Leonardo DiCaprio Weight

Leonardo DiCaprio Weight

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s weight – healthy or not? Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s weight out of control? Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s weight increasing? Are all the rumors about his weight are true? While it is true that I have heard a lot of rumors about Leonardo DiCaprio’s weight, I doubt that most rumors are true. Is Leonardo DiCaprio fat? Some would say yes. Some would say no. It is a matter of an opinion, I guess, but given what we think we know about Leonardo DiCaprio’s weight gain and Leonardo DiCaprio’s shirtless bod, I understand why some folks would think that he is fat.

What is his weight? We do not have an official number. I am not saying there is anything to it, but you would not want to advertise your weight if you were 50 pounds overweight, would you? Is he 50 pounds overweight? No, he is not. That having been said, according to some estimates, he might be about 20 pounds overweight, which, if true is not a big deal in my opinion. Sure, being 20 pounds overweight is not fun, but when the best personal trainers, chefs and nutritionists in the world are just a phone call away, how hard could it be to lose 20 or even 50 pounds?

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  1. lisa r Says:

    he’s only fat with his taste in models—lol

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