another 2 i hope the 7-11 in my town sells them 😛

  20. carlos Says:

    Short review: this stuff works, like a nootropic; somehow dilute it and/or always drink half a can over a long ass time. Otherwise be prepared to have a panic attack and/or feel like you took a hit of acid(not kidding). If you respect this stuff, it is efficient and exactly what you need. Hope this helps. Peace.

  21. Chris Says:

    I just tried a shooter for the first time. I usually have a 5hr energy (extreme) and it just helps me get through the morning. I swear to god though, i just finished every bit of work i could find in about 45min! this stuff is amazing!!! i would have to agree with everyone, drinking more than one seems like a very bad idea. I couldn’t imagine being MORE awake than i already am.

  22. Xenia Says:

    I go to an Academy for Gifted People, and am 17 years old. I just had my first can, and I can’t believe how amazing it is. Before, I’ve had:

    – Caffeine Pills
    – Green Tea Supplements
    – Every B-Vitamin multiplied by 20
    – Monster/ Amp/ Nos/ Rockstar, etv
    – Slapping myself awake
    – Taking a freezing shower and keeping all the windows open

    …and I have to say I cannot believe something finally works for me. Perhaps it’s just my resistance to caffeine, but this drink, despite the classified ingredient amounts, clears my mind and gives me just enough of a boost to continue moving at the hurried pace I do. Of course, NEVER take more than one can, better yet, half a can! This is serious stuff. I highly recommend it to anyone that’s tried other, less powerful, drinks and need something more.

  23. chris Says:

    biotest is a very reputable company so i had to try their energy drinks. i love spike shooters. i bought spike shotguns the other day, they should be here tomorrow but shooters. its the perfect energy drink im a bodybuilder, and this stuff makes me freaking angry before a workout session. when i drink it my body just goes into kick everybodies ass mode and gives me extreme mental focus i get angry just thinking about it and im a REALLY laid back guy it gives me the energy to get through the most brutal of workouts whether im doing 2 hours of legs or cramming 20 sets for legs in a hour and it makes me feel like i could do it all over again when im done(when i usually feel like im going to die) if i drink it for no reason, i feel great. i get weird energy spikes and i feel like running and doing weird shit like climbing i drink ALOT of energy drinks and this is my fav although its expensive about 60 bucks for 24 or the shotguns are 80 for 24 its def worth it but do follow the caution labels
    for me, they dont raise my blood pressure actually lower it a bit i dont experience any adverse side effects besides being angry and having a short temper.

  24. ashley Says:

    i was taking the 4 packs of spike pills a day until my 7-11 stopped selling them so i saw the drink. 0 calories, amazing. i lost 11 pounds in a week and 3 days. they give me great energy and i love the orange gold flavor.

  25. Marylou Says:

    Hey, does anyone knows where i can purchase this energy drink so I can try it? Sounds interesting.

  26. Payton Says:

    I am a 17 year old with a extreme tolerance for caffene. I have been drinking red bull and monster nearly daily for 4 years now. Ive done some research about spike shooters and must say i am impressed. i work out every day and play varsity soccer. i found the larger can (16oz) at a gas station for 4 and thought i would give it a try, i drank the entire can in about 20 miniutes, during a 4 plus hour car ride and nothing seemed to happen. the it hit me like a brick wall, i have never felt a caffene or energy rush like it before. its was euphoric to say the least. addictive is not the right word because its not. you go back because its a great drink and want the same feeling. people should know their own tolerances, this is not for the every day energy drink consumer. they took it to a new level and i love it.

  27. Alex W Says:

    I dont kow about you guys but for me this stuff does not work. The other day at work, I was literally falling asleep while standing up, with the mop in my hands. I bought a 12 oz can of this spike shooter thing and after I dranked the whole can I had to lay down because I could not stand up any more. The next thing I know is my manager woked me up because I slept on the job for 2 hours.

  28. James Says:

    Has anyone else experienced hot flashes switching to cold flashes while drinking this? i feel as if i can concetrate amazingly, and that is the only adverse side effect i have expereinced with this drink, other then when i first tried it and drank the whole can and couldnt sleep for a looooong time.

  29. Anthony Says:

    I’m drinking a spike now, and I feel great. I’ve been drinking monster energy every other day for about a year, and it started to lose the effect, I built a tolerance. A friend introduced me to spike, and I got hooked. These things are addictive, but they surely will give you all the energy you need to write that 15 page term paper due tomorrow morning! Do abide by the warnings though, I started with a whole can and was fine, but I’ve been drinking energy drinks for a long time.

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