Kristen Johnson Weight Gain and Diet

Kristen Johnson Weight Gain and Diet

With eating disorder rumors swirling around her, it was just a matter of time until Kristen Johnson‘s weight gain would surface. And not surprisingly, Kristen Johnson’s weight gain has surfaced.

Yep, it is true, Kristen Johnson has gained weight. How much weight has Kristen Johnson gained? A decent amount actually, she has gained more than 20 pounds in a relatively short time, which is not easy to do.

But what about Kristen Johnson’s diet? Well, Kristen Johnson’s diet needs more work, to put it mildly. She is clueless in the diet department. Okay, she is not completely hopeless, her diet has improved, but Kristen Johnson’s diet has to go through a major overhaul.

To make a long story short, here is a recent interview with her in which she gives details about her diet and weight gain.

When you look at pictures of yourself from last year, what do you see? People had been telling me, “You’re really thin,” but I just didn’t realize how thin. I really was too skinny. I get it – I’m not like, “I looked great!” I realized it when I saw the pictures of myself: Of course people think I’m sick. I looked sick. Hopefully, I will never look like that again.

Did the public skepticism of your story upset you? It bugged me that people thought all of a sudden, at 40, I’m going to start throwing up because I care about my weight. The reason I got so thin is the opposite of vanity. But people doubted my story; they couldn’t imagine it wasn’t a drug habit or eating disorder.

You said cutting out alcohol was in part responsible for the weight loss, right? Before the ulcer, I was living an unhealthy life, drinking way too much, and that’s why I got bloated. After two months in the hospital, I knew I had to change. I got sober, and I’m so happy I made that decision.

But really: You didn’t have any issues with food? I have never had an eating issue. I don’t diet. I drink regular Cokes and I have egg-and-cheese sandwiches for breakfast. The problem is, my stomach no longer indicates to me whether it’s hungry – when food is in front of me, I eat it, but I’m never hungry. Ever. I went to the doctor about it. He says my stomach will eventually get back to normal.

How is your weight now? I’ve really worked hard to gain weight back. I can go seven hours and be like, “Oh, right: food!” I’ve never done that before. So I drink two Ensure a day just to make sure I [get enough calories]. I’ve gained like 25 lbs. so far. I can’t believe I have to work at it. [via]

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