Zooey Deschanel Diet

Zooey Deschanel Diet

Zooey Deschanel‘s diet is difficult and annoying. Why? Because Zooey Deschanel’s diet makes top chefs in the country cringe and struggle, and makes me want to send her 50 pounds of grass-fed beef. So, what is wrong with Zooey Deschanel’s diet?

First of all, she is one of my favorite actresses, so what I am about to say is not easy for me to say, but her eating habits are pretty pathetic. In short, she is a vegan. Do I need to say more? She admitted herself that most of the time she eats raw vegetables. Oh, and she is soy and wheat intolerant to boot, which makes Zooey Deschanel’s diet pretty much impossible to follow or like even a tiny bit.

Of course, it is awesome that she eats a lot of vegetables and presumably fruits, but if you only eat raw vegetables, you are limiting your selection and you are unlikely to get a full range of nutrients that your body needs to function properly, which is why most vegans I have seen look as if they were seating in a deep cave without sunlight for at least months. Deschanel is an exception; she does not look that way at all, which makes me wonder if she sneaks into her diet the Quarter Pounder with cheese every now and then.

Zooey Deschanel’s diet was revealed on a recent episode of Bravo’s Top Chef (a must see reality TV cooking show, if you are an armchair “Iron Chef” and a foodie, which I am, big time). Most chefs were shocked and pretty much disgusted by her unrealistic eating habits. One chef actually called them “off-putting,” but he managed to come up with a decent dish. My favorite chef, Hubert Keller also did pretty great, but he is well familiar with vegetarian dishes.

The bottom line on Zooey Deschanel’s diet I do not get it, why do people like Deschanel engage in what can only be described as nutritional masochism? Is she trying to save chickens or something or does she actually believe that vegans live longer and healthier lives? The latter is an utter fallacy, of course, but the former is hardly a better reason. In any case, Zooey Deschanel’s diet needs to change. I do not want to see her looking like Gollum in a few years.

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  1. Jaime Says:

    I am curious how many vegans you know. Most that I know are eating healthier and look better than most Americans. The amount of processed food and hormone filled meat that the average American consumes can also be considered “pretty pathetic.” Someone who is vegan due to morals is in a pretty tough position; you are often criticized and poked fun of for your beliefs. It is taboo to pick apart someone’s religion but if your politics and beliefs include what you put in your body you are pretty much fair game.

    As far as wheat and gluten intolerance, it is an allergy and cannot really be avoided. Many people are intolerant or sensitive to gluten and ignore this fact and continue to feel sluggish and unhealthy.

    I say kudos to Zooey Deschanel for thinking for herself and making the choices that are right for her. It is far more damaging to put whatever comes your way in your stomach than to be conscious of your diet. I am pretty certain she is aware of her nutrient and vitamin intake as well. How many with “normal diets” do you imagine are aware of and receiving all their nutrients?

  2. Traci Says:

    Your questions alone indicate you haven’t done the slightest research on veganism or why anyone would choose such a diet. “Is it because she wants to save the chickens or something?” I’m going to spare you my long diatribe and answer this with a challenge. If you REALLY want to know about this, google the words factory farming. Visit the Humane Society of the United States’ website. Or just do some basic research. When you say you “just don’t get it”, I think it’s sad that you acknowledge your profound lack of knowledge on the subject, and yet don’t take the extra step to research it. It isn’t difficult to “get it”. You don’t even have to agree with it.

    Does she think people live healthier lives by choosing to eat food that isn’t filled with cholesterol, fat, hormones (like meat and dairy), or isn’t processed nutritionally devoid like much of what the general American public eats? I think you’ve already answered your own question. Are eating fruits and vegetables better for you than eating high fat, high cholesterol, and high calorie foods better for you? It doesn’t take any research to figure that one out.

    I find it odd that you are comparing Zooey’s diet to nutritional masochism when you say nothing of the general public’s consumption of complete junk. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that 2/3 of our country is considered overweight. Of those, 50% are obese. So for you to describe her diet as “pathetic” is not only misguided and misinformed, but cruel simply for the sake of being cruel. Who in this scenario is really pathetic here? Someone who does her research and lives her life without infringing on others’ rights? Or someone who is misguided, angry-without-a-cause, and mean trying to debunk something that they haven’t even researched simply for their own personal enjoyment.

  3. Suzanne Says:

    it’s called raw foodism.

  4. Hilary Says:

    I find it pretty harsh how you are criticizing Deschanel’s diet, which really in a case like hers is a chosen lifestyle. I can relate to her, having Celiac disease, and understanding the restraints that food intolerance can have. However, I think that you are looking at a narrow choice of foods just because she doesn’t eat like the average American.

    Wheat may be the staple in the American diet, however there are lots of other options. Things like garbanzo beans, buckwheat (which is not wheat), tapioca, potato, teff, sorghum and white/brown rice all of these are great tasting alternatives to wheat, and generally more healthy. Also, there is very little to no nutritional value in a Big Mac. There is more protein out there than what you find in meat. Beans, oatmeal, nuts, legumes and seeds.

    Fruits and vegetables should be the main focus in any persons diet, many Americans don’t get the recommended serving amount of veggies and fruit in a day. Deschanel does not have this problem in her lifestyle choice, that is why she looks so healthy, and most definitely NOT “pathetic”. Her sister Emily (BONES), is also vegan and she looks just as healthy.

    Don’t criticize a persons diet and lifestyle until you have thoroughly analyzed it.

  5. Grace Says:

    As a vegetarian and someone who “wants to save chickens or something,” you need to get your facts straight? You so obviously know nothing about it. Not only is it REALLY actually good for you, but it is also great for the environment, the gases produced by slaughter houses is worse than that of cars. I am wondering how you rationalized fruits and vegetables as unhealthy?

    I think it is great that Zooey D. is sticking to what she believes in, and why do you even care? Is her veganism taking a personal toll on your everyday life, because if it is you should really get a hobby or say maybe look up veganism before you post something on the subject.

  6. nicola Says:

    – 3.8 million Americans carry over 300 pounds
    – The average American adult woman weighs in at a staggering 163 pounds!
    – 400,000 Americans (mostly men) fall into a super-massive 400+ pound category

    Do we really need to tear apart a gorgeous, trim, HEALTHY girl for bucking the trend by putting what some would think an excessive amount of time and effort in her healthy diet? REALLY?

  7. Susan Says:

    You say “In short, she is a vegan. Do I need to say more?”. What is that supposed to mean? I am vegan and I am very healthy. I eat a wider variety of foods than I did before I stopped eating meat. My skin looks great. I have more energy. Zooey D. is gorgeous. She looks very healthy. Vegans eat more than celery sticks and apples. Please do some research.

  8. Farol Says:

    It is quite obvious that you have no clue what you are talking about! Zooey will live a much longer disease free life because of her chosen animal free diet. Have you ever heard of anyone dying because they ate too many fruits and vegetables? I don’t believe so, but we have heard of people dying of cancer, complications of diabetes, such as heart disease. All of these are diseases caused by the consumption of animal proteins! It has been proven over and over, but the meat & dairy industries pay out big bucks to keep that information from us!

    I suggest you do a little more research on the subject before you go spouting off on a subject you are not educated on.

  9. Red Meat Says:

    Farol, your protein-free brain is so weak that you’re talking nonsense. People die from old age AND from diseases. You make it sound like vegans live forever. News flash: They do not! They die earlier because they don’t have the energy to live. You know, you can only go so far on sprouts and pea soup. People have been eating meat for thousands of years. Just because your organic carrots and lettuce grow in cow’s turd, it does not make them healthier than meat. In fact, it makes them disgusting. Here’s another news flash for you: there’s plenty of meat and poultry on the market grown naturally without any hormones.

  10. Red Meat Says:

    @Susan, the majority of vegans don’t eat a good diet because you can’t have a good diet without meat or some kind of animal protein. Forget what hypocrites from certain organizations say for the moment and think for yourself. Look around you, go to the zoo, go to the forest and see how nature works. Eating meat is natural and normal. People have been doing it for as long as they lived. In all cultures around the world meat is the most desired food. Zooey Deschanel diet sucks because she doesn’t eat like you claim you do. She said so on the top chef masters. She eats like some raw vegetables and that’s it. Just because she doesn’t look sickly now doesn’t mean that she’s healthy. Have you seen her blood tests? No, you’ve not so you or anybody else can’t say anything about Zooey Deschanel diet or her health because you’re just speculating.

  11. Robin Says:

    I am a vegetarian for over 15 years and would not be here if I ate meat of any kind. My digestive system just cannot handle digesting meat. I even get sick sometime with soy meats.

    This author really does not have an understanding of being a vegan or vegetarian. Some people are vegan/vegetarian by choice some are for health reasons. Who is he to have such a negative opinion about any thing he really has not taken the time understand.

    Makes me feel sorry for him that he is such a negative person.

  12. Phillip Ziegler Says:

    I have to admit I do not know who Zooey is. This may be because I am 67 and don’t keep up with what young folks follow. However, whoever wrote this article is not terribly well informed. She or he says things that reveal her ignorance about many things–even if she does know who Zooey is. Do some reading–The China Study might be a good place to start, then you can go back to reading People or whatever you read to get your facts. Meat eating might have been natural before the transformation of the food industry and the increasing population. Production of animals for human consumption is doing incredible damage to our eco-system. Contributes to hunger and poverty in third world countries, contributes to obesity and illnesses related to obesity, overconsumption of saturated fats and animal protein. And, even though this isn’t my particular reason for being vegan, there is widespread mistreatment of animals throughout the industries that put meat, poultry, dairy and eggs on your table. Now go back to reading People.

  13. Kim Says:

    China study? What did it say? That lead contaminated vegetables and fruits are the healthiest foods you can eat? LOL! Zooey Deschanel’s diet is the example of just another Hollywood fad, you know, like the detox diets and other nonsense.

    But who’re vegans to tell the rest of the world how and what to eat? You want to eat seeds and granola, that’s cool but don’t tell me I can’t eat meat or that I’ll die earlier than you’ll. Sorry but that’s just retarded. I have as much right to eat meat as you to eat sunflower seeds and nuts. I think vegans just need to feel superior to other people so they invented this whole nonsense that they’re the only people in the world who figured out how to eat healthy. French eat plenty of meat, they smoke a lot, drink – oh, and they have the best sweets in the world, yet their life expectancy is one of the highest in the world. Half of India is vegetarian but they are not breaking any health and life expectancy records, do they now?

  14. Al Dente Says:

    First off, I’m not a strict vegan. I’ve been a vegetarian for 29 years but a vegan diet is just too hard for me. I did eat strictly vegan for 6 months but got tired of having to basically prepare all my own food. When I cook for myself I cook vegan and when I have vegan options I generally choose them but I don’t sweat it if I’m at a restaurant or friend’s house and I’m served food with a smidge of butter or cheese. I’ll also confess to often eating eggs when I’m traveling because it is hard to find anything decent to eat for breakfast other than eggs and I eat a pint of my favorite ice cream every year on my birthday. I do know a number of vegans though. None of them look sickly and sallow; in fact most of them are robustly healthy and some are even radiant.

    The stereotype of vegans looking unhealthy seems to only come from the imagination of meat eaters who are convinced that meat is necessary to be healthy. Lets look at some other vegan celebrities. Alicia Silverstone, she looks pretty damn good to me. Pierce Brosnan: not bad for 55. Alexandra Paul, looks pretty good though I admit that I liked her when she was a little heavier, like she was in American Flyers. Not sure when she went vegan. Carrie-Anne Moss, very healthy looking to me and pretty hot for 42. All the vegans I know look healthy.

    The last statistics I saw on longevity and diet was a UK study that did find that vegans lived longer than most meat eaters but not as long as near-vegetarians. One conclusion you could draw from this study is that most people eat much more meat than is healthy.

    The results of the China Study do indicate that in general the less animal products you eat the better but they did not study vegan diets because there is no place in China with a traditional vegan diet. It is an act of faith to extrapolate that if cutting back on animal products is good than eliminating them all together is the best.

    If as a vegetarian your goal is health it probably isn’t necessary to be a vegan. In fact occasionally having a piece of fish might even be good for you. If you are a vegetarian because of animal rights a vegan diet would seem the best choice.

  15. Beautifulleo Says:

    You have got to be kidding me. You obviously know nothing about veganism. There is nothing wrong with a vegan diet. Sure it would be difficult in the beginning, but the benefits make it worthwhile. If you do not like a vegan lifestyle, fine don’t adopt one. However, you need to learn how to respect other people choices. Furthermore your argument that vegans do not live longer is up to debate. One can go back and forth about which diet is healthier. What is so wrong with respecting the life of animals? I guess you do not have respect for other living things either.

  16. John F. Says:

    I’m just wondering how many times in an article you can say “Zooey Deschanel.” I think you’ve pretty much set the high bar. Congrats, meat man.

    P.S. I also eat meat and wouldn’t want to go vegan. But hey, who cares if Zooey or anybody else does? It’s their business what they want to eat, isn’t it?

  17. Kelsey Says:

    You are absolutely ridiculous! Have you done any research about this diet? I also eat a vegan, soy free and gluten free diet and I have never felt healthier. I am fit, active, good even skin tone, and perfect blood test results. My pregnancy left me gluten and soy intolerant, and I have been vegan for years. When she said she eats mostly raw vegetables, I don’t think she meant that’s ALL she eats. She said “No one ever cooks for me.” So when you’re out at a party or on a tour bus for example and there isn’t any food cooked specifically for your diet, you snack on what’s available like veggies or mixed nuts etc. But of course, on a regular basis, she must eat whole grains (non-gluten like rice, quinoa, oats etc.), beans, starchy vegetables, fruits or she wouldn’t look so healthy!

    Download a program called the CRON-O-Meter and see how nutritionally fit YOUR diet is. I bet you are missing more than you think. I get at least 100% RDA of all vitamins and minerals each day, get plenty of protein, keep my calories on track, and only spend $3-4 a day on food or less. Let’s see you do that!

  18. Eddie Says:

    I agree with the Red Meat person. Zooey Deschanel’s diet helps destroy the environment. Do you know how much lettuce and rice you need to eat to reach the same number of calories you get from one steak? It’s is a common knowledge that vegan diets are not sustainable on the global scale. So all of you carrot-munching purists actually help destroy our planet. And there’s definitely something wrong with a person who prefers eating bland and tasteless seeds and leafs to fish, meat, poultry and seafood.

  19. Christine Says:

    She is VERY ANNOYING. I am sorry, but what ever happened about eating the food that is in front of you. I also cannot stand her doe in the headlights look – talk about high maintenance!

  20. Sheila Smith Says:

    I’m not going to stop eating meat. If a vegetarian or vegan wants to eat nothing but plants, that’s ok with me. Unfortunately most vegan’s want to impose their beliefs and lifestyles on all. I live near two chicken processing plants and know many commercial chicken farmers and I don’t feel sorry for chickens. I also don’t mind throwing a live lobster in a pot of boiling water or cleaning a freshly caught fish. Eat all the veggies you want, I’ll leave you alone, but leave my kitchen alone.

  21. Susanna Says:

    Eddie: I’m just gonna say, you seem like an idiot. Do you have any idea how much more it takes from the environment to produce a steak, than lettuce or rice? Oh well, you might have to eat more to get the same amount of calories, but hell, it’s not gonna get near the emissions of meat! The animals need food before they get slaughtered, you know? What vegans/vegetarians do, is being only the first consumer. It spares the environment A LOT: Thinking anything else is not even naive, it’s just plain dumb. I’m kind of hoping that you’re joking. In that case, I don’t see the humor, but then again, I probably wasn’t meant to.

    And Sheila: That vegans (I’m looking away from vegetarians now, cause I’m not gonna focus on health, which is the only thing I can see vegetarinism is good for) try to impose their beliefs on others, isn’t really that weird. It may be annoying for some, but it won’t stop. Because vegans really believe in what they do. It’s the right thing for the environment, the animals, and it most probably is for health. It’s a solution. And for those who don’t care, well, there’s not much to do. I certainly won’t respect you, but you’re probably not looking for my respect. So great, leave us alone. I won’t promise the same. Because many out there just doesn’t know better than to eat whatever is put in front of them. And speaking up is the only way of reaching those who actually could care, if they thought about it.

  22. ann Says:

    Oh yea, eating fruits and veggies is just AWFUL. How selfish and stupid of her. Why can’t she just be like everyone else, eating a Quarter Pounder, overweight, bad skin, complaining about constipation, getting sick.

  23. Jessica Says:

    I would just like to say that your thoughts and comments are very small minded. I didnt even finished the article before i became enraged at what you were saying. Yes people have intolerance to different foods… I have a wheat and dairy intolerance, no big deal…

    What makes me more irate is that you think her eating habits are pathetic because she is vegan also. I too am vegan and eat more healthy that you probably do eating your 50 pound steak. Your stereotypical view of what a vegan looks like is very narrow minded and naive. Vegans (most) are VERY aware of their nutritional needs and therefore very rarely have any health concerns related to such issues.

    It is so childish and naive to think that all we eat is fruit and vegetables. Vegans have a very varied diet… more so than meat eaters. You want to keep eating meat, thats fine but do not criticize and mock people who choose to not eat animal products. Who are you too judge.

    Chefs were only shocked at her diet because it is something that they are not used too/taught. For chefs who understand such diets it is no problem ‘whipping’ something up, as you saw on the show they had no problem cooking for her.

    As for your comment about nutritional masochism.. perhaps you should do a little more research into the definition of the word, and i would suggest you do A LOT of research into a vegan diet.

    As for my last point.. what is the point of this article? Just to bag out an actress for eating healthy and pointing out that you think her diet is pathetic because she has a few food intolerances?

    I just hope that when you are sick with some disease caused by your bad eating habits that you think of Zooey, who will still be looking fantastic by the way and not looking like gollum.

  24. grace Says:

    I’ve been vegan for three years, and at all stages of it I have felt better than I ever did before being so. My skin is clearer than that of anyone I know, I barely ever get sick, and I feel energetic and healthy. I regularly have my vitamin and mineral levels checked and only once have they been even remotely off (I had an excess of copper). The fresh food-devoid diet of most Westerners is regularly found in studies, including those by the American government (which clearly does NOT advocate veganism) to be lacking many nutrients such as vitamin C, found in the raw vegetables you dismiss as being worthless.

    Why are meat-eaters so defensive? I’ve yet to see a single “preachy” vegan of the kind you’re always whining about. In case anyone complaining about that is yet to notice, meat-eaters are a larger group than vegans and it’s in fact often vegans and vegetarians who are having such “traditional” beliefs about the value of animal protein being forced on them. Look at the state of American health and try tell me how well tradition has served people. You complain that vegans are self-righteous and yet here you are as a meat eater writing publicly that the diet of a celebrity you have absolutely no connection to is ruining her life by making the choice to adhere to a vegan lifestyle. Looks pretty hypocritical, doesn’t it?

    The fact that you say that Zooey must get her healthful appearance from eating the occasional quarter pounder only proves how moronic you are. America is one of the world’s fattest nations and their consumption of fast food, fatty processed products and high saturated dairy fat has much to do with that. She’s beautiful, and not because she chooses to stuff her face with fatty refined food (a real act of the masochism yo speak of) but because she fills her body with fresh nutritionally dense foods. And any fool could see that she obviously DOES NOT survive on raw vegetables alone.

    The environment is in utter crisis now. To the writer on here who attempted to claim that vegetable growing is harmful to the planet- I don’t even think that kind of blatant stupidity deserves an answer. But to clarify, most of America’s slaughterhouse livestock are fed on grain, which has to be grown AND THEN cycled through the animals before meat can be “produced”. Yeah, pretty good for the environment that we’re wasting all of that water to feed cattle and get a tiny amount of meat (relative to American demand) from each one when we could simply be eating the grain ourselves, isn’t it?

    And for anyone who says that vegans and vegetarians do not live longer than those who subscribe to the average Western diet, perhaps you’d do well to note the studies which continue to show that consumption of animal fat and protein are linked with serious diseases, including heart disease, the leading cause of death in America. Saturated fat, which is found almost exclusively in animal products, and cholesterol, only found in animal products, causes elevated blood cholesterol levels which lead to blocked arteries and heart problems. But for people who dispute that raw vegetables are healthy, I guess this is too complicated for you, so you conveniently disregard it and continue to live in the dark. Ignorance is not bliss, no matter what you tell yourselves.

    If you plan to argue that veganism is worthless I suggest that you suspend your arrogance long enough to research your unfounded claims, because all you’ve succeeded in doing by putting this opinion out into the world is proving that you’re incredibly out of touch. Oh, and take a look at the entirely petty slant of this article before declaring anything “pathetic”.

  25. Stacey Says:

    Hey, vegans, where do you get the energy to be so annoying? If you think that drinking wheatgrass juice and eating beans makes you above it all, you’re clearly delusional. People have been eating meat for as long as they exist, it’s just a fact! the question is, why do vegans have a problem with facts? Sure eating all those methane producing foods must be hard, but facts are facts. Now, Zooe is just a typical little celebrity biach from LA that thinks her sh…t doesn’t stink. Oh, I don’t eat this and I don’t eat that, because I’m a celebrity. Please, Zooe, eat what you want, but don’t come on the TV with your vegan nonsense. Zooe Deschanel’s diet is a total joke. You are an actress, so act, you know, read the script and stuff, pretend being somebody else, etc – that’s your job, but don’t pretend to be a nutritional expert because you’re not. Vegan-nutritionist is oxymoron, and your arguments don’t stand up outside of a very small circle of the close-minded snobs who think that eating celery and rice makes them better than the rest of us. Get a grip on reality, vegans – people will never give up eating meat. Never!

  26. Deborah Says:

    FYI, she is no longer vegan according to her interview in the new issue of Health Magazine. I wish she was at least vegetarian but I guess she is eating meat again.

  27. Claudia Says:

    why do people assume that vegan equals wheatgrass? pasta with tomato sauce is vegan. potato chips are vegan. pb and j is vegan. a burrito with beans, rice, lettuce, salsa, guac and some tortilla chips is also vegan. and while yes, some vegans are self-important, i think it’s just as high and mighty to tote this attitude that ‘we fought our way to the top of the food chain and vegans are pansies’.

    i actually HAD to go vegan (originally against my will) due to allergies – mostly allergic to the hormones in meat, and the grains they are fed. i was upset at first, because i did love meat, but you know, i don’t miss it now. i understand veganism isn’t for everybody, but to say that vegans are all self-important and live on seeds and are ready to fall over of malnutrition is really unfair and a total misconception. i have more energy than i ever had eating meat, and i wake up (without an alarm) fully refreshed after 6 hours of sleep because my body isn’t spending all that energy processing heavy food. i still get all the nutrients i need. actually, moreso than when i ate meat because i ate a bunch of crap back then.

    this article was small minded. if you don’t like veganism, then don’t be a vegan, but don’t judge people for it and justify it by assuming that they were judging you first.

  28. Amanda Says:

    @ Stacey
    “Vegans, Where do you get the energy to be so annoying? If you think that drinking wheatgrass juice and eating beans makes you above it all, you’re clearly delusional.”

    Clearly, you are just as arrogant as you believe vegans are. Who the fuck do you think you are? Commenting on this forum, insulting everyone that doesn’t share the same beliefs are you about what they choose to consume. Not all vegans think that they are superior to everyone because they don’t eat meat. Indeed, some groups are adamant about trying to make others eat vegan/vegetarian, but their intentions are to inform people about the benefits and such. It is not any different from religious folks that try to shove their opinions down your throat. Maybe others were just trying to inform the OP about veganism/vegetarianism because they don’t think that they have valid, logical arguements.

    “People have been eating meat for as long as they exist, it’s just a fact! the question is, why do vegans have a problem with facts?”

    Many meat eaters claim that we are “supposed” to eat meat because our incisors allow us to. Animals kill, ferociously disassemble, eat their food(prey) raw and digest the meat adequately. Therefore, if humans were “supposed” to eat meat, they would be able to do the same and that is a fact.

    @ Red Meat
    “There’s plenty of meat and poultry on the market grown naturally without any hormones.”

    Actually, meat and poultry aren’t grown; they’re raised. Meat sans hormones is obviously a better alternative; however, it does not make it cruelty free. In addition, the company producing the products may claim have “natural”, “free-range” meats, but these labels may be false. The product truly might not be approved by the FDA.

    “The majority of vegans don’t eat a good diet because you can’t have a good diet without meat or some kind of animal protein.”

    Every person has an individual diet and you cannot judge their diet because you don’t know the circumstances. Deschanel is a vegan by choice, but she also has food allergies. You’re ignorant about vegetarianism and maybe if you gave it a try, you would have some ground to stand on. There are many foods that provide protein other than meat including but not limited to legumes, nuts/seeds, soy products, grains, cereal and some veggies. Also, vegetarians take vitamins such as b12, flax seed, calcium, iron/d, zinc. I don’t know very many meat eaters that take any vitamins, well maybe those shitty multivitamins. Nonetheless many vegans are consistently making an effort to maintain a strong, healthy body. It may not appear to you as being healthy because that’s not YOUR lifestyle, but don’t voice your opinion about someone else’s diet. Try not to think so close-mindedly about “different” things.

  29. J Says:

    @Nicola. Why is weighing 163 pounds as a woman shocking? I move between 156 and 160 and am healthy and not overweight. Don’t hate on curvy girls. Weight is just a number.

  30. Liesel Says:

    @everyone: I’m not a vegan or vegetarian, and I never will be. I always find these kinds of debates hilarious because everyone comes out looking like a giant douche. Why can’t people just let vegans be vegans and let non-vegans be non-vegans? Sheesh.

  31. E Says:

    I’m 15, and I’ve been vegan for five months now. It’s been hard- my family and even my friends have criticized me, told me I was making a big mistake, trying to force me to eat mousse cake on someone’s birthday and insinuating that I was “just doing it to lose weight.” It just made me want to do it more. To all the meat eaters- I’m not going to preach or tell you your diet is bad. Eating meat is perfectly healthy, as long as it’s in moderation. Just please don’t barrage vegans and vegetarians with rude questions and remarks about their lifestyle. If you are curious and want to know more, that’s great. However, a lot of people I know have told me over and over that my diet is unhealthy, I will die early, and the first question is often “WHAAAAT do you EAT?” It would be better to say what we DON’T eat- so many foods can be made vegan naturally. And a tip, if you want to start at all- don’t buy those packaged soy-based meals or fake bacon or whatever. If you want soy, eat edamame, because those meals are still unhealthy because they’re processed. Damnit, I’m ranting. @Stacey: “Vegan-nutritionist is an oxymoron” I find that very interesting, as I got into veganism by reading my mother’s textbooks for her degree in nutrition. This may surprise you, but I do not force my views down anyone’s throat. I have no health concerns, nor do I do protests on the weekend- I simply became vegan because I felt better doing it. Whatever you feel good doing, I advise you to take that path. A lot of people say it’s just too akward and they don’t want to put the host of a party or dinner on the spot.

    That’s a good excuse, but it’s your health, and you shouldn’t make choices regarding your next door neighbor or how your family would feel at Thanksgiving. And whoever was talking about life expectancies, as far as I know, the Okinawans have the longest and one reason for this is their consumption of fish. So, if you do eat meat, just eat healthy- whole grains, veggies, organic chicken and fish. I’m not going to go into animal rights or what I’ve read and seen. It’s cheaper to be vegan, and it helps our environment. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a small price to pay and it’s nice to be in control of my body for a change. I met a guy who didn’t know I was vegan at a BBQ last weekend, and he randomly declared, “I hate vegans!” We talked for a while, and he admitted I was “cool for a vegan” and was surprised that I liked killing hookers on gta and could joke around instead of being serious constantly. I was happy to break the stereotype, and it was cool to meet someone and convince them I was sane. Anyway, the article didn’t really surprise me, as I’ve met a lot of people who feel that way. You might be surprised by the amount of people who, when they find out what I eat, say “I would be vegetarian, but my family, my schedule, my” and won’t stop talking about it and then start criticizing me. It’s a great pyschology experiment, so instead of asking a vegetarian/vegan what they eat and where they get their protein, try asking them about situations they’ve been in. And for vegans, vegetarians, those with a gluten intolerance: I highly reccomend you try Vega, a plant-based powder developed by Brendan Brazier, which contains chlorella, spirulina, tons of antioxidants, and is insanely good for you. The vanilla chai is the best.

  32. sure Says:

    i really wish if i born as veggie

  33. Amanda Says:

    Vegetarians do live long. Vegans live even longer and becoming a vegan for ethical reasons is extremely plausible but most people become vegans for HEALTH reasons. It may seem weird for most people but it’s pretty easy to find a healthy diet if you’re a vegan. Unfortunately, Zooey happens to be even more limited than even a strict vegan.

  34. Christina Arasmo Beymer Says:

    I’m a vegan, 44 years old, and I look 10 years younger or more. I did it for love of animals, but my health problems went away afterwards. My skin is particularly good and my hormone levels are much better than before. You should visit vegan bodybuilding, there’s raw body builders who eat like Zooey.

  35. Eileen Says:

    There are some very ignorant people writing here. It’s crazy to actually be able to think and affirm that growing lettuce takes up so much energy that it is DESTROYING our planet and that it would be better to eat a steak than a vegetable because it has more calories. That’s why people feel sorry for the average americans. Get some knowledge! Then criticize if you want to cause like this, you don’t have any credit at all.

  36. Angela Says:

    Okay I would just like to say that I am vegan and so what if she is trying to save chickens? Why would you want to eat a helpless animal? Before you go and criticize someone of being vegan why dont you look at yourself first?

  37. sarahj Says:

    I used to eat meat and dairy everyday and pretty much every meal. I love it. The smell of it makes my mouth water. Then I began having hormone problems. Very bad ones. I went thru 4 years of hell. I started reducing my meat and dairy intake after a lot of research. I still can’t seem to completely cut out meat and dairy cuz I love it so much. I also am staying away from soy due to the estrogen. It has helped a lot. I am still trying to go completely vegan. I also wana say to those of u who say that people have been eating meat forever. Meat was much less polluted back then. They pump so much crap into foods now a days. Hormones, antibiotics, the chemicals they pack it in, artificial flavors. They pump our foods with sh*t our bodys can’t process and it causes weight gain, acne, hormone imbalances, cancer, diseases. I use to think the same way. People have always eaten meat. We have canine teeth. Now I understand why people go vegan and vegetarian. U all seem so angry. I hate preachy people too. I don’t expect anyone to eat this way. Its just what works for me. I feel so much better when I eat vegan. I just hope I can go full vegan and not miss animal products so much!

  38. jen Says:

    First of all, she isn’t a vegan anymore. She said that after finding out she had several different food intolerances (gluten, eggs, soy, ect), that it just wasn’t doable to be vegan as well. As someone who has several food intolerance, I will have to say that it is difficult because so many people don’t understand, you aren’t trying to lose weight, you aren’t trying to save the whales and are not being super picky; you just want to live your life not being sick all of the time. Also there are many people who eat vegan because of health issues and not just because they want to save the chickens.

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